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Raise Your Game❮Epub❯ ➞ Raise Your Game ➝ Author Alan Stein Jr. – Tbjewellers.co.uk RAISE YOUR GAME takes a peek behind the curtain and shares the secrets of what makes the best the best It shares the routines and rituals of world class performers and and the principles you need to e RAISE YOUR GAME takes a peek behind the curtain and shares the secrets of what makes the best the best It shares the routines and rituals of world class performers and and the principles you need to elevate your results your value and your success High achievers are at the top of their game because of the discipline they have during the unseen hours They have made a commitment to establish tweak and Raise Your eBook ↠ repeat positive habits in everything they do Raise Your Game examines the top leaders in sports and business and proves that success is a result of the little things we do all the time The basic principles provided in Raise Your Game are simple but not easy We live in an instantly downloadable world that encourages us to skip steps We are taught to chase what's hot flashy and sexy and ignore what's basic But the basics work They always have and they always will Raise Your Game will inspire and empower readers and organizations to commit to the fundamentals respect the process and create a winning mindset.


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  • Raise Your Game
  • Alan Stein Jr.
  • 15 July 2016

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    As hard to believe as it is there are many aspects of my life I could probably improve upon I don’t eat enough apples I brag about my running and the races I will be competing in this weekend instead of heading home after work I often go out drinking with my subterranean sewer friends I will wear vertical stripes and horizontal stripes in the same outfit and many Like most people I see the New Year as a chance to start over and correct some of these deficiencies So I have been reading a bunch of improvement books Raise Your Game High Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best by Alan Stein Jr uses coaching sports experiences and the successes of NBA players to show what I need to do to improve my life While not exactly revolutionary Raise Your Game brings up many good points such as the importance of controlling the controllables and not getting upset about the rest Be disciplined and accepting feedback are other areas to focus on if you want to be like Kobe Bryant Stein brought up an area of importance that I particularly liked be curious and ask uestions What about this point struck a nerve with me? Why do I feel this is important? Am I not asking enough uestions currently? How many uestions should I ask a day? Is 83 too many to ask? Or should I double that number of uestions? Why don’t my sewer friends invite me to their sewer holes after the sewer bars close? Is it because I talk too much about my job and I show no interest in their subterranean lives? Is it the glistening film of mucus that coats their bodies or their scary pet alligators that make me want to leave after only a few beers? Am I really that self centered? As improvement books go Raise Your Game is pretty motivating and centering It makes even a sad sack like me feel he can right the ship and change for the better

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    This is a very good book for beginners in leadership It references a lot of other books Unfortunately I read most of the books referenced in this one Still I've got at least one I will want to read For me it was like a recap of the main ideasOnly 3 stars because aside from the information from other books it provides very little tangible uniue content Yes the author has a great experience Yes he has great stories to tell But most of the original content is anecdotes about the ideas from other books by other leadersIf this would have been my first leadership book I would have given it 5 stars It's a great starting point

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    Wow Such a powerful book I have followed Alan Stein for many years to learn ways to help my players and students improve not only in basketball but also lifeWhen I read he had a book I pre ordered right away and devoured this book as soon as it arrived I took time to process each chapter to absorb all the ideasAt first I was skeptical because there are so many books that cover these topics but I was blown away by this book This book challenged my thinking had me discussing topics with my family and has provided me key teaching points to my youth teamsI also see many opportunities to weave these ideas when working with educators and administrators about how to get better My Evernote file is loaded with notes My pages are scribbled and highlighted with ideas My brain is full This book is a must read for 2019 I am not sure there will be too many other books that come close to helping the reader get focused on what matters to being successful in life Anyone looking for new ways of understanding self awareness passion discipline failure confidence vision culture servant character belief unselfishness role clarity communication and cohesion needs to read this book

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    Wow As the wife of an athlete Alan’s book is the perfect resource His message and stories resonate with me Elite athletes at the top of their game still practice and are coachable This book is written in a clear and concise manner while still reading like a novel I couldn’t put it down Every “boss” coach and leader needs to read this My sons will all get a copy

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    Alan Stein has put together a very enjoyable read and anyone who finishes this book will come away with a number of timeless principles on how to become a better person co worker or teammate Admittedly Alan does tend to over uote others to bring his points home and some will feel this book is only a re hash of other authors and their views That said the author does a great job of incorporating his own stories and bringing in tangible antidotes from his experience working with basketball’s elite Durant Kobe Kerr Duncan and Coach K amongst many others I would steer any basketball fan to this book Alan’s circle of competence and any novice reader to self improvement books as he covers a lot of ground and topics in this arena I’ve pasted below my favorite sections from the book and I appreciated the self tests throughout and the summaries at the end of each chapter All in all a good read for those looking to raise their game with some good stories to remember as examples Here are my five favorite parts and one of my favorite uotesPerformance Gaps When it comes to improving performance—in any area of life—the most basic and effective strategy is to close performance gaps These are the gaps between what we know we are supposed to do and what we actually do a few pages later “The best performers observe themselves closely” business journalist Geoff Colvin wrote in Talent Is Overrated What Really Separates World Class Performers from Everyone Else In the book Colvin looked at what distinguishes top performers in all arenas and found “They are in effect able to step outside themselves monitor what is happening in their own mind and ask how it’s going Top performers do this much systematically than others do; it’s an established part of their routine”Control the Controllable There are only two things in this world that we have 100 percent control over 100 percent of the time That is our effort and our attitudeUnseen Hours My good friend and colleague Drew Hanlen is an internationally renowned NBA strategic skills coach He has coined a phrase that I absolutely love unseen hours It refers to all the time and effort the public doesn’t see that lays the foundation to the success they do see It’s the work they put in when there are no TV cameras no fans and no cheerleaders It’s the baskets they make that don’t count the passes that don’t show up on instant replay the hustling that never gets them any shout outs It’s what happens when the gym is empty and the hour is insanely early or insanely late Those are the unseen hours That’s where the heavy lifting happens and the average spectator doesn’t even think about it Thoughts on Vision Vision is about carrying both the big and the small the now and the later the intangible concept and the tangible steps “The most productive people push themselves to come up with big goals” wrote Charles Duhigg in Smarter Faster Better “and then have a system for breaking them into manageable parts” Draw a connection between what you ultimately want to accomplish along with what you want your organization to be and then break it all down into the manageable steps it will take to get thereTeammate Audit Unselfishness Fifteen index cardsWrite the name of a colleague on each card • Every workday send one of them one of three things Someone you know who may benefit them and ask if they’d like an introduction Something you know that may add value to them a book recommendation an article or a video An inuiry to see how they are doing and what you can help with “How are things in your world?”And just a great uote to keep in mind It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts —John Wooden

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    Deeply systematically sexist I stopped reading

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    I never really enjoy these books that do backflips to liken your life on the office to war or professional sports And to me this book is not much different from that The book does it's job; lay out the framework for how to be a better individual contributor leader and teammateI tended to kinda speed past the stories about ballplayers that he uses to illustrate his principles After a while the stories didn't matter to meWould I recommend this book to others? Absolutely depending on the person of course Because it had the rah rah go team spirit that gets a lot of people fired up

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    Great book I was already familiar with many of the stories and concepts Alan provided but nevertheless it was great to read from a different perspective and voice It references a lot of other books Unfortunately I read most of the books referenced in this one For me it was like a recap of the main ideasThe best thing I got out of it was the vocal leader The ratings of 4 to 00 Not vocal at all1 Vocal in hand gestures only 2 Generic talk good play good hustle3 Using name with generic talk good play Jimmy4 Purposeful talk Way to cut to the basket Jimmy

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    A book for everyone who wants to be betterFirstly it's an enjoyable read in its own right What's clear is that having a 'High Performance' environment and getting buy in needs certain products ingredients Fortunately if we want to those ingredients are all available to us whatever the setting you work in sport or business or even personally This book gives plenty of real life and first hand examples in a structured and entertaining way showing the impact it has when you commit fully to it For me who is trying to establish a player needs centred environment this has been a great help in working towards and achieving that aim Judging by the amount of notes I've made it's had an impact Looking forward to see how much impact it will have once we return after the Coronavirus allows us to

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    I love this book Stein brought together both my favorite loves sports and self help and did a phenomenal job in constructing the material It's fascinating to learn what the top 1% in sports do to make them the best and see how it translates for the everyday person He gives great suggestions on how certain principles can apply in our daily lives I'd highly recommend this to those interested in either sports or self help but especially both Thanks Alan

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