The Devil in Paradise

The Devil in Paradise[KINDLE] ❁ The Devil in Paradise ❄ James L Haley – The gripping naval saga by award winning historian James L Haley ventures into the Pacific as Captain Bliven Putnam takes on pirates in the Philippines and diplomatic relations in HawaiiFollowing the The gripping naval saga by award winning historian James L Haley ventures into the Pacific as Captain Bliven Putnam takes on pirates in the Philippines and diplomatic relations in HawaiiFollowing the at sea victories of the War of and the Second Barbary War and in an ever increasing push for global presence the United States is finally expanding its Navy in earnest Bliven Putnam now The Devil ePUB ½ Captain of the sloop of war Rappahannock has come into his own as a leader and is chosen to be at the forefront of such expansion He is disptached on a two year tour of the Pacific becoming a beacon of American friendship and influence in the west But he's plagued by thoughts of home where his wife Clarity is managing the family farm the fortune and an extenstive building project When their long planned reunion is cut short by a new assignment Clarity at last puts her foot down If she can't keep Putnam with her then she'll just have to go with himAs Putnam sets sail for his new home base in Honolulu Clarity joins a new missionary effort to Hawaii On their respective paths Putnam encounters a new breed of pirate and Clarity meets another kind of ruler the famed ueen of Hawaii Kaahumanu Based on the real life Olowalu Massacre this third outing will be unlike any adventure the Putnams have faced before And with a strong undercurrent of female empowerment it's a historical novel for the modern age.


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  • Audio CD
  • The Devil in Paradise
  • James L Haley
  • 06 October 2016
  • 9781524702199

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    This novel the 3rd entry in the Bliven Putman series is somewhat a positive departure from the first 2 books covering the early 19th century United States Navy While the main plot line details the US missionaries on the Hawaiian islands which the author has already published an excellent non fiction It is listed as one of the 'further reading' entries many other historical topics are covered as well This is very easily the most readable fiction yet and brings to the fore Bliven's wife Clarity as much than a supporting character The great deal of non fictional information is very subtly inserted through the plotting reading as a novel than a history bookMany who enjoyed the first 2 in this series will be somewhat disappointed that this book is not jammed full of sea battles The author isn't interested in creating a series like the HornblowerAubrey Maturin books He is creating 'true' historical fictions giving the readers incredible insight into little known American and world wide activities More readers of fiction and non fiction should follow this author his writing is superb

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway It is a great tale of the US Navy around 1820 and the introductio of the first missionaries into Hawaii Full of historical details as well as a good tale Reminiscent of Patrick O'Brien's tales Almost as good as C S Forester Lots of ship details and an episode in the waters around SE Asia Highly Recommended

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    Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and give an honest review This is an historically accurate fictionalized story of the voyage of the USS Rappahanock to the new trade areas of the Pacific It is not on par with 'Capain and Commander' or 'Horation Hornblower' but it gives a easy flowing adventure with clearly delineated good guys and bad guys I would uestion the level of English language skills that 1819 Hawaiian native wouls have had This story had all of them with near fluency which seemed a stretch

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    Loved this bookGreat details about sailing to the Sandwich Islands to deal with pirates in the Pacific Christian missionaries are part of tgge story as well Good plot and subplots

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    Good but not greatI enjoyed the book and learned uite a bit about Hawaii’s history It lacked the amount of naval action of other books of this genre I am looking forward to the next book in the series

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    Entrancing I was swept away from the first to the last pages Romance pirates exotic uncharted islands with brutal intelligent men and women that have left their mark on history

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    The Devil in Paradise makes me want to own a boat or get on a boat or find a boat and sail the seven seas The cover is striking and I enjoyed this one

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    Unfortunate use of language

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    Thoroughly satisfying trilogy

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