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Call Down Lightning[KINDLE] ❃ Call Down Lightning By Wallace Henley – God Is Up to Something Big The Bible dedicates space to prophecy than to any other subject These prophetic portions of Scripture have received an enormous amount of literary attention throughout the h God Is Up to Something Big The Bible dedicates space to prophecy than to any other subject These prophetic portions of Scripture have received an enormous amount of literary attention throughout the history of the church Over the past fifty years alone countless books have been written about the biggest global trends of our day and whether they are signs of the coming end times But one Call Down ePUB ½ sign has been inexplicably neglected— revival Wallace Henley believes such a spiritual awakening is not only possible today but probable—and likely a harbinger of the end times Where are we on the timeline of human history Are we approaching the rapture of the churchHenley presents a meticulously researched and compelling case that the Welsh Revival and the historical cycle revealed in God’s redemptive interactions with nations make it highly likely that our contemporary world is ripe for the lightning of another revival Henley is confident that we will be a part of that worldwide event perhaps moving all creation nearer to its sudden glorious conclusion and rebirth.


Call Down Lightning PDF/EPUB ☆ Call Down  ePUB
  • Audio CD
  • Call Down Lightning
  • Wallace Henley
  • 23 August 2016
  • 9781721346011

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    Amen amen amen What an epic and encouraging book about the history of revival and how it correlates to revival in the endings Lightning is coming and even if many Christians miss it my generation and this world is going to see and experience God move before He comes back Enough said Come Lord Jesus come uickly

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    My son recommended this book to me He was very moved by it and talked about it so much at home that I had to check it out for myself I personally believe we are living in the last days and that a soon coming huge end time latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit is on the brink Bring it Lord Revive us againIn telling of the great Welsh Revival of the early 1900’s Wallace Henley writes a thorough and powerful narrative of what led up to the Revival how Evan Roberts came to be seen as the leader of the movement what hindered the revival and Roberts himself in the end and how this Welsh Revival correlated with the Asuza Street Revival in LA with William Seymour I was blown away by the impact on society that this great revival had and how completely changed the people became that even pubs shut down and animals in the coal mines had to be retrained to listen to commands without curse words God is SO good His power is REAL and changes everything once you allow the Holy Spirit to have his way in your life Flesh dies and Spirit revives My big takeaway had to do with the author’s point that Institutionalization of Religion and church will oppose great moves of God In their futile attempt at control they freuently hinder the gifts of the Spirit and the move of the Spirit With their man made regulations and structure they often fail to allow the spirit time to work in their services effectively uenching the power 2 Tim 35 states”having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away” We must be discerning regarding the institution of church that exists today and understand how to allow for moves of God in these perilous end times We must understand that each revival in history was preceded by groups of men and women praying for it We are the lightning rods placed to call down the lightning of heaven with our prayers and petitions May we learn how to pray May the Lord send his lightning into our land The conditions are always right for lightning in the sky and it is only when there is a change on the earth that it’s released in all it’s wonder and power to do it’s work

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    I received a complimentary copyThe book is going to be perfect for anyone who loves to know about revival and celebrates the coming of the end times I think that it covers a lot of serious topics that can make for an excellent study guide or discussion at the end of reading Depending on your views and feelings this book can be eye opening or shutting and either way creates room for imaginations to thrive

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