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Swift in Depth❮EPUB❯ ❁ Swift in Depth ✼ Author Tjeerd in 't Veen – Tbjewellers.co.uk Summary Now updated for Swift 5 Swift is than just a fun language to build iOS applications with It features a host of powerful tools that if effectively used can help you create even better apps with Summary Now updated for Swift Swift is than just a fun language to build iOS applications with It features a host of powerful tools that if effectively used can help you create even better apps with clean crystal clear code and awesome features Swift in Depth is designed to help you unlock these tools and uirks and get developing next gen apps web services and Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook Swift in PDF or in PDF Kindle and ePub formats from Manning Publications About the Technology It's fun to create your first toy iOS or Mac app in Swift Writing secure reliable professional grade software is a different animal altogether The Swift language includes an amazing set of high powered features and it supports a wide range of programming styles and techniues You just have to roll up your sleeves and learn Swift in Depth About the Book Swift in Depth guides you concept by concept through the skills you need to build professional software for Apple platforms such as iOS and Mac; also on the server with Linux By following the numerous concrete examples enlightening explanations and engaging exercises you'll finally grok powerful techniues like generics efficient error handling protocol oriented programming and advanced Swift patterns Author Tjeerd in 't Veen reveals the high value difficult to discover Swift techniues he's learned through his own hard won experience What's inside Covers Swift Writing reusable code with generics Iterators seuences and collections Protocol oriented programming Understanding map flatMap and compactMap Asynchronous error handling with ResultBest practices in Swift About the Reader Written for advanced beginner and intermediate level Swift programmers About the Author Tjeerd in 't Veen is a senior software engineer and architect in the mobile division of a large international banking firm Table of Contents Introducing Swift in Depth Modeling data with enums Writing cleaner properties Making optionals second nature Demystifying initializers Effortless error handling Generics Putting the pro in protocol oriented programming Iterators seuences and collections Understanding map flatMap and compactMap Asynchronous error handling with Result Protocol extensions Swift patterns Delivering uality Swift code Where to Swift from here    .


Swift in Depth MOBI ✓ Swift in  PDF or
  • Paperback
  • 376 pages
  • Swift in Depth
  • Tjeerd in 't Veen
  • 08 May 2016
  • 9781617295188

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    This is a tremendous book Aimed at developers that already have some experience with Swift the book’s promise is to help them write better code in their real world Swift projects In a handful of words this means balancing the right techniues and Swift features to craft robust code think compile time safety code that better expresses intent and is thus easily maintaned and why not code that’s also uite ellegantThe book is fairly easy to read Concepts are explored gradually with a focus on how to reason about the various constructs of Swift Different approaches to solving a certain problem are presented side by side with pro’s and con’s presented for all cases Theoretical aspects are balanced by an abundance of code examples than you’d normally find in a programming book The author has put a lot of effort into demystifying abstract concepts on the spot into the mundane but useful examples you’re likely to encounter in your day to day work as a programmer There’s little place in this book for highly theoretical constructs and focus is clearly set on exemplyfing techniues with code samples Worth noting these are less like “class Foo” of “func Bar” geeky examples and like snippets you’d see in a real project such as a Network Layer with monadic error handling or useful additions you can make to Swift’s built in SeuenceCollection typesIn my case the list of takeaways after finishing “Swift in Depth” is by no means shortHow to reason about generics and protocols with associated types When to favor compile time generics and when usage of run time protocols will save you some embarrassment Asynchronous error handling with a touch of ellegance Harvesting the power of enums The benefits of conditional conformance High order functions flatMap anyone? And how to nod politely when colleagues mention rigid class hierarchies in the days of protocol oriented design And when it is socially acceptable to use forced unwrapping of optionals was that in the mornings right before going to lunch? Oh nevermindThere’s bits as well for those willing to explore the really shadydifficult constructs of Swift Think type erasure and othersThere’s also bits of comical relief here and there I’ll just note down my favourite which is when the author feeds the “OMG Shoes” text to an URL initializer

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    An excellent book on Swift programming to open your eyes to beyond the basics of whats possibile with the langugage

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    The book did meet the expectations Sometimes while reading it I had the feeling that it was too easy but some other chapters were uite interesting no the material itself but way of solving a problem and the kind of issues that it explains I found it a bit easy in general but that also makes for a delightful readI end up with a bunch of new flash cards to lean and even a couple of ideas for making Katas I make a note in my reader and may retake them when neededIt is a perfect read for an intermediate developer to give a gentle push to your knowledge

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