Murder Misadventure and Miserable Ends

Murder Misadventure and Miserable Ends[PDF / Epub] ☆ Murder Misadventure and Miserable Ends By Catie Gilchrist – Murder manslaughter suicide mishap the very public business of determining death in colonial SydneyMurder in colonial Sydney was a surprisingly rare occurrence so when it did happen it caused a great Murder manslaughter and Miserable eBook ´ suicide mishap the very public business of determining death in colonial SydneyMurder in colonial Sydney was a surprisingly rare occurrence so when it did happen it caused a great sensation People Murder Misadventure Epub / flocked to the scene of the crime to the coroner's court and to the criminal courts to catch a glimpse of the accusedMost of us today rarely see a dead body In nineteenth century Misadventure and Miserable PDF/EPUB é Sydney when health was precarious and workplaces and the busy city streets were often dangerous witnessing a death was rather common And any death that was sudden or suspicious would be investigated by the coronerHenry Shiell was the Sydney City Coroner from to In the course of his unusually long career he delved into the lives loves crimes homes and workplaces of colonial Sydneysiders He learnt of envies infidelities passions and loyalties and just how short sad and violent some lives were But his court was also at times instrumental in calling for new laws and regulations to make life saferCatie Gilchrist explores the nineteenth century city as a precarious place of bustling streets and rowdy hotels harbourside wharves and dangerous industries With few safety regulations the colourful city was also a place of freuent inuests silent morgues and solemn graveyards This is the story of life and death in colonial SydneyPRAISE'Catie Gilchrist draws back the veil on death in nineteenth century Sydney to reveal life ordinary tragic and hopeful' David Hunt author of Girt and True Girt.


Murder Misadventure and Miserable Ends PDF à
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Murder Misadventure and Miserable Ends
  • Catie Gilchrist
  • 06 December 2015
  • 9781460755785

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    ‘Henry Shiell was the coroner for metropolitan Sydney between July 1866 and January 1889 This book is about the inuests that were held during his long career’In her preface to this book Catie Gilchrist writes that ‘Australian historians have not used coroners’ inuests in a detailed or systematic manner and yet they offer a rich insight into life and death in the colonial city’ Because inuest records are so comprehensive they allow us to peer into households workplaces and personal lives capturing glimpses of contemporary life that would otherwise be unavailableI found this book fascinating The coroner’s role was to investigate any death that was sudden or suspicious Sometimes such deaths were a result of murder but often sudden death was the result of mishap ‘A coroner must be available at all times In this regard the coroner is in a similar position to a policeman; he is always on duty’Catie Gilchrist has divided this book into six chapters with a postscript including information about Henry Shiell The six chapters are entitled ‘Murder Most Foul’ ‘Manslaughter’ ’This Rash Act’ ’Awful Accidents’ Dreadful Dangers and Daily Life’ and ‘Women’s Troubles’Reading through each chapter gave me some insight into both the coroner’s processes and causes of death in colonial Sydney Some of the deaths especially those of young children are tragic There are reminders as well of how very fragile life could be dreadful workplace accidents illness and unregulated use of poisons all feature in this book Sometimes the work of the coroner’s court called for new laws and regulations to make life safer Sadly these recommendations were not always acted on as uickly as they could have beenI’d recommend this book to anyone who wants a closer look at life and death in colonial Sydney Some causes of sudden death have been reduced through public health and workplace safety measures but others are still with us SadlyJennifer Cameron Smith

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    DNF 52%This was enthralling and all but I could only handle so much of 12hr 40min of 1800s Sydney deaths A third of the examples would have been adeuate So yeah I only got half way through and gave upI assume this was a PhD thesis published as a book This is always difficult to get right The editor didn't cut out enough words

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    Really intriguing perspective of colonial Sydney I’ve always found true crime fascinating and to finally find a book about it happening in my own city before the 20th century was great Some chapters were brilliant but others were a little scatteredrandomlist like and some assumptions were a bit of a stretch factually However I’ve still learnt tonnes and now see Sydney differently

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    I added Murder Misadventure and Miserable Ends to my reading list for #NonficNov but it only became available at my library this week The subjects crime Australian colonial history and social history are intriguing on their own in combination I find them near irresistible Catie Gilchrist draws extensively on the records of Henry Shiell who was the Sydney City Coroner from 1866 to 1889 to provide uniue insight into the lives and deaths of Sydney residents in the 19th century During his career Shiell presided over roughly 200 inuests a year mandated to investigate sudden unexpected or suspicious deathsSurprisingly murder was rare in colonial Sydney but when it occurred it caused a sensation amongst the populace reported upon excitedly by the newspapers often with little regard for facts Jurors were paraded by the remains of the victims before listening to witnesses and experts and then as directed by the coroner rendering a verdict as to cause of deathDeath most often occurred due to misadventure as a result of hazardous workplaces household accidents crowded streets and unregulated poisons amongst other things Alcohol and opiates were often contributory factorsInfants and young children were particularly vulnerable to not only accidents but also illness and disease and tragically were too often victims of ‘infantcide’Women suffered violence at the hands of their partners and strangers though less often than they died in childbirth or in a desperate attempt to end an unwanted pregnancyGilchrist presents the cases in fairly comprehensive detail complemented by information gleaned from other sources and Gilchrist’s own commentary While I think a casual reader might find it a little dense anyone with interest in the period will be enthralledI found Murder Misadventure and Miserable Ends to be absolutely fascinating reading

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    Social history especially as it pertains to murder and crime will always be a lure to get me into a book Catie Gilchrist’s account of Henry Shiell’s 33 year tenure as colonial Sydney’s City Coroner through a selection of the cases over which he presided has been on my wish list for a whileThe cases that passed through Shiell’s court between 1866 and 1899 are presented in distinct categories murder manslaughter suicide accidental deaths occurring through the hazards of work transport and daily life and the deaths resulting from unwanted pregnancies either through abortion or infanticide It’s a sad and sometimes sensational record of life and death in a colonial city and the usual spread of human suffering passion cruelty and pity Gilchrist doesn’t simply provide a litany of cases and their outcomes – her research into various cases comes with commentary of how Sydney society responded to notorious and sometimes heartbreaking cases She also records the instances of when inuests resulted in suggestions for changes in laws and attitudes – whether such calls for change were ignored embraced or took several years for authorities to actGilchrist adds her own observations on how poverty and societal attitudes towards women and men affected various kinds of deaths remarking with asperity particularly on damaging and contradictory attitudes to women and the poor and poor women especially that created situations in which so much tragic death occurredThe author’s occasional tendency to withhold the names of key perpetrators for effect was sometimes frustrating The reader needs to stay alert too as cases mentioned one or chapters ago might come up again to demonstrate the timeline I took a four week break between starting and finishing this book which meant I lost track a littleThose uibbles notwithstanding I read Murder Misadventures and Miserable Ends Tales from a Colonial Coroner’s Court with morbid fascination and finished it with a greater understanding of the conditions in Victorian era Sydney My copy is now festooned with sticky notes against cases and relevant laws that I may refer to for further research in my own writing

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    I am not sure how a topic such as this could be boring but unfortunately it was It was not engaging in anyway and I couldn’t finish it

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    Really interesting book I enjoyed reading about the trials and tribulations of colonial Australia It was a wonder anyone survived

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    Catie Gilchrist has written a remarkable book about Sydney's colonial past; one that is often very gruesome and eye opening as it sheds a modern light on twisted gender rights of the past the fraught justice system and the surprisingly dark and tragic life Sydney urbanites were once exposed to

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    Drawing upon the proceedings and findings of the Sydney Coroner's Court in the mid to late 19th century this book provides a fascinating insight into the lives or ordinary people who end up meeting horrible ends

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    I am not one for non fiction but this was an interesting read Set in 1860s Sydney it revolves around the work of Coroner Henry Shiell and the numerous ways that people within the colony died

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