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Behind the Laughter[PDF / Epub] ☂ Behind the Laughter Author Anthony Griffith – “I was living every comic’s dreamwith a nightmare attached”Anthony Griffith a stand up comic from Chicago’s South Side has lived on the borderline of comedy and tragedy At the very time his ca “I was living every comic’s dreamwith a nightmare attached”Anthony Griffith a stand up comic from Chicago’s South Side has lived on the borderline of comedy and tragedy At the very time Behind the Epub / his career as a stand up comedian was taking off and he had finally achieved his dream of appearing on The Tonight Show he was also enduring an unimaginable personal nightmare his two year old daughter Brittany Nicole was dying from cancer While Anthony performed under bright lights he struggled not to succumb to the darkness of losing a childBehind the Laughter asks When your world is falling apart how do you keep going It’s the story of how Anthony and his wife Brigitte learned to endure the most painful of times and emerge on the other side of the “zombie years”This memoir is deeply moving yet also humorous—packed with laughs as Anthony takes us from his gun toting grandma’s home to Chicago’s white and black comedy clubs then to Hollywood and to the world of network television The surprising twists along Anthony’s path highlight the power of God that goes before us and prepares the way—a truth that later encourages Anthony and Brigitte after Brittany’s death and moves them to reach out and comfort others going through similar difficultiesWith humor and deep insights into the human spirit Behind the Laughter explores the bonds of not only parent and child but also husband and wife While Anthony and Brigitte’s story is uniuely theirs it elicits powerful relatable emotions and lessons that are universal and inspiring.


Behind the Laughter PDF à Behind the  Epub /
  • Audio CD
  • Behind the Laughter
  • Anthony Griffith
  • 15 March 2014
  • 9781721345915

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    Behind the Laughter A Comedian’s Tale of Tragedy and Hope by Anthony Griffith Brigitte Travis Griffin Mark Caro is a heartbreaking read A story of loss hope and inspiration with a touch of humor to tell a story that is heartbreaking but inspiring Full of personal stories self reflection and scripture A truly inspiring read

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    Interesting and well worth the time to read Love hearing about the back storyThanks to author publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book While I got the book for free it had no bearing on the rating I gave it

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    I was given a review copy in exchange for a fair review All opinions are my own I love this book When I saw the title and name I immediately thought I liked Andy Griffith as Opie’s Dad on The Andy Griffith Show When I got the book I realized I had the wrong guy Anthony Griffith is also a comedian and has been for over 30 years Many have not heard of him because he is a clean comic and it seems like all the foul mouthed ones get famousHe grew up on the South Side of Chicago and worked hard at his craft He was finally able to achieve his dream of appearing on The Tonight Show He did this than once and it led to several other gigs including acting in films Sadly as his career was reaching a high his personal life was at an all time lowHe was married to the love of his life Brigitte and still is to this day She co wrote this book and they take turns telling their story Their baby is born very sick and died of cancer at age three He never told anyone about this tragedy as he didn’t want pity Eventually years later he tells all while speaking at a Moth presentation I don’t want to cry so I did not watch the video of it but if you are interested click hereOn top of all that he also has MS He kept that as a secret for years but eventually told the public because it has made him almost blind and tough to get around The book may sound sad but it is uplifting to read about how the couple get through all this together and both live full lives helping others

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    This is a great biography written by Anthony Griffith and his wife Brigitte Most of the chapters have portions written by both and the headings indicate who wrote what I enjoyed this book and think any comedian fan of Anthony Griffith or fans of comedy in general will enjoy this storyThanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    One of the most inspiring realistic book I have ever read and I enjoyed having both Anthony and Brigitte's perspectives

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