Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Complete Series Box Set

Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Complete Series Box Set❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Complete Series Box Set Author Yukito Kishiro – The complete cyberpunk classic now a major Hollywood film This box set includes all five volumes of Battle Angel Alita plus a brand new book of short stories than 2000 pages of manga in a collector's The complete cyberpunk classic now a major Hollywood Alita Deluxe PDF Æ film This box set includes all five volumes of Battle Angel Alita plus a brand new book of short stories than pages of manga in a collector's box set with special extrasIn a dump in the lawless settlement of Scrapyard far beneath the mysterious space city of Zalem disgraced cyber doctor Daisuke Ido makes a strange find the detached head of a cyborg woman who has lost all her memories He names her Alita and euips her with a powerful new body the Berserker While Alita remembers no Battle Angel Epub / details of her former life a moment of desperation reawakens in her nerves the legendary school of martial arts known as Panzer Kunst In a place where there is no justice but what people make for themselves Alita decides to become a hunter killer tracking down those who prey on the weak But can she hold onto her humanity as she revels in her bloodlust.


Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Complete Series Box Set PDF
  • Hardcover
  • Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Complete Series Box Set
  • Yukito Kishiro
  • 20 August 2016
  • 9781632367112

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    I read this as part of a reading challenge for which I needed to find a book that has a movie based on it coming out in 2019 I loved Avatar and knew that I wanted to see Alita Battle Angel so this was a no brainer I'm a graphic novel person but I've never really gravitated to Manga before other than a brief infatuation with Planetes Volume 1 So it is genuinely with surprise that I need to report I fell for Gunnm hard while the movie left me feeling pretty mehIt wasn't a love at first sight thing The first storyline of Gunnm left me yawning a little and not terribly invested in this world The plot felt mostly like an excuse for fighting and some of the annoying manga tropes a sexy female lead with no other women in sight and a visual style that is all about whipping hair and big eyes and world building that seem unnecessarily weird just annoyed meBut from the second story arc my infatuation grew A story arc which comes across as painfully emo and irritating in the movie is much mature and yes darker in the manga the very ridiculousness and immaturity of the love interest driving the plot into poignant not less territory It takes a certain flair to introduce a love interest who hijacks and rips peoples spines out for money and the shifting moral universe that AlitaGunnm has to navigate moves to centrestage at this point driving character development and audience engagement for the rest of this collection As the action scenes decrease in freuency Kishiro gets innovative with panel layouts and the simplicity and power of the art became a real draw for me The book starts to draw heh a much wider range of female characters and the growing cast gives the sense of shifting understandings of goodies and baddies what survival choices are acceptable and which are not and even what strategies to create change are useful and which are not and how you recover from a bad choice and a devastating outcomeAnd yes it is still manga So somehow this is explored through plots which are totally cheesy but never predictable worldbuilding which is both very detailed and yet based on whacky ideas about technology and not infreuent boobs and abs shots The fan service was mild than I expected though gender eual than I expected and not particularly irritating to me YMMV Oh and a lot of whipping hairI honestly could care less if there is a seuel to Alita Battle Angel but I've already bought Battle Angel Alita Last Order Omnibuses I haven't felt this invigorated around graphic storytelling for uite some timeRead for 2019 Reading Challenge #1 A book becoming a movie in 2019

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    I can't say anything expressive than I should have read this decades ago it was my failure one I've just fixed itGive it a try in case you didn't read it in the past

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    Here's another instance of me failing to understand the hype around a manga seriesTo sum up I liked enjoyed the first two volumes then hated volumes 3 and 4 and from then on volumes 5 to the end 9 were a lot of meh mixed with tons of annoyance other various things which had my interest decrease with each passing volumeThings that bothered me in no specific order— Gally's design Or rather the way the author drew her mouth and that of many of the few other female characters actually which reminds me of how Sanbe Kei the author of Erased For the Kid I Saw in my Dreams I think that's the English title and many other titles draws female characters' mouths and which I hate— Or her whole character actually I couldn't get myself to like her in any way Which is kind of a bother since she's the protagonist— How things pop out of nowhere starting from the motorball volumes 3 4 and everything after that Like suddenly it goes in a certain direction to widen the universe but nothing's actually linked It just makes it as if the author suddenly wanted to draw this and had this put into the story because why the hell not— Composition Not really sure if it's only in the translated version but it didn't seem like it but how there's an endless number of footnotes to explain concepts used in the series Also how everytime there's a new robot thingy that appears it needs a specific panel to explain what it is Which completely breaks the pace of the story— It's kinda gory Like drawings are uite detailed but it seemed to me to be even the case when it was about dismembered bodies And brains Somehow there has to be lots of brains appearing— The fact that there's actual interesting ideas but they're aren't properly used Specifically the opposition between cyborgs and the people from above I don't really want to spoil it since it only appears in the latest volumes which speaks to how it's not used but that was the actual interesting thing that would have been worth 9 volumes of story— Motorball I just kinda hated that and it needs to be mentioned on its ownStill I have to give credits to the uality of the box set which is pretty rare for a French edition I actually left the rating at 610 on myanimelist but for some reason it euals a 25 rating here Don't ask me why 😅

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    A really nice box grouping the whole first series 9 volumes I really like the design of the box

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    All nine volumes of the manga series comprising around 2000 pages A classic of Japanese cyberpunk SF with countless fans and a litany of works it influenced The story follows the exploits of a cyborg girl with incredible talent for combat in a grim far future undercity called the Scrapyard Her adventures see her taking on various roles vigilante sports star freedom fighter assassin mercenary and each of the nine volumes and eight story arcs is filled with memorable supporting characters The artwork starts impressive and only improves with Kishiro able to capture both sweeping vistas and complex minute details though the TA uotient rises also While a lot of the stories focus on ideas of humanity or lack thereof the most interesting lens I found to read it through was a political one The world of Alita is a grotesuely uneual one but within that clear haves versus have nots dynamic Kishiro paints an awful lot of nuance with different characters' perspectives aspirations and ideologies Also recurring are uestions of who is allowed and able to weild both destructive and creative powerOn top of all of that of course is an enormous amount of action Martial arts with cyborg combatants features a staggering amount of detailed and grisly violence and gore and even minor conflicts can get obscenely graphic Combined with the exaggerated cartoonish ugliness of so many of the supporting cast Kishiro is able to really bring out feelings of revulsionMy praise isn't unreserved though While the action and fight scenes are visually impressive the pacing can drag and the viscera can get stale when Alita's opponent has been reduced to putty but keep on fighting through some trick or other There is also for a lot of the series a fixation on women and girls who are damaged in some way serious physical and psychological trauma are common throughout the cast but only with the female characters is this trauma something that can be supported through paternal or romantic love It's not until Alita's operator Lou in the last third of the series that we get a woman other than the main character who has much self determinationAll that said it's a hell of a read even with its length and this is just the first THIRD of the Alita story I can see why it was such a big hit and so influential Maybe someday I'll pick up part two

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    Battle Angel Alita was definitely the most consistently weird bookmanga I have read in a while The essence of cyberpunkbiopunk every panel in this manga has another STRANGE and weird image The illustration gets better and better as the series progresses but unfortunately so does the fan service In traditional manga fashion the 'technology' and 'science' doesn't actually make any sense and often seems pulled out of a hat at the last minute But worth it for the wild wackiness and sad loneliness of everyone in the desolate post apocalyptic technology driven future

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    This is my first manga series and I'm not planning on reading any of them so I don't know how to really judge a manga But I have to say that the last book tied everything up really well and my 4 star goes to Kishiro's unbelievable world building and conclusion on this story There were too many volumes than necessary and the story struggles to stay on the track at the last few volumes But I really liked the way the manga ended With biblical and philosophical references with the well thought out history of Tipheres it exceeded my expectations

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    2300 ish pages of pure delight What a fantastic series I was a bit disappointed with the last 3 4 pages of the original 9 book series but there were other stories that followed that furthered the story so not disappointed any The series had everything Can't do anything else but highly recommend it

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    Full of over the top action seuences larger than life characters and some rewarding incremental world building

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    I can see now why this series is a manga cult hit to say nothing of why James Cameron bought the rights The story and art both hit their stride at the beginning of the sixth volume and took off while it all started off rough and from a story perspective sort of disjointed by the end of volume 6 you don't want to put it downThough the connection with the Last Order series means the very end of this one doesn't happen it's a seuel whaddaya want as a stand alone story it left a big smile on my face and hope that maybe we can escape our karma

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