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My Mother the Psychopath[KINDLE] ❅ My Mother the Psychopath ❥ Olivia Rayne – The true story of a psychopathic mother by the daughter who survived the terror What do you do when the person you're meant to trust the most in the world is the one trying to destroy youWhen people m The true story of a psychopathic mother by the daughter who survived the terror What do you do when the person you're meant to trust the most in the world is the one trying to destroy youWhen people met her they thought how lovely she was this attractive woman with a beautiful laugh But she was one person in public and another behind closed doors Who would she be today The loving mother The trusted teacher The monster destroying my life'Olivia has been afraid ever since she can remember Out of sight she was subjected My Mother PDF/EPUB ² to cruelty and humiliation at the hands of her mother Josephine Olivia grew up feeling scared worthless and exploited Even when she found the courage to cut ties her mother found new ways to manipulate and deceive attempting to destroy her life with a vicious campaign of abuseNow Olivia has come to terms with her past and gives a fascinating harrowing and deeply unsettling insight into what it's like growing up with a psychopathic parent.


My Mother the Psychopath Kindle ä My Mother  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • My Mother the Psychopath
  • Olivia Rayne
  • English
  • 21 November 2015
  • 9781785038990

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    I really didn't enjoy this book and got so exasperated with the author's constant whining and 'poor me ' attitude It wasn't that she didn't have a good story to tell and she is a competent writer but this felt like a celebration of victimhood and I did not enjoy that at allAt first there was a point of idenfication her mother switching from nice indulgent even to uncaring and punishing The author never knew why she couldn't please her mother and tried so hard to stay on her good side I had that too My mother may have been a narcissist or perhaps she was perfectly normal just didn't love me but she wasn't a psychopathHer mother and mine were physically emotionally and mentally cruel to us Her father was weak and didn't stand up to his wife My father was a big strong man who beat me and berated me and whatever else my mother wanted Both of us had grandparents who knew our mothers didn't love us and were cruel but that's where the similarities and identification endsMy mother was a normal functioning charitable member of society The author's was a thieving lying deeply ugly personality wrapped up in a sophisticated pretty exterior that fooled almost all the people most of the time The author had structured the book by entitling each chapter with a typical behaviour of psychopaths view spoiler Don't be fooled into thinking that psychopaths are that simple you can have a checklist I've known two very very well unfortunately and they are as different from each other as the author is from me hide spoiler

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    I'll prefix this by saying that I have a close family member who is without a shadow of a doubt a sociopath and possibly a psychopath too This person made my life a misery when I was younger and still tries to now Now that I have a thicker skin I react in the way I know makes this person angry by laughing at his insults and abuse then walking away I also made the promise to myself many moons ago that I would make absolutely sure I never grew up to be like him The total lack of empathy for others the malicious intent anger and that facade which makes the individual seem normal to the outside world are not traits I have thankfully He's racist homophobic and an all around nasty piece of work; I am an euality campaigner who loves everybody and friends and family would probably go so far as to say I am overly empathetic but I am super duper fine with that I have some horrific memories but I am all the stronger for them; living with a narcissistsociopathpsychopath is not a pleasant experience and there's a reason they're known as hoovers they try to suck the life out of those around them in order to boost their own self esteemAs the traits of sociopaths and psychopaths somewhat overlap I recognise many of the behaviours Olivia experienced at the hands of her mother and because of that this was a dark disturbing and emotionally challenging read for me but it also gives us reason to be hopeful and tips on how to counteract the abuse The description of being one thing in public and another in private I certainly recognised the person in my life runs up the backsides of non family but treats those who should come first like dirt Make no mistake this is a hard hitting emotive read; I think it hit me much harder because I could relate to Olivia and many of her experiences unfortunatelyI have never heard this person apologise for what he's done even when it was 100% him in the wrong and he has no interest in what is happening with anyone else just himself He's selfish through and through and one of the coldest people you'll ever meet It's crazy that he worries about how outsiders perceive him than he does about what his closest family think One thing I think is very important to mention if you are living a nightmare with one of these types do not show them that they have upset you Why? Because in my experience they love that; they get a kick out of it; they feed off what they see as weakness They spend a lot of time working out the best way to upset you eg if you've confided to family that you have a self image issue they'll likely use that to hurt youIt's normal to think that you are the only one living with such a monster but in reality there are of them around than you think This is a truly heartbreaking eye opening memoir and although it is truly terrifying it is written in an eminently readable style I now spend time campaigning to lessen the stigma of mental health as I realise that the mental abuse I suffered every day is happening to others I have deep admiration for Ms Rayne for sharing her story and being a strong courageous fighter against the manipulative evil she grew up with I'm sad to say I connected with this so much that I found myself tearful as I relived some of the memories the book brought to the forefront of my mind Oh and the information about cutting ties with such people is absolutely sound there is no hope of reconciliation so run as far away from these people as possible for your own sanity Like Olivia I am a survivor and not a victimNB This is my most personal review to date by a long shot but I want to add that it wasn't written for sympathy as I know some people love to play the victim and I feel than a little exposed by sharing this information but I feel that it's another step in the right direction for me in coming to terms with everything I usually keep these sort of things to myself and as I'm pretty introverted I try to keep the glare of the spotlight away from myself at all times I don't understand those who crave attention I'm the girl who is uiet as a mouse unless I need to defend myself; it's then when I turn into a tigressMany thanks to Ebury Press for an ARC

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    You cannot redeem the unredeemableI was surprised by the elegance in which she relayed her memoriesHer honesty with spotty bits in her recollections and her confusion of feelings in and out of her memories creates a comfortable companionThe flaws are there and they make the story sapid

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    They say “truth is stranger than fiction” and boy oh boy reading this incredibly raw and brutal account of Olivia’s relationship with her psychopathic mother made my skin crawl and my blood boilThis is Olivia Rayne’s TRUE story of living with a psychopathic parent The only daughter of a French mother and British father Olivia grew up under the cruel and often humiliating control of her Mother Maman whilst her weak and in my opinion spineless father just looked on helplessly This book doesn’t read like a memoir it reads like one of the worst psychological thrillersdomestic noir books I’ve read and the fact that it is all true makes it so much moving and sadIt’s a difficult book to review because I found it utterly compulsive reading gripping tense and at times painful to read but the fact that this is someone’s actual LIFE that I am reading made my “enjoyment” tainted I’m not naive enough to think everyone has a rosy childhood full of love compassion and support however I hope that now Olivia has finally written her story and shared her traumatic past she finds unconditional love and happiness

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    It’s hard to rate books like this as I felt really sorry for Olivia all throughout the book for what she went through I admire her honesty and her strength in all she’s been through and I wish her nothing but the best for her future A great well written book

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    This book tells the story of Olivia's childhood and adolescence it's a memoir but it reads like a thriller or a crime novel and at times I forgot it was a real story and actually happened to somebody It's really descriptive and I could imagine all the characters really well sometimes too well Josephine the mother is a sociopath and its scary reading how she manipulates everyone around her especially Olivia's father who is totally under her control This book was such a suprise to me I don't usually read memoirs but this one had me hooked It's hard to say this is a good book because the subject matter is so disturbing and the story is so sad but reading this book really opened my mind There are moments in the book that are unbelievable and made me livid particularly as Olivia got older and her mother started interfering It made my blood boil the things that Olivia was put through especially by her mother who was meant to be the one person she could rely on This book is shocking and packs a punch you won't forget in a hurry but it's also a beautiful book and the story is told with heart Olivia you are an amazing woman and you didn't deserve to be treated how you were by any of the people who treated you so badly I hope your mother never comes into your life again and I'm so happy to read that you're in a good place with great friends and a caring boyfriend You deserve it

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    Wow Just wow This is one of the most deeply unsettling and disturbing books I've ever read If this was a fiction book there would be reviews saying it wasn't very realistic It's too unbelievableThe fact that this book is non fiction makes it such a horrific read and even unsettlingI don't think my mind can even comprehend what Olivia went through I've never read a book that has given me such chills while reading beforeI really liked how this book was structured By basing each paragraph on each psychopathic trait really demonstrated how evil her mother really wasThis book was fascinating and I can't imagine the pain it must have caused to relieve these memories in the process of writing this book This book is definitely not for everyone but if you can handle it please pick it up as it really does highlight the true nature of psychopaths among us TW graphic and freuent descriptions of emotional and physical abuse Domestic abuse animal abuse and abortion are also mentioned

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    I don’t usually read books like this by that I mean memoirs of childhood where there was trauma and abuse However this book caught my eye in the library and wasn’t in that section of the library the “real life” section It was in the social services part instead Anyway I digress it caught my eye and I picked it up albeit hesitantlyFrom the moment I started to read it I was hooked I’m surprised to see it actually took me 4 days to read as I read it in 3 chunks unable to put it down It’s a fantastic read that is unbelievable upsetting distressing and fascinating all at the same time Olivia takes us through her life with her Maman and Father and some of the stories she recalls are just horrific There are no holds barred here and it made me cry in places There is no attempt to explain why her Maman was the way she was which would have also interested me but she had weaves so many falsities that who knows what was true and what was false about her life Olivia is an amazingly brave woman to write her story and to tell it It’s well worth a read I can’t say I “enjoyed” it but I couldn’t put it down

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    I'm still trying to process this unbelievable story I found it hard to imagine anyone going through this abuse from their mother It felt like fiction but it was based on true events I wanted to hug Olivia and never let her go I admire the strength and courage to deal with a psychopath mother Probably the most hateful character I've read about; and I've read about a lot of psycho's I have to give this book 5 stars because of the way it grabbed my attention and made me feel so much emotion I pray she never bothers Olivia again

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    interesting and disturbing story of the authors life in the shadow of her controlling and abusive mother through different channels emotional psychological and financial

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