Le Loup Blanc Elric #3

Le Loup Blanc Elric #3[PDF / Epub] ✍ Le Loup Blanc Elric #3 ☁ Julien Blondel – Tbjewellers.co.uk A stunning comic adaptation of the classic Elric of Melnibon novels by Michael MoorcockA year has passed since Elric left Imrryr his palace and his throne leaving behind a heartbroken Cymoril For a ye A stunning comic adaptation of Blanc Elric eBook ´ the classic Elric of Melnibon novels by Michael MoorcockA year has passed since Elric left Imrryr his palace and his throne leaving behind a heartbroken Cymoril For a year he has walked the Young Kingdoms under the distant gaze of his protector Arioch A year since he traded his skills as a wizard and fighter to the highest bidder forging in each battle the legend of the albino warrior whose Black Sword terrifies the bravest of warriors Today he is no longer Elric de Melnibone the four hundred and twenty Le Loup ePUB ½ eighth Emperor of the people of R'lin K'ren A'a Today the Young Kingdoms know him as the White Wolf.


Le Loup Blanc Elric #3 PDF ´ Loup Blanc Elric  MOBI
  • Hardcover
  • 64 pages
  • Le Loup Blanc Elric #3
  • Julien Blondel
  • 11 March 2016
  • 9781785864025

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    L'inaspettato cliffhanger finale molto più delle tante piccole differenze presenti nei volumi precedenti stravolge parecchio la storia rispetto ai romanzi ma uesta serie di graphic novel resta il miglior adattamento a fumetti della saga di Elric mai realizzatoDa brividi la vignetta in cui si intravedono Corum Erekosè e Hawkmoon incarnazioni presenti e future del Campione Eterno insieme al principe albino di Melnibonè ed è un vero peccato che l'autore abbia deciso di saltare la loro avventura insieme narrata da Moorcock nel racconto Sui mari del fato ma visto il formato alla francese del fumetto probabilmente avrebbe occupato un intero volume o piùE se l'Elric mercenario uccisore di mostri e vagabondo solitario che si vede nella prima parte de Il Lupo Bianco dovesse ricordare a parecchi lettori un altro personaggio ultimamente sulla cresta dell'onda da un po' di anni protagonista di romanzi fumetti e videogiochi per non parlare del Caos di Warhammer lì la citazione e fin troppo evidente sappiate che tutto il fantasy contemporaneo ha un debito impagabile nei confronti di Michael MoorcockIl desiderio di rileggermi i romanzi cresce sempre più ma ormai i miei to read futuri sono talmente tanti che possiedo più libri e fumetti di uanti riuscirò mai a leggere neanche reincarnandomi nel Campione Eterno

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    What can I say? Its fucking Elric and Elric means awesome to the rockstar levelThe first 2 chapter's are manly focus on adapting the first novel Were Elric is an albino emperor yada yada yada and largely explain the world building of the Elric Saga This one is mainly focus on the other side of Elric Mythos AKA timemultiverse travel Setting I think somewhere Sailors of the Sea's of faith It shows the world outside the kingdom of Melnobonei where kingdoms with different culture yet somewhat similar Its is also a year later and Elric is already had a reputation as a mercenarymonster slayer sounds familiar doesn't it Same as usual the art is amazing same as the other previews two; like just look at it

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    35 starsNice but generic nice I was interested about all the adventures he tells the readers he lived during the one year between last volume and this one than the actual plot he went through in this volumeTotally saw the plot twist in this one coming though And side note I don't really enjoy reading these A tad too darkish for me

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    This is third volume in newly adapted Elric saga Same as previous two novels art is amazing and story is somewhat adapted and not exactly in line with the nature of Elric as we came to knew him from novelsHe is still morose lacks actual sympathy for the Young Kingdoms and tries to battle the Stormbringer sword's extremely insidious nature I mean it is a sword right not a toothpick but this one aims to corrupt its wielder which is not something swords are supposed to do as far as I knowWhile on a run Elric now known to the rest of Young Kingdoms as White Wolf gets involved with the person from his past and learns a thing or two about the burden of fateAnd when we think that our hero finally manages to escape the danger absolutely unexpected twist occurs I wont go into details because ending shocked me and got me searching for the original novels to compare and would be a huge spoiler to mention itExcellent graphical novel beautiful art and new and in my opinion original twist on the story itselfHighly recommended to all fans of fantasy in general and Elric's saga in particular

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    The writing—while not pitch perfect Moorcock—is dark and morose enough that it hits all the right notes And the art while not as detailed as the P Craig Russell art I grew up with does grab my attention The final result is a story that I loved very muchIf I have one complaint it's that in at least two sections the scene breaks are absolutely jarring as though they cut out a page or two of story It's the only thing that kept this from being a five star ratingBut overall if you dig the entire Elric storyline tragic as it is then you'll easily fall in love with these adaptationsstories as well

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    4050 Initially The White Wolf came off as a disappointment It didn’t adapt The Sailor on the Seas of Fate a story known for being the result of Moorcock’s usage of LSD Being the secondthird story in the chronology it seemed obvious as the next plot point for Elric to explore However it begins by telling us that things have changed for Elric since becoming a travelling sorcerer and swordsman We’re given a brief monologue as an introduction moving toward an original story of finding a lost Emperor of Melnibone After a re read my feelings have changed It presents a tragedy that if Elric followed the hedonistic pleasures of his beloved Melnibone then his fate would be repulsive in its excess It foreshadows a difficult choice for Elric emphasizing his conflicted nature as a tool for a dark god and his personal ethics It hints at a larger conflict brewing underneath the surface as I’m hoping that Volume 4 would be able to deliver For fans of Elric this Volume delivers a delightful surprise for veterans and initiates

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    En esta ocasión el tomo cubre una de las etapas nunca mencionadas de la vida de Elric entre Marinero de los mares del destino y El Lobo Blanco El dibujo sigue siendo excepcional y esta vez veremos un nuevo enfoue muy interesante a las figuras de Saxif D'Aan y Cymoril El próximo promete

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    Fantastic art and a great adaptation of the Elric storyline to graphic novel This third tome further cements this series's rightful place as the superior Elric incarnation since the original stories

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    45No tiene el acabado y la dirección de arte del primer volumen IMHO insuperable pero se viene muy arriba respecto al bajón ue sufría el segundo Este es el Elric ue siempre uise ver

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    Debo admitir ue mi repulsión a los diálogos excesivos activaron mi sentido arácnido con este libro Pareciese ue al ser una adaptación de una novela hayan uerido poner todos y cada uno de los diálogos de ella Pero luego cuando empecé a leerlo con ojos de uien lee Shakespeare donde el drama y el diálogo predominan me sentí más a gusto con las secuencias silenciosas ue son varias Este es mi primer libro de esta saga y debo decir ue estoy bastante intrigado con los demás Me pondré al tanto con los dos anteriores y uizás escriba una segunda reseña para ver si le doy esa última estrellaEl dibujo fue de principio a fin envolvente Cada personaje es distintivo y los fondos son para pegarlos en la pared En los colores no hay pérdida En cada escena donde habrá acción los colores son sobrios para así darle más impacto a la acción con fuertes rojos o naranjas El trabajo secuencial me sacó de ritmo algunas veces pero cuando hubo ue sorprender hizo Y algunas decisiones ue no se si fueron a propósito ue rompieron la cuarta pared sin salir de la historia fue muy sutil por lo cual me cuesta trabajo darme cuenta si fue un accidente El dibujo es tan bueno ue lo volví a abrir solo para hojearlo

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