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The Flutter Collection[Reading] ➹ The Flutter Collection Author Jennie Wood – The entire Flutter saga in a single volume for the first timeFifteen year old Lily shape shifts into a boy to get the girl and chaos ensues when she pretends to be someone she's not While coming to te The entire Flutter saga in a single volume for the first timeFifteen The Flutter Kindle - year old Lily shape shifts into a boy to get the girl and chaos ensues when she pretends to be someone she's not While coming to terms with who she is and what she has done Lily learns that life as a boy is just as difficult and that she can't just run away from her problems With her loved ones in danger she returns to St Charles to live as Jesse and protect them But knowing what she's capable of can Lily be content as a popular high school varsity uarterback Then Lily gets stuck in a body while shape shifting but not just any body her mother's Forced to see the world through the eyes of her estranged mother Lily must accept that she'll never life a normal life in order to fulfill her true destiny.

Jennie Wood is a non binary author comic creator musician and optioned The Flutter Kindle - screenwriter currently living in Boston Jennie created the critically acclaimed award winning Flutter graphic novel series Featured in The New York Times Boston Globeand on Law Order SVU Flutter was named one of the best LGBT graphic novels of and by The Advocate In November Dark Horse Comics publi.

The Flutter Collection Kindle Ø The Flutter  Kindle -
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • The Flutter Collection
  • Jennie Wood
  • English
  • 12 July 2016
  • 9781506708867

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    The story of a young girl who discovers she can change shape She literally runs into a cute girl whose drawings of the ideal boy spill out When she accidentally turns into the boy she decides to enroll in school as a boy Lily Jesse are also on the run from the FBI due to the experimentation done on her him by her father These pronouns are going to get super confusing in this reviewThere are elements of this story I really like How Wood explores gender identity and teenage uncertainty is very compelling That's where the story works best Where it gets crazy is the stuff with Lily Jesse's mom It's inconsistent often confusing and out of context The book really goes off the rails in the 3rd volume with the president A lot of it didn't make a lot of sense logically The art in this is terrible I think that's were a lot of the confusion comes in The characters are sketchy and lumpy and often look the same It's a real shame the interior art isn't as striking as that cover That's what caught my eye with this book in the first place Received a review copy from Dark Horse and Edelweiss Al thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned

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    The story of a girl with shapeshifting powers who becomes a boy to get the girl she's fallen in love with And things proceed to escalate uicklyThis story is full of twists as it morphs from high school drama to science fiction political thriller with bits of horror and superhero flavor along with wayThe characters are complex and the story manages to constantly go in directions that are unexpected but at the same time are logical repercussions of the often bad decisions by the charactersWriter Jennie Wood tackles a a range of current political issues especially as the story reaches its climax and handles them without going astray from the strong character driven narrative

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    I love the exploration of how girls and boys are treated differently and I can relate to wanting to become someone or something else for love But this isn’t just a book that focuses on teenagers in love Big issues are confronted head on such as sexism and racism and women in power This is the kind of book that gets better as it goes and doesn’t disappoint Fully realized characters in a epic story – one of my favorites I came across the series when 215 Ink published the single volumes Each volume grew stronger intense Chris Goodwin's colors are a welcome edition in volumes 2 and 3 I'm so happy that DHC picked it up and put it out in a collected edition

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    DNF at 53 pages inThe art was so bad I couldn't tell people apart Throw in shape changing and it was even harder It was difficult to connect to the characters because of how fast paced things went and how many characters were involved who I didn't even really knowThe pretend to be a guy to get the girl thing in this book she changes her entire physical form into that of a guy It makes it feel less like girl dressing up as a boy and like this is a trans narrative since except when she's at home she lives full time as male Idk wasn't really impressed No star rating cause I barely made it 13 of the way through

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    Not my favorite art style the interiors are far less detailed than this cover but the story is convoluted and weird in all the best ways so totally worth it Identity relationships shape shifting the idea of two spirits and Trans people all mixed in with the horrors of late high school and government conspiracies I think this is all of it and it does end neatly and messily at the same time making it uite the ride

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    I love this series and I'm so happy that Dark Horse compiled it into one book The exploration of gender is though provoking I also love the whole sci fi backstory as to why how Lily can shape shift This series not only deals with gender and sexuality but also racism and today's political climate Such an amazing work

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    This is one of those indie titles that just its not bad but really its not good Its overstuffed the art makes it hard to tell characters apart much less build emotional attachments to them There is some good stuff in here particularly in the back third where you can see the team get into a groove but overall I find it underwhelming

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    35 stars Story was awesome art made it hard to distinguish between the characters at times and made some of the plot difficult to follow

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