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Giving Done Right[PDF / Epub] ★ Giving Done Right By Phil Buchanan – A practical guide to philanthropy at all levels of giving that seeks to educate and inspireA majority of American households give to charity in some form or another from local donations to food banks A practical guide to philanthropy at all levels of giving that seeks to educate and inspireA majority of American households give to charity in some form or another from local donations to food banks religious organizations or schools to contributions to prevent disease or protect basic freedoms Giving Done PDF \ Whether you're in a position to give or million every giver needs to answer the same uestion How do I channel my giving effectively to make the greatest differenceIn Giving Done Right Phil Buchanan the president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy arms donors with what it takes to do good uickly and to avoid predictable errors that lead too many astray This crucial book will reveal the secrets and lessons learned from some of the biggest givers from the work of software entrepreneur Tim Gill and his foundation to expand rights for LGBT people to the efforts of a midwestern entrepreneur whose faith told him he must do something about childhood slavery in Ghana It busts commonly held myths and challenging the idea that business thinking holds the answer to effective philanthropy And it offers the intellectual frameworks data driven insights tools and practical examples to allow readers to understand exactly what it takes to make a difference.


Giving Done Right PDF/EPUB Ç Giving Done  PDF \
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Giving Done Right
  • Phil Buchanan
  • 06 August 2014
  • 9781541742253

10 thoughts on “Giving Done Right

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    Anyone who wants to know how to give effectively needs to read this

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    This book helped me as an individual small scale giver organize my thinking and crystallize my giving goals Giving Done Right aims at small and large givers as well as employees and executives of institutions whose focus is supporting non profitsThe author is opinionated about what works and what doesn't work takes to task some common misconceptions about non profits and ends each chapter with a review of material and takeaways almost like a lecture series in a university level class There are some examples and personal stories but they add a little extra flair instead of being overbearing and constituting the bulk of the material as some other books on the topic that I liked much less were

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    This is reuired reading whether you are navigating a new chapter as a philanthropist or are already a seasoned one Buchanan is a clear writer who speaks in laymen's terms and sums up his points at the close of each chapter Donors often make the mistake that giving is easy and Buchanan debunks that myth and provides sound counsel on how to give with intention to give strategically and in short to give wellEasy to read and a welcome addition to the genre

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    This is a great book for anyone that is looking to donate money but doesn't know how to go about choosing who would benefit from the gift the most I like that the author aimed this at all people that donate whether it is 1 or a million

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    Well thought and well organized book for anyone that considers themselves a philanthropist Even though Phil works for an organization that serves foundations these principles are great for an individual to know and abide by no matter if you give 5 or 50000

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    This book would be helpful to a person starting a foundation It would also be helpful to folks who work for foundations director staff member as a good overview of the charitable nonprofits landscape The argument that nonprofits should behave like businesses is addressed

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    This is a book I read for research at work and so the way I rate it is based on how useful it's insights are rather than how well they're conveyed although they are well conveyed One point off for its US heavy focus but that isn't the author's fault

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    Couldn't put this down

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    I was glad for some thinking on the topic of where to donate but don't think I ended up with any answers Was hoping for a bit of a framework

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    This is a really good book about noprofits and how they work There are great tidbits of information like you should not judge a nonprofit by its overhead costs Giving coherent examples Buchanan bucks the trend that I normally dislike in my nonfiction books using stories than factsNot just for givers this book should be read by the people on nonprofit boards as well as the people at the top levels I used to work in the nonprofit world and got to see firsthand what worked and what didn't and I think Buchanan has nailed almost everythingWill this book appeal to every reader I don't know I feel like this is of a labor of love than a book that is going to appeal to a wide audience but it is a valuable book nonetheless

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