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Transparent Light Blue[BOOKS] ✪ Transparent Light Blue ✬ Kiyoko Iwami – An all new yuri manga about desire for fans of C itrus Ritsu is willing to do anything for her best friend Ichika including the intimate act of cleaning her ears But when Ichika starts dating a boy Ri An all new yuri manga about desire for fans of C itrus Ritsu is willing to do anything for her best friend Ichika including the intimate act of cleaning her ears But when Ichika starts dating a boy Ritsu realizes that she wants to be than friends Will Ichika push her Transparent Light ePUB ½ away when Ritsu reveals her innermost feelings.


Transparent Light Blue PDF ☆ Transparent Light  ePUB
  • Paperback
  • 180 pages
  • Transparent Light Blue
  • Kiyoko Iwami
  • 10 May 2014
  • 9781642750416

10 thoughts on “Transparent Light Blue

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    The art is really pretty but the jealousabusive but its fine bc they just did it out of love trope is so tired

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    The characters in these stories are awful individuals I just couldn’t support any of them

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    some very standard teary eyed jealous lesbian drama yawn

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    It’s rare that I come across a yuri title that I don’t like But with Transparent Light Blue I unfortunately found oneThis one volume manga written and drawn by Kiyoko Iwami is made up of two short shoujo ai stories The first part which is the main segment of the manga is about a group of childhood friends Ritsu Ichika and Shun The story concentrates around Ritsu who has a crush on Ichika Although they are very close Ritsu doesn’t recognize how she feels right away because they’re both girlsEverything is fine and dandy until Ichika and Shun who’s a guy start dating Their relationship makes Ritsu extremely jealous and she begins to realize her romantic feelings for Ichika Because she is hurting on the inside Ritsu starts to act out putting a strain on the trio’s friendship Along the way Ichika begins to notice Ritsu’s feelings and also starts to uestion herselfOn the surface this isn’t a bad premise As a ueer girl myself I find it both realistic and relatable Coming to terms with your sexuality and falling for a straight girl can be very painful I’m sure other ueer girls out there can relate tooHowever there’s one aspect of this manga that essentially ruined the whole thing for me The element was I can’t believe I am writing this pseudo ear sex Yeah Basically Ritsu cleans Ichika’s ears with a cotton swab which would be fine except the cleaning consists of Ichika moaning and saying things like “It hurts” The art in these scenes is also suggestive YeahI’m not a yuri purist I don’t mind sexual elements in yuri but the ear thing personally weirded me out The cleaning is supposed to be a metaphor showing how Ichika trusts Ricchan than anyone else But the author could have used so many other not creepy analogies such as an intense back massage or something To be honest I went into the story pretty blind so I wasn’t expecting this surprise The manga’s description does mention something about ear cleaning but I never imagined it would be like that Maybe I’m just oblivious considering the cover art has Ricchan biting Ichika’s earThere were some other things I didn’t like about TLB – mostly Ritsu’s character because she does some very uestionable things Yes she’s a teenager who’s confused and in pain but some of her actions are just no I always want girl x girl relationships in yuri to work out but it’s hard to root for Ristu when she isn’t the nicest person In the end I just couldn’t take the rest of the story seriously after the ear thing and Ritsu’s behavior I even tried reading it a second time but I still felt the same wayBelieve it or not I disliked the second story even It’s called Apron and focuses on a girl named Akane who is infatuated with a female senpai who works at the same café Despite her feelings Akane never seeks a relationship with Erina senpai because they are “impure” Instead she keeps Erina on a pedestalHowever one of Akane’s male coworkers who has a girly appearance kind of looks like Erina In her desperation Akane forces the boy to wear Erina’s apron and smells him pretending he’s really her beloved senpai I did not like this Akane is or less bullying and sexually harassing the boy Even though there is a twist later on in the story I found Akane’s behavior inexcusableAgain how are you supposed to root for a main character that’s a jerk? Every character is meant to have flaws – they’re human after all – but this mangaka’s characters all seem to have major personality issues that make them difficult to likePerhaps both stories would have worked better if they were longer There wasn’t much time for development Ritsu’s and Akane’s actions may have been understandable and forgivable if there was of a backstory and time for them to show remorse But there wasn’t any of thatSadly Transparent Light Blue did not bring anything new or exciting to the yuri table The ear thing the characters’ behavior and some other problematic elements made the manga fall emotionally flat What could have been a heartwarming manga about finding yourself and falling in love left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and the words “WTF did I just read?” resonating in my head Rai

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    I never really tried reading any ff romance Not on purpose YA doesn't have that many and the public library I visit is kinda limited So although I was initially drawn in by the beauty of the cover I stayed for what I hoped would be a cute storyThis manga actually covers two different stories Each is pretty short The first covers a childhood friendship that starts developing into deeper feelings when two in the group begin going out I love rooting for the underdog and what isn't seen as a traditionally socially acceptable relationship Kissing with lack of consent is a big NO Although the friendship they had was pretty cute and they seemed to trust each other a lot It was also interesting getting to see how even though the two friends were competing for the same person they were still able to remain friends Again since its really short we don't get from the story but it was pretty okThe second story was definitely not what I expected but I definitely enjoyed it I am still slightly trash for love triangles and enjoyed the development and ending of this one a bit

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    This book was advertised on Seven Seas Facebook feed and so far with the exception of NTR I have enjoyed everything I have read published by them so I scooped this up on my last BN stopThe book is actually 2 short stories Transparent Light Blue is three chapters and I admire how the creator was able to make a cute story in such a small space compared to other manga Yuri books that get stretched out into several volumes Also I thought it was an interesting decision to include a male into the mix Most Yuri doesn’t do this I also found it interesting that these two girls intimate bond was formed through the act of cleansing one’s ears Anywaycute story and I enjoyed itThe other two chapters are of a short story about teens working in a restaurant Once againcute story and I enjoyed itI would like to read from this creator

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    The characters are uite toxic and they do a lot of stupid shit so why did I rate it 4 stars? Well honestly I feel like this manga accurately represents how foolish impulsive and selfish teenagers can be especially with regards to relationships It's not common to find teenagers knowing exactly how to handle their feelings and acting perfectly sane So I find that this manga was accurate in that regard On another note the art is very beautiful and it is what pushed me to give this 4 stars instead of 3 I enjoyed just looking at the art in this manga The story itself wasn't the most amazing in the world so I think the art style saved me disliking it

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    Ehhh I expected a cute little love story but it wasn't cute at all In the main story Ritsu acts jealous and entitled and does mean things to get IchikaThe second story's protagonist is only a little better A little Characters don't always need to be fully likable but here nothing was to balance things outIwami draws pretty nice faces but full body shots were sometimes a bit wonky

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    This oneshot is really trashy but it's kind of refreshing I'm so used to yuri being all about purity and soft girls pining over each other Having some like weird drama and girls just acting like kind of gross about love and being problematic is realistic and never really represented outside of like straight manga series I want stuff like this honestly

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    i i have absolutely no idea what i just read but this book is getting a two star rating from me because the second story was a lot cuter than the firstif you don't read this you're not really missing out on much

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