Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2

Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2[PDF / Epub] ☂ Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2 Author Deborah Fletcher Mello – Tbjewellers.co.uk Proving her innocenceat all costsThe exciting second book of the To Serve and Seduce miniseriesFormer Chicago cop Mingus Black is used to liars So why does the PI believe a teacher who insists she’s Proving her innocenceat all costsThe exciting the Badge PDF Æ second book of the To Serve and Seduce miniseriesFormer Chicago cop Mingus Black is used to liars So why does the PI believe a teacher who insists she’s being framed Joanna Barnes is totally convincingin ways than one The chemistry between Mingus and Joanna becomes perilously potent but until he can find out who framed her for a heinous crime everything they love hangs in the balance.

For Deborah Fletcher Mello writing is the Badge PDF Æ as necessary as breathing and she firmly believes that if she could not write she would cease to exist Her first novel TAKE ME TO HEART earned her a Romance Slam Jam nomination for Best New Author In she received Book of the Year and Favorite Heroine nominations for her novel THE RIGHT SIDE OF LOVE In Deborah won the Romantic Times Review.

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  • Tempted by the Badge To Serve and Seduce #2
  • Deborah Fletcher Mello
  • 28 September 2014

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    Deborah Fletcher Mello is an autobuy author for me so when I saw “backlist” as my prompt I went searching in my box o’ Harleuins This book isn’t too far down the backlist having come out in 2019 but since I’m already a little bit behind on this romantic suspense series I pulled out Tempted by the Badge The first book in this series Seduced by the Badge was a winner for me but this book was a little harder for me to assessOn the positive side the author takes on a very disturbing topic and handles it in a way that underscored its gravity Dedicated teacher Joanna Barnes stands accused of having an affair with a student in her high school As one would expect she immediately loses her position at school and finds herself dealing with the conditions of her bond The workings of the criminal justice system aren’t particularly glamorized here; Joanna really is facing many people’s worst nightmareThe one thing she does have going for her is her friendship with one of the daughters in the Black family The Blacks are a prominent family in Chicago law enforcement circles with detectives lawyers and even a judge among their ranks Because of this connection Joanna has access to a capable criminal defense attorney and Mingus Black a former policeman turned private investigator is working on her case to try to prove her innocenceThis is a partial review You can find the complete text here

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    I thoroughly enjoy reading romantic suspense and this is another great example of the genre The fact that it involves a teacher Joanna Barnes protesting her innocence despite lots of evidence to the contrary made it even better for me I found it so easy to relate to Joanna and was so glad her best friend’s brother Mingus Black also believed her and sought to help prove her innocent It is an intricate plot with plenty of red herrings and surprisesThe main characters are well developed and their romance potent but this doesn’t detract from a range of superbly portrayed secondary characters too The Blacks are such a great loving family and Mingus is somewhat of a rule breaker never doing things uite as the others would anticipate but they still all love and support each other no matter what It is a story full of intrigue misdirection and love a real page turner to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering how they can prove Joanna’s innocenceI reuested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it

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    From Net galley for a book tour This is book second in a series This one featuring Mingus Black and Joann A hot book with great characters and family dynamics a true pleasure to read Looking forward to reading the next book

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    Tempted by the Badge by Deborah Fletcher Mello is the second book in the To Serve and Seduce miniseries I read it as a standalone and didn’t have issues keeping track of the story Overall I enjoyed this romantic suspense that really caught my attention in the first half However the second half lagged a bit for me and I thought the resolution seemed a little too tidyBeloved high school history teacher Joanna Barnes stands accused of a horrible crime One of her students is accusing her of having a sexual relationship with him and claims to have evidence to back it up Joanna is blindsided–she knows she’s innocent but even she admits that the supposed evidence appears pretty damning She turns to her good friend Simone for help who enlists the help of Simone’s brother former cop turned private investigator Mingus BlackSidebar I really cannot stand the name Mingus Later in the book I realized that all of the Black family siblings are named after jazz and blues musicians Armstrong Simone Ellington But wow I just could not get on board with the name MingusAs a cop Mingus didn’t necessarily follow all the rules to the letter which is why he turned to private investigation That being said he’s a man of honor and integrity So when he meets Joanna and believes in her innocence he’ll stop at nothing to help clear her nameThe plot is really interesting and something that’s unfortunately plausible in this age of social media and digital access The story also touches on the sensationalist aspects of the news and tabloid culture I found these commentaries to be the strongest parts of the book As for the romance it happens rather uickly and doesn’t develop very fully I would have been fine with a Happy for Now at the end instead of what felt like an accelerated relationship Also there are moments when Joanna behaves extremely irresponsibly despite the fact that she’s innocent and I’m not convinced that she would have gotten off so easily in the real worldAs a whole though I did enjoy this suspenseful story that addresses timely issues with a diverse cast of characters I’ll be checking out this author’s other books in the futureMany thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book

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    Tempted by the Badge is an engaging romantic suspense Joanna is a teacher at a high school in Chicago who is hearing rumors that a teacher is about to get arrested for having an affair with a student She is completely shocked when it turns out to be her considering she would never cross that line Luckily Mingus a private investigator believes her and is willing to work her case As he tracks down the evidence and gets to the truth of the matter the case is even bigger than expectedThe mystery of the book is intense and paced very well to keep the pages turning I'm generally not a fan of stories that have false police reports based on sexual assault mainly because such a thing is very rare and the presence in books and such make it seem prevalent than it is casting doubt on actual victims If I push that concern aside the suspense and mystery of the case keeps the book moving uickly and engaginglyIn terms of the romance between Joanna and Mingus this was really strong and has a good build though sped up by circumstances It's hard to imagine what you would do when faced with such false accusations and evidence but Joanna handles it all with a lot of grace This is a solid romantic suspense and I would definitely be curious to read from this seriesPlease note that I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy which I received from the publisher All opinions are my own

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    Follow the money and you can find the culpritIn this Chicago high school we have a young beautiful high achieving teacher Joanna who was loved by most of the students teachers and administrators alike There was however one teacher who hated Joanna and was greedy for riches So said devious teacher and a lazy but intelligent male student falsely accused Joanna of sexually abusing the male student It helps to have friends in high places In this case the highly affluent Black family the family's last name is Black came to the rescue Let's see mama Black is a judge daddy Black is police commissioner several brothers are police officers the sisters and one brother are attorneys and our hero Mingus Black is a private investigator and former police officer It is Mingus whose investigation ferrets out that the sex abuse claim was a well plotted scheme to get rich uick by giving the board another reason to close the school and sell the land to an investment group Sadly one person in this failed plan lost his young life another of the plotters lost his life too and the other three had to get prepared to spend a long time in jail Joanna and Mingus on the other hand grew to love each other began a relationship and if all goes well pretty soon they would be tying the knot vowing to love each other until death do them part I enjoyed this story

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    Strong characters a compelling plot and just enough mystery to nab my attention and keep it throughout The powerful Black family is once again center stage with the second book in the To Serve and Seduce series When Simone’s best friend finds herself in need of some help Simone calls out the big guns of her brothers the lawyer PI and cop Lots of mystery sexy seduction and close knit family time Really loved this storyFormer cop turned PI Mingus Black is used to seeing the unsavory side of the world but when his sister calls him in for help when her best friend finds herself being set up to take the fall for something she would never do he’s not sure what to make of the intriguing womanTeacher Joanna Barnes finds herself under attack and being vilified to the world before she can even catch her breath She would never have done the things they are accusing her of but someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make it look like she did Who and why? Will Mingus be able to clear her name before her entire career is down the drain? And the instant connection they had to each other is a dangerous game to be playing at this point in time dare they take a chance on each other?

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    What do you do when someone is trying to destroy your life? You fight back That’s what Joanna Barnes has to do in order to figure out who is trying to ruin herEnter Mingus Black of the Chicago Blacks the family full of law enforcement officials Mingus is doing a favor for his brother and sister who is Joanna’s best friend to work this case But what he doesn’t expect is the heat that flows between him and Joanna when they first meetThis book had me all in my feelings I was ready to choke out some folks and knock some sense into others The characters are very well rounded You can feel the emotions that take place through out this bookMingus and Joanna have to work through their own trust issues while attempting to fight the attraction they have for one another Even the secondary characters have some interesting lives that lead you to wonder what’s next with themEnjoying this series and I’m excited about the next book in the series Wondering if we will find out who Mama Black wants Mingus to find for her

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    Rating 45REVIEWThis is the second installment of the “To Serve and Seduce “series and I have to say that I so enjoyed this book from beginning to end This story had everything from charm drama and suspense Mingus is a guy that walk to the beat of his drum Mingus Black is a former Chicago cop turn Private Investigator Joanna Barnes is a high school teacher who come from a long line of educators so it was only naturally that she wanted to be in the education field Joanna has been accused of a crime and she needs a lawyer and the first person that comes to mind is Simone Black Although Simone couldn’t help her she called her brothersThis book will keep you turning the pages until you have reach the last page If you are looking for a book with chemistry drama twist and turn and suspense then Mrs Mello deliver that and You will not be disappointedSmoochesLL Brown

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    Proving her innocenceat all costs Former Chicago cop Mingus Black is used to liars So why does the Private Investigator believe a teacher who insists she’s innocent? Joanna Barnes is totally convincingin ways than one The chemistry between Mingus and Joanna becomes perilously potent but until he can find out who framed her for a heinous crime everything they love hangs in the balance She’s accused of sex with a student David Locklear and he has pictures sent from her phone showing her tattoo on the thigh It appears an old rival felt she would be the perfect scapegoat to her husband’s criminal plans for the land the school is sitting onBiased opinionschool teacher so vested interested

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