The Garden of Lost Secrets

The Garden of Lost Secrets❰Reading❯ ➻ The Garden of Lost Secrets Author A.M. Howell – October 1916 Clara is sent to stay with her formidable aunt and uncle in the grounds of a country estate Clara soon discovers that her new surroundings hold secrets a locked room and a hidden key and October Clara is sent of Lost MOBI ☆ to stay with her formidable aunt and uncle in the grounds of a country estate Clara soon discovers that her new surroundings hold secrets a locked room and a hidden key and a mysterious boy who only appears in the gardens at night But can Clara face up to her secrets and a war she’s desperate to forget.


The Garden of Lost Secrets eBook ï The Garden  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Garden of Lost Secrets
  • A.M. Howell
  • English
  • 12 October 2016
  • 9781474959551

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    35 starsI fell in love with the cover but came out enchanted with the story Almost Ok it's going to be short but very meaningful I have difficulties writing this review as I am not sure how to without hurting anyone and giving you an honest opinion Many times I found myself a bit bored however I was not able to DNF it Why? The plot was intriguing even if the execution did not excite me that much Which is also a reason for only 35 starsI loved our not so perfect heroine Clara and secrets that seemed to be pilling and pilling up until the very end nevertheless there are some uestions left without the definitive answer Should the readers answer themselves or wait for book number 2?What I liked the most about it was the fact that the plot took place during the First World War and not like most of the books on the market Apparently the novel is advertised for readers aged 9 12 but I think it would bring success with older audienceGive this book a chance the style might suit you better I think I'm just not used to the melancholic writing but I loved the story itself and I strongly believe you might too

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    I remember when I saw this book for the first time and read the blurb The cover is beautiful in itself but the hint of something magical hanging in the air hidden in de synopsis really caught my attention The secret garden is one of my favourite books of all time and for some reason I expected this book to be something like thatIn a way I ended up a little disappointed and it took me a while to really get into the story I was easily distracted while reading and at work I haven't been thinking about the story even once The ending made up for it a little bit and on the way home I was a little into Clara's journey but the story didn't really end up convincing meAnd it's hard to say why exactly Maybe it's simply the lack of magic I've been reading so much fantasy and magical realism AND I was somehow expecting it that for a very long time I kept on hoping that maybe the magic simply hadn't yet appeared A castle a locked door a key letters and secret meetings it was all very interesting and yet I ended up finding it also a little plainThat wasn't because Clara wasn't likeable Clara was a typical young girl far from home and living in scary times Her father is ill and her brother is fighting in the first world war The mystery from the stolen and appearing fruit is a nice distraction to her and when she makes a new friend it's not hard to understand why she does everything for himBut it felt like the truly interesting stories laid with the adults We saw glimpses of them in the end and when all pieces of the puzzle clicked I really liked how it all turned out But I would have loved to see of them of their stories and their backgrounds and motivation I think younger kids might truly enjoy this story but I've read uite a lot of middle grades that have interesting elements for adults than this book had But I think my opinion is clouded because I expected magic and didn't get it My fault I should have done research I guess

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    With her father's illness getting worse and the war continuing Clara is sent away to stay with her aunt and uncle on the estate where they work for the EarlThere are so many mysteries to be solved What's in the envelope Clara is hiding? What is the secret the Gilberts are keeping from Clara? Why has Mrs Gilbert turned from a kindly aunt to terrifying guardian?The wonderful descriptions of the fruit especially the pineapples make it all sound so exotic and tempting Things we take for granted all the time are made to sound so differentThis book keeps you guessing right to the end and I really loved the last line

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    Sad but also beautiful and full of hope ❤️

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    I liked that it was set in the wartime It’s my first book set in this timeand i thought it was really cool I would give it 45 but you sadly can’t give half stars

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    This is a truly wonderful story full of secrets families and friendships set amidst the idyllic rural beauty of a Suffolk country Estate and gardens at a time when the harsh reality of the Great War is having a devastating impact on soldiers and their families I really enjoyed both the evocative historical setting and the masterful unravelling of secrets This story was reminiscent of The Secret Garden which is one of my favourite childhood stories so it’s no surprise that I loved itIt opens with a secret in Clara’s pocket one which occupies her mind throughout as she tries to summon the courage to confront it “Sometimes pretending to be brave is enough”She has been sent to stay with her Aunt and Uncle who work on the Earl’s Estate as her poorly father suffering from the aftermath of a gas attack in the War is taken to Devon to convalesce Clara’s first meeting with her Aunt the Earl’s Housekeeper is terse and unwelcoming and not at all what she was expecting She is met with curtness and unfriendliness when what she craves most is warmth and affection Clara is looking for adventure and is thirsty for knowledge brought on by the boredom of not being able to go to school or work in the gardens Her natural curiosity is soon piued by the sighting of an elusive boy in the gardens and the discovery of a locked room in her new home both mysteries which she is determined to solve Her first encounter with the boy Will takes place in the hothouse Both children are lonely and desperate for company so it is not long before they agree to meet again in secret They soon find a shared mystery to solve Who is the thief behind the disappearance of the garden’s precious possessions? As the mystery deepens suspicions are raised secrets are revealed and the tension is palpable as life destroying accusations are made As well as catching a thief Clara is also determined to find out why her Aunt is making night time visits to the hothouse having secret meetings in the woods and writing behind a locked door Are these linked to the missing possessions? Are they the cause of her lack of warmth towards Clara? I loved the way solving some puzzles only leads to puzzles and uestions such a brilliant way to entangle the reader in the story I found the contrast of Clara’s contented family life before the war with the terrible effects war has had upon her family heart breaking The reality of how the War affected families is explored with great skill Whilst ineuality in society is shown with the Earl and his family having so many to look after their needs the inherent goodness in people when faced with hardship is also evident with the Earl supporting the war effort by supplying the local military hospital with foodI absolutely adored the friendship between Clara and Will but there were also times when my heart ached for them Whilst unexpected circumstances have thrown them together their friendship is truly beautiful It is born of sadness and loneliness and nurtured by mutual trust empathy and support The children share their family secrets are truthful with each other even when this may threaten their friendship and enjoy their respective company as they work together to solve the lost secrets of the garden “You’re braver than you know”I think this applies to both of these incredible children who are as so many were victims of a War whose cruel fingers reached out to tear families apart but their courage shines through as they fight for secrets to be revealed for truths to be known I loved that A M Howell’s idea for this wonderfully heart warming story was inspired by the discovery of a 100 year old gardener’s notebook at the Ickworth Estate in Suffolk Inspiration for stories may be everywhere around us but it takes an incredible writer to capture our hearts through their writing and this wholeheartedly captured mine

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    📚The Garden Of Lost Secrets By A M Howell📚October 1916 Clara has been sent to stay with her aunt and uncle while England is at war But when she reaches their cottage on an enormous country estate Clara is plunged into a tangle of secrets A dark locked room a scheming thief and a mysterious boy who only appears at night📚My Take We all know the story of the first world war but we don't know the numerous and millions of stories that were running simultaneously during the war This is one of those stories which runs parallel to the war and it shows the life a girl who is facing this dangerous situation of being stuck in the war So this is the story of Clara who is very much braver and stronger but not in the very beginning but then she actually goes through an amazing transformation to be whatever she is right now So she is sent to her uncle and aunt place to live or survive during this war and even she has a brother who is secretly fighting in the war so basically the book has a lot of hidden secrets in itThe place she has come to live is also very secretive the garden of unknown secrets her brother's secrets and the intensity of War going much deeper day by day so everything is so amusing The best part the book is definitely the narration because whenever we read historical fiction with mystery of twist it shall have a certain kind of narration which will actually make you feel that you are present in that era and the same thing I about this one also I felt a beautiful connection with the book I am always fascinated to read about the lives of people who survived or died during the first and the Second World War I think this was one of the most amazing tale that I have ever heardThe cover is mind blowing the title is apt the book follows a beautiful narration So I am love with the entire book I loved the parallel secrets which were running with the pasing time I highly recommend itRating 4🌟

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    I picked this book up on a whim I liked the cover art and the first chapter read well so I figured I'd give it a go Set during WWI it tells the story of a young girl named Clara who is sent to live with her aunt and uncle on an Earl's estate for a time While there she runs into various mysteries and meets some uniue charactersI didn't hate the book but I didn't love it either It was good but not riveting I think I would happily pass it along to my kids and my son who is a avid war buff will enjoy it I like a really good middle grade fiction read for myself but this one was written in a style that was decidedly for younger readers I don't really know uite how to describe it except to say that it's an interesting story that isn't fleshed out as much as I'd normally like It's not a deep read but a pleasant one and it doesn't have any objectionable content for parents to be aware of I'll pass it along to my kidlets and they'll like it I wouldn't recommend this one to adults though as just not being meaty enough Unlike something like say Narnia or The Mysterious Benedict Society which are both charming and thought provoking in each their own ways making them very pleasant reads for people of all ages

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    Clara who came to live with her unruly aunt Mrs Gilbert because of Kent things are really not going skilfully well because of the War Her father is not well so her mom doesn’t want her to be with them She found Will in the boiler who is hiding there with the help of his brother Robert Fruits are getting stolen from the garden especially Pineapples and Peaches In the meantime Clara is also curious and concerned about the locked room where Mrs Gilbert has kept some letters without addressing anyone What is the secret of this room? Who is stealing those fruits from the garden?This book is set in the wartime of England I was feeling like I am in the Victorian age and the author is describing the story in the uite lyrical way The character Clara is so beautiful and tremendous of positive image of her age She is curious vivid aglow impatience active amicable and smart Thereby Mrs Gilbert who portrayed as turbulent filled with mixed feelings and emotions Sometime she is slapping Clara and sometime she shows enormous care for her It was so motherly I loved the implicit character of Will who did everything to protect his brother Robert Overall the main characters Clara Will and Mrs Gilbert got an impeccable judgement from the author AM HowellI would like to recommend this book to everyone especially the children in 10 They will really love the plot which has been designed for the kids in this age and undoubtedly they will fall in love with Clara It’s damn adventurous mysterious full of plot twists and children will get the insights of World War 1 I love books set on Wartime especially which is based on European countries I thoroughly enjoyed this book Thanks Usborneya for gifting me this beautiful book to read and review

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    I wasn't uite sure what to expect from this book but the idea of a children's novel set during World War 1 intrigued me as did the description on the back which reminded me uite a lot of my favorite book The Secret Garden In fact when I was reading it my sister accused me of reading the Burnett classic for the umpteenth time after glancing at the cover a little too uickly Having finished the novel I'm not sure if Howell took inspiration from The Secret Garden or not though there were some vague similarities view spoiler the young female protagonist sent to live at a manor house in the English countryside who spends most of her time in the gardens stumbles upon a mysterious boy and some locked doors along with other secrets hide spoiler

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