White Hot Silence (Paul Samson #2)

White Hot Silence (Paul Samson #2)[Reading] ➶ White Hot Silence (Paul Samson #2) Author Henry Porter – Tbjewellers.co.uk Private investigator and fixer Paul Samson hasn't spoken to his erstwhile friend Denis Hisami in over a year He just has accepted a dangerous assignment searching for a missing American businessman in Private investigator and fixer Paul Samson hasn't spoken to his erstwhile friend Denis Hisami in over a year He just has accepted a dangerous assignment searching for a missing American businessman in Russia when he receives a call from Hisami asking him for a meeting Hisami has a bombshell to drop a woman called Anastasia Christakos has been kidnapped and Hisami wants Samson to find her There's just one small problem Anastasia left Paul for Hisami and was the cause of their rift Nevertheless how can Paul refuse It soon becomes clear that Anastasia is being held White Hot Kindle - by parties with Russian connections in order to manipulate Hisami's business dealings Is there a connection to Hisami's past as a member Kurdish special forces and intelligence It will take all of Samson's courage and guile to find out and meanwhile the life of the only woman he has ever loved hangs in the balance.

Henry Porter has written for most national broadsheet newspapers He contributes commentary and reportage to the Guardian Observer Evening Standard and Sunday Telegraph He is the British editor of Vanity Fair and lives in London with his wife and two daughters.

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  • 11 July 2015

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    White Hot Silence is the second espionage thriller to feature MI6 agent Paul Samson and although the series opener Firefly was excellent this follow up is exceptional It isn't essential to have read the first book beforehand as they work perfectly independently of one another Anastasia is a humanitarian aid worker currently working in Calabria Italy helping migrants who have committed to the dangerous sea crossing in the hope of finding a better life She tries to see the good in people so when she slows down to speak to two African migrants she knows by sight even before the car stops she realises she has made a big mistake; a mistake that could cost her her life Captured and drugged she wakes up to the unmistakable sound of a ship's engine With no idea who has her and no idea where she is headed it is lucky she had time to call her billionaire husband to inform him of the situation But he is about to be jailed for crimes he apparently committed in Syria and so is forced to turn to his wife's ex lover Paul for help due to his expertise in locating missing people This is a complex topical and gritty tale which is beautifully plotted and written There are many moving parts to it but each works effortlessly to create an addictive action packed and high octane thriller The twists and turns are very unpredictable and the pacing is rapid with barely a moment to breathe The characters continue to grow on me as they develop and I look forward to reading of their perilous adventures in the future Highly recommended Many thanks to uercus for an ARC

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    25 ⭐️ I picked up this book after seeing it in the feature section of my local library Thought would be an all right and uick spy thriller read and that was all it wasThere were a lot of stereotypes lots of repetition and unbelievable situations It did keep me turning the pages though so I guess it was ok

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    Henry Porter is a stunning writer He knows where the edge of your seat is and has you clinging to it from start to finish Stunning work and a great follow up to Firefly I would advise reading the first novel in the series however you can read this as a standalone novel A Solid Five Star Read

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    This review contains spoilersI'm not going to give the story line here because that's available in the blurb on the book or in Goodreads Rather I'm just laying down a rant because I was really disappointed with this book expecially given the great reviews it got I can only imagine that Lee Child and Mick Herron who both apparently rated it highly didn't actually read itOne of my main issues with this book was the exposition It was just not done very well at allEarly on the book after the opening seuence we get 12 pages of background on a past relationship which does little to advance the story imo It could have been shaved to 2 pages or the relevant detail could have been folded into the story later A short while later and later in the book as well some of this detail is unnecessarily repeated anway and some other details also seem completely irrelevant and yet we are not initially told who Peter Nyman works for or what his role is despite seeming to be critical at this point in the story it's only clarified later It seems that much of this detail was covered in previous books in the series and much but not all of it recalled for reference but in an unhelpful fashionAs an example of completely mundane irrelevance we also get this kind of unnecessary filler and remember this is meant to be an espionage thriller “Waiting for hima tray with juice sliced mango oval breads called samoon and gaymer a thick white cream made from buffalo milk all prepared by his Yazedi chef” What? I don’t care this kind of detail is probably at home in a fluffy novel about wealthy pop stars or yoga vloggers You’ve already told me he’s very wealthy you don’t have to flesh it out with this kind of thing I have an imaginationThe main character Samson seems almost chidishly concerned with the romantic past he shares with another character The female character he's obsessing about also keeps recalling details about their romantic past although she's married and throughout the book and in the epilogue we get the two of them thinking and behaving like adolescents about one another The language and style are in keeping with a romance than a thrillerThe characters are largely not believable There's a Russian hood who's meant to be an expert in psychological warfare but fails miserably at it he's also uite inept as the woman's captor getting drunk and attempting to be amorous in what is a really pathetically contrived scene to set up her escape attemptThere are issues with the other characters too most of themSpelling errors in novels are unavoidable but I would expect the writer of an espionage novel to get the spelling of the “breech” of a rifle correct he gets it wrong than onceThe twist at the end is pretty weak the Italian mob really? And then 15 pages of loose ends being tied up with some details that really could have been woven into the storyThere are also a lot of repetitive references to certain parts of the back story specifically the past activities of Samson the main character the billionaire who's hiring him the female lead and the kids they saved together in the past I got a bit tired of this and was on the verge of abanding the book on than one occasionNot recommended

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    I very much enjoyed the first Paul Samson outing and was hoping for of the same Which is exactly what I got Replace Syrian refugee with Greek love interest and lose some of the grit with billionaires mucking about and it’s pretty much the same race against time Still enjoyable particularly the cameo from characters in previous books but lost some of it freshness

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    Paul Samson is back in this explosive thriller Reeling after the events in Macedonia Paul has settled back in to the uiet life in the UK Looking after his mother's restaurant and keeping a low profile in the intelligence business After Macedonia Paul Anastasia escaped to Venice and began a short relationship as it came to an abrupt end where Anastasia ran in to the arms of Denis Hisami and married him One year later if i remember right? Anastasia has been followed and cornered in Italy and been asked to come with 2 Thieves if she wants to live Denis on the otherhand sees his business empire begin to crack and his dark army past come to light With his passport removed from his grasp and Anastasia now kidnapped Denis must turn to the 1 man who he knows will fight to save Anastasia Paul is reluctant to take the task of finding Anastasia due to the heartbreak he still feels over the ending of their relationship But with all feelings put aside he takes on the mantle and starts to follow leads Taking the first flight to Italy he goes to the scene of the crime and remarkably finds Anastasia's phone There's hints of Paul Anastasia's brief relationship throughout the book which is fitting and adds a nice touch to the story as Anastasia fights her captors to the point of breaking Anastasia has been put on a boat to Destination unknown but has infiltrated the boat to the point of getting a call out to Paul with clues as to where the boat is headed toRussia The story unfolds at a rapid pace and in comes Naji to help again what a nice little touch The boy genius is tasked with helping Paul to save Anastasia whom has done so much for Naji and his family since the events in Macedonia uite enjoyed this and would love to see a possible 3rd book?

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    Henry Porter is a stunning writer He knows where the edge of your seat is and has you clinging to it from start to finish Fantastic work and a great follow up to Firefly I would advise reading the first novel in the series however you can read this as a standalone novel A Solid Five Star Read

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    OK this is tough without spoilers but I'll tryThis book has a great premise and is enjoyable enough but I just don't care It has such an opportunity to be a fantastic globe trotting adventure but there are so many plot holes it's a wonder the whole story didn't fall through The characters have so much potential and are all great but they just lack any heart much less description Same with the scene setting There's a section in a Finnish bar and how much opportunity would there be to describe a wonderful wooden lodge bar with lighting and eccentric characters? There's nothingThere's a really tense scene at the end which I pictured taking place in the daytime Yet it describes picking someone out in the distance as their face is lit up by a mobile phone No setting of the scene This is enjoyable enough moves at a perfectly reasonable pace but could have been so much A disappointment

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    I really enjoyed firefly and was delighted to find this next episode I would recommend reading firefly as it is excellent but wouldn't necessarily say you need to in advance of reading white hot silence This is essentially a race against time and powerful forces to rescue a friend and loved one and bring down powerful right wing forces Gripping and current

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    A brisk spy thriller perfect summer reading

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