Practical Binary Analysis

Practical Binary Analysis[Download] ➸ Practical Binary Analysis By Dennis Andriesse – Stop manually analyzing binary Practical Binary Analysis is the first book of its kind to present advanced binary analysis topics such as binary instrumentation dynamic taint analysis and symbolic exe Stop manually analyzing binary Practical Binary Analysis is the first book of its kind to present advanced binary analysis topics such as Practical Binary Epub / binary instrumentation dynamic taint analysis and symbolic execution in an accessible wayAs malware increasingly obfuscates itself and applies anti analysis techniues to thwart our analysis we need sophisticated methods that allow us to raise that dark curtain designed to keep us out binary analysis can help The goal of all binary analysis is to determine and possibly modify the true properties of binary programs to understand what they really do rather than what we think they should do While reverse engineering and disassembly are critical first steps in many forms of binary analysis there is much to be learnedThis hands on guide teaches you how to tackle the fascinating but challenging topics of binary analysis and instrumentation and helps you become proficient in an area typically only mastered by a small group of expert hackers It will take you from basic concepts to state of the art methods as you dig into topics like code injection disassembly dynamic taint analysis and binary instrumentation Written for security engineers hackers and those with a basic working knowledge of CC and x Practical Binary Analysis will teach you in depth how binary programs work and help you acuire the tools and techniues needed to gain control and insight into binary programsOnce you've completed an introduction to basic binary formats you'll learn how to analyze binaries using techniues like the GNULinux binary analysis toolchain disassembly and code injection You'll then go on to implement profiling tools with Pin and learn how to build your own dynamic taint analysis tools with libdft and symbolic execution tools using Triton You'll learn how to Parse ELF and PE binaries and build a binary loader with libbfd Use data flow analysis techniues like program tracing slicing and reaching definitions analysis to reason about runtime flow of your programs Modify ELF binaries with techniues like parasitic code injection and hex editing Build custom disassembly tools with Capstone Use binary instrumentation to circumvent anti analysis tricks commonly used by malware Apply taint analysis to detect control hijacking and data leak attacks Use symbolic execution to build automatic exploitation toolsWith exercises at the end of each chapter to help solidify your skills you'll go from understanding basic assembly to performing some of the most sophisticated binary analysis and instrumentation Practical Binary Analysis gives you what you need to work effectively with binary programs and transform your knowledge from basic understanding to expert level proficiency.


Practical Binary Analysis MOBI µ Practical Binary
  • Paperback
  • 456 pages
  • Practical Binary Analysis
  • Dennis Andriesse
  • 16 April 2016
  • 9781593279127

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    Well written Doesn't shy away from details Provides clear examples and even clearer explanations of hard to grasp concepts Can't recommend highly enough

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