The Feel Good Guide to Menopause

The Feel Good Guide to Menopause[EPUB] ✹ The Feel Good Guide to Menopause ✾ Nicola Gates – How understanding the brain hormone connection can help women to navigate menopauseAlthough women know how to run major corporations and can travel in space there is little understanding of an event t How understanding the Good Guide PDF/EPUB Â brain hormone connection can help women to navigate menopauseAlthough women know how to run major corporations and can travel in space there is little understanding of an event that inevitably awaits them menopause and a lack of practical knowledge about how to best navigate this The Feel MOBI :´ natural passage in lifeMenopause can impact a woman's health relationships daily functioning career mood and emotions and can profoundly impair her uality of life Understanding the connection between hormonal changes in the female body the brain and indeed the gut provides us with the fundamentals for transitioning through what Feel Good Guide PDF Æ can be a challenging if not overwhelming time for many womenBy breaking the silence that surrounds menopause The Feel Good Guide to Menopause aims to reduce the potential for negative impact build understanding compassion and reassurance and significantly improve the mental and physical well being of womenPraise for Brain for Life'Nicola has cleverly framed the comprehensive information in digestible chunks for consumption via either a linear path from front to back cover or a dive in to what I need approach She never sounds preachy rather she empowers you' beingfiftysomethingcom.


The Feel Good Guide to Menopause ePUB í Good Guide
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Feel Good Guide to Menopause
  • Nicola Gates
  • 09 October 2015
  • 9780733338748

10 thoughts on “The Feel Good Guide to Menopause

  1. says:

    A great book I'm very grateful to the author Reading it was a bit scary sometimes but the overall massage is very positive I'm really glad I came across it Forewarned is forearmedTo all those people disappointed that it's a lot about the same old sleep diet exercise it cannot be told often enough because it is the basics and nothing in life is going to be right without it Sadly most of the population just ignore this advice What did you expect the magic pill

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    Didn’t meet expectations I wouldn’t call this a ‘feel good’ book Other than medical explanations for menopause it tells you all the usual limit or uit alcohol exercise watch your diet accept it’s happening and keep a positive mindset Don’t waste your money

  3. says:

    This book is top heavy in the detailed medical and physiological functioning of the body as it relates to menopause and took a long time to get to the nitty gritty of what was the most informative for me There was some good information in this book for example parts of the chapter on sex relationships and roles I also found the case studies the most informative However I would not label this book as a feel good guide Some of the stories were depressing It appears that there are some symptoms we just have to put up with eg moods until they pass Also there was a distinct impression that Gates wants us to avoid most alternative natural therapies For example she describes specific herbs used in the management of menopause but then discourages the reader from using them

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    I’ve read a few pieces on women’s health recently and this has by far been the least helpful The only standout in this book is the stories of the women who have been through menopause and how it has affected their bodies the rest of the advice is repetitious devoid of care and understanding inaccessible to women who do not wish to understand complex genetic phenomena and provides no ‘guidance’ whatsoever Surely we have moved beyond a point where the only advice given for menopause is ‘stay cool’ and ‘lose weight’ I was really hopeful that there would be some practical advice from people who had worked out how to assist their bodies through menopause in ways that haven’t already been discussed in the mainstream sadly this was not the case

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    The title is a misnomer I was looking for a practical guide but this is just sciency gobbledegook that I already pretty much understood anyway and the same few repetitive bits of advice I lost count of how many times I was instructed to “get good sleep” and “maintain a healthy weight” Cheers thanks for that There are far practical books about menopause out there Don’t bother with this one

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    Gentle and informative plenty of advice on offerI always appreciate gathering information and perspective from surrounding sources to help me navigate through life’s labyrinthForever grateful to be a life long reader lover and maker of booksMay they forever serve me well

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    Not really a feel good guide at all The author responds to menopause by having her internal organs removed But there is a VERY useful hormone chart and an explanation of the role of weight etc in menopause Useful but dreary

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    A book with a very simple message much repeated throughout eat well exercise well sleep well and relate to others well Which is the same basic advice for dealing with most health issues Refreshing for treating menopause as an inevitable process not to be feared but possibly frustrating for those having a tough time with symptoms when there are lots of other things going in their life at the same time

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    Not so much of a feel good guide as a let's learn about hormones and how they change throughout a womans life I was hoping for information on symptoms and how to deal with them but the 270 odd pages can be summarised in a few short points; Everyone is different If you eat well exercise and get plenty of sleep your symptoms should be easier to cope with If you are not in a supportive relationship then perhaps you should consider leaving it behind

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