Blossom[PDF / Epub] ✑ Blossom ☄ Melissa Silvey – Blossom the follow up to Brier is book two of the sexy new consensual BDSM book series The Rose uartet Rosaline Harris reeling from her passionate and sometimes volatile relationship with rock god Cy Blossom the follow up to Brier is book two of the sexy new consensual BDSM book series The Rose uartet Rosaline Harris reeling from her passionate and sometimes volatile relationship with rock god Cy Ireland returns home to her conservative family for the holidays only to discover shocking and life changing newsCy spends his holidays alone struggling with addiction his possessiveness and coming to terms with his passion and true feelings for Rose who he knows only as Brier Past insecurities and record label pressures cause him to spiral out of control until he reaches a breaking point Can Cy and Brier put their pasts behind them to build a future together Or will insecurities lies and secrets and even a new romantic rival keep this Dom separated from his sub.

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  • Blossom
  • Melissa Silvey
  • 15 October 2016

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    Cy Ireland and Brier aka Rose are back for the continuation of their secret romance Cy is the very sexy lead singer in a popular rock band and Brier is a hound college student who he meets and they start a relationship Cy brings along a lot of baggage to the relationship with many unresolved childhood issues Brier is the young little rich girl who lies about her name and even the school she attends to cover up her identity Will her lies keep building or will she finally tell Cy everything she’s been keeping a secret Will Cy allow his past to dictate his future or will he take charge and live his life the way it’s meant to beOverall I appreciated this book than book 1 There was a little insight into Brier’s home and family life and some of Cy’s as well You could see her grow as a character I disliked that there were so many secrets and miscommunication that kept snowballing into bigger issues A lot of listening to what outside people in their relationship had to say rather than speaking to each other first Overall impression This is where you give your personal impression of the bookI like the bonding between and Juliet and Rose I like that her older brother didn’t judge her and I like that her parents accepted her for who she was I dislike Darius There must be to him I can’t wait to learn the whole story Of course I disliked the ending I can’t wait to read the rest of their story to see how it turns out I would recommend this book to any adult who enjoys reading BDSM and adult romance

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    Hearing Cy sing breaks her heart and makes her wonder if he’s reaching out to her she knows she needs to go to him and can’t live without him any but doesn’t know what he will say about he news she has to tell him and about who she really isCy thinks about everything he wants Brier back but then thinks about what Dare says he needs to take control back and let her know what it feels like to be left so he plans to do just that although feels bad afterRose realises that Cy only wants her for sex with him being persistent to see her on new year’s she decides to go and give him the life changing news She didn’t expect to see the girls leave his dressing room but he’s convincing and promises her everything so she heads to his house but he doesn’t seem in control of himself letting her know how much he loves her and she wonders if she was told the truth from his brotherCy finally realises that Rose is his muse but when he lets his brother know it’s always been her he doesn’t understand the anger he feels from his brotherSeeing Rose he wants to know why she won’t be seen in public with him he needs answers He loves her but the lies are making him not trust her and the can’t survive without that but will the truth tear them apart anyway

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    The dysfunctional love saga continues These characters just can't seem to figure out that communication is the key to a relationship Good grief I just want to yell at Cy and Rosie to listen to eachother This story will keep you on your toes You can't help but be invested in their relationship It will keep you turning those pages while crossing your fingers at the same time Can they sort out their nonsense Will they find themselves so that they can find eachother Only time will tell You HAVE to read their storyPS There's now one character I want to throw out a window and one I want to strangle with his necktie You'll have to read the books to find out who

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    I could not put this down If you haven't read book 1 Briar I would recommend reading it first This book was delicious torment Deception heartbreak and hope fill the pages of this one How many chances does love get Fantastic read

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