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On The Origin of Species➻ [Reading] ➽ On The Origin of Species By Sabina Radeva ➰ – Tbjewellers.co.uk The first ever picture book retelling of Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species 'A long long time ago before humans even existed the living world looked very different from how it looks today'For m The first Origin of Epub Ý ever picture book retelling of Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species 'A On The PDF \ long long time ago before humans even existed the living world looked very different from how The Origin of eBook ↠ it looks today'For most of human history people believed that everything in the world was created at once But scientists started to challenge that idea and in Charles Darwin a naturalist and biologist wrote a famous book called On The Origin of Species that revolutionised the way that we have understood evolution ever sinceNow molecular biologist and illustrator Sabina Radeva has recreated Darwin's most famous work as a beautifully illustrated book The stunning pictures bring the theory of evolution to life for young readers and anyone who wants to learn about evolutionPulling together Darwin's observations from his travels around the world and his ground breaking explanation of how species form develop and change over hundreds of thousands of years On The Origin of Species is as relevant and important now as it ever was A very important project most beautifully realised Sabina Radeva's thoughtful text and gorgeous pictures together tell the story of On The Origin of Species and of Evolution itself with clarity humour and great charm Emma Darwin An entrancing picture book retelling of Darwin's On The Origin of Species filled with informative beautifully designed diagrams and maps The Guardian.


On The Origin of Species Kindle É Origin of  Epub
  • Hardcover
  • 64 pages
  • On The Origin of Species
  • Sabina Radeva
  • English
  • 17 May 2016
  • 9780141388502

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    On the Origin of Species Sabina Radeva's gorgeous child friendly take on arguably Charles Darwin's most groundbreaking work is nothing short of a delight The illustrations are colourful and simply breathtaking; they complement the narrative perfectly and will no doubt have young readers asking a multitude of different uestions I would've loved a book like this when I was very young I read the Kindle version but urge potential buyers to opt for a physical copy of which I have pre ordered for my bookshelf based on how stunning it is to look at as I feel it would be nothing short of a travesty to not have the beauty of it on show It fully deserves all five stars; I would award it if I couldMany thanks to Puffin Books for an ARC

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    Read December 2019Rating 55 starsI don't usually read children's books but I bought this for my nephew's birthday and couldn't resist reading it before wrapping it upRadeva has re told and illustrated this children's version of On The Origin of Species beautifully and I recommend it to anyone with younger children

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    An informative and concise retelling of Darwin’s On The Origin of Species which allows key aspects his theory of evolution to be accessible to children whilst also maintaining respect that children are capable of being challenged Radeva’s vibrant illustrations make this such an attractive clear text making what can be perceived as a tricky subject matter enticing and easier to understand Lots of opportunities to develop skills in reading non fiction are present with footnotes an appendix and a glossary to exploreAccompanied by a short history of how Darwin came to develop his theory Radeva’s book would really encourage readers to be observant in noticing the differences within species and between living things and ponder upon where and what form they initially began Darwin’s own words are weaved throughout making this a faithful retelling and keeping roots firmly planted in the original paper What I particularly liked about this text is that it makes apparent areas where Darwin’s theory have moved on with new scientific developments which I think really encourages readers that there is always to discover

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    I originally noticed Charles Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species' as retold and beautifully illustrated by Sabina Radeva when it came onto Kickstarter a couple of years ago and was intriguedThis takes the theory of evolution as set out by Charles Darwin and simplifies it to a certain extent to make it accessible to younger readersThe illustrations throughout are rich and lead the eye through to the text making the journey of discovery easierSabina covers the core of the text of the original in a concise and unpatronising manner with nice touches of humour often aimed at the simplistic counterarguments to evolution the whole is very readable and unfortunately it was over way too soonA great primer for children of all ages and a lovely gift book to cherishI received a copy of this through NetGalley for an honest review

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    RATING 4 STARSI loved the gorgeous illustration in this children's nonfiction book Radeva has adapted some of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species for a very brief easy explanation to children It is one I think would be perfect for kids and parents to look at together

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    Evolution and adaptation is not an easy to topic to get your head around but Sabina Radeva has created a wonderful illustrated text which makes Darwin's On The Origin of Species accessible for a young audience It includes uotations from the original text as well as simplified explanations of how animals have adapted for purpose and evolved The illustrations include beautiful realistic depictions of a range of creatures

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    A beautiful introduction for younger readers to understand Darwin's theories perfect for using the science lessons and the illustrations are very cute

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    Wonderful book beautifully designed and illustrated We supported it on Kickstarter and are so delighted with it

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    I enjoyed this book so much It's basically a picture book version of Darwin's original retold drastically condensed and beautifully illustrated This book is uite long and I didn't think it would make a good readaloud so I just enjoyed it myself Everything about this book was just right from the pictures to the fonts to the uotes from Darwin to the brief list of misconceptions about Darwin's theory at the back Highly recommended

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    A stunning recreation of Darwin’s seminal work brought to life for younger readers but suitable for all Factual informative and attractive everything you’d want a non fiction book to be Can’t wait to share this with my class

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