Powers: Definitive Collection Volume 1 HC

Powers: Definitive Collection Volume 1 HC➶ Powers: Definitive Collection Volume 1 HC Free ➬ Author Brian Michael Bendis – Tbjewellers.co.uk In a world where superheroes soar through the sky follow homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim on the dirty city streets below Assigned to the powers special cases they will face the In a world Collection Volume PDF ✓ where superheroes soar through the sky follow homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim on the dirty city streets below Assigned to the powers special cases they will face the worst their city has to offerThe shocking murder of America's superhero sweetheart Retro Girl has the world in mourning The investigation takes Walker and Pilgrim from the city's seedy underbelly to Powers: Definitive PDF \ the gleaming towers that are home to immortal beings As shocking truths about Retro Girl come to light Walker finds that to solve this crime he might have to reveal his own dark secretFrom creators Brian Michael Bendis Superman Ultimate Spider Man Jessica Jones and Michael Avon Oeming Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye United States vs Murder Inc Defenders comes the entire first year Definitive Collection Volume ePUB ↠ of the Eisner Award winning series Powers Collecting Powers the complete Powers comic strips from Comic Shop News the Powers ColoringActivity Book and a treasure trove of behind the scenes content from the making of this superhero noir classic.

A comic book Collection Volume PDF ✓ writer and erstwhile artist He has won critical acclaim including five Eisner Awards and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics For over eight years Bendis’s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales chartsThough he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series Powers: Definitive PDF \ he shot.

Powers: Definitive Collection Volume 1 HC Epub Ê
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Powers: Definitive Collection Volume 1 HC
  • Brian Michael Bendis
  • 02 June 2016
  • 9781401287450

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    There's a reason I keep going back to the well and reading this series again and again Because it's fantastic This is peak Bendis to me The dialog is spot on The stories are interesting The chemistry between Walker and Pilgrim is excellent Bendis is top notch at writing crime comics and police procedurals This is a bit of bothI love all the little easter eggs Bendis and Oeming throw in there too with other creators' superheros showing up in those little interview segments Here you had Madman some of the Atomics Shadowhawk and Savage Dragon to name a few The Warren Ellis ride along issue was a lot of fun as well I loved the meta nature of itOeming's art is very stylistic It's definitely influenced by Bruce Timm and Batman the Animated Series I dig it but I get why others might not The definitive edition is packed with extras A story first stripped out in Comic Shop News the Powers Coloring Book scripts sketches interviews even the letters column made it

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    Ok technically this is a RE read Perfect timing since I never shelved these before and I just picked up Volume 7REVIEW 45 stars Anyone who knows comics doubtless knows Brian Michael Bendis one of the prolific authors out thereHe's done higher profile work than this but for my money this series is his most fully realized and compulsively readableThis first collection does an excellent job of setting up the primary characters and premise and begins to lay down the threads for future volumes stories

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    A very very good graphic novel re a now powerless former superhero turned cop Excellent dialogue characters etc particularly re creative use of and inversion of tropes And one of the best things about this book It’s the worst one of the now finished seriesEdit to add that the last of the series isn’t currently at least part of the Powers Definitive Collection but rather Powers The Best Ever

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    Powers is a sentimental favorite of mine Its true that I would probably like any gritty crime story but I love how Bendis explores celebrities and our culture and makes statements about them Some might say the book is a little too direct but I admire that about it With that said upgrading to hardcover for Powers was a really easy call for me This has the first two story arcs entitled Who Killed Retro Girl and Roleplay and uite a bit of extra material Who Killed Retro Girl is pretty funny but also packs some emotional punch and it is a nice introduction to Powers The ending is pretty clever and if you like that then you'll probably like Powers Roleplay is a very average story and not one of the better ones in the series It says a lot about Powers that a story arc that is average is one of the worst in the whole seriesAs far as the extras go you get covers a Powers themed coloring book which is amusing a brief interview and uite a few of the letters that were printed in the regular issues All of this stuff is good but not great A few things are recycled from the actual trade paperback The letters can be funny and the coloring book is probably the most amusing but most of it is just a nice bonus for buying a expensive version of this series To be fair if you bought this it is probably because you actually want a hardcover version of Powers and not for the extras I love Powers and probably always will as long as Bendis and Oeming keep making it but I don't think it is a series for everyone and I'd recommend checking out Who Killed Retro Girl possibly in trade paperback or ditigally to see if you might enjoy it

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    While I've read an issue here and there of this series I've never read a full storyline The basic premise is great a costumed superhero who somehow lost his powers joins the police force and specializes in murders involving powered types This volume contains two 4 issue stories a one issue standalone featuring an oddly funny cameo by comic book author Warren Ellis and a reprint of the original preview of the title They're decent crime stories but I think I would have liked it better if they were mysteries laid out in a way the reader has a chance at guessing what happened not just being told what happened I had some small problems with the dialogue there are few moments when I'm not sure the context of what's being said but those were few and far between The artwork is very cartoony in fact the style almost seems pulled right of the Paul Dini Batman cartoons of the 80's90's But I actually liked the overall loook of the book I definitely plan on tracking the next volume down because I hear it only gets betterThis volume also includes some character design sketches a copy of one of Bendis's scripts sample cover art and copies of letters pages

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    I don't usually like to write reviews but I have to for this one it completely blew me away I'll admit I am not a huge graphic novel fan For whatever reason I have not been able to get into them and I've read several different genres A friend handed this to me and I thought Great well I'll have to get on that but I won't like ithow can I put it nicely that I didn't like it And after a few guilty weeks of procrastination my tv goaded me into reading it by breakingAnd I couldn't put it down This is the first time for me that the story and the artwork blended seamlessly The layout became a creative experience reading back and forth and I understood for the first time the appeal of the graphic novel format I thought the idea was really poignant a film noir look at a world with superheroes It sounds silly but it's addressed in realistic and serious ways I personally cannot understand how it is rated anything but five stars yet I realize this is an extremely relative and subjective experience For me I highly recommend itFinal words a must read for graphic novel enthusiasts and a recommended read for those who are looking to get into graphic novels because this one really could be the one that ensnares you

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    Two detectives investigate the murder of Retro Girl then take Warren Ellis on a ridealong and finally look into the violent death of a student who liked to dress up as a superheroThis was all well done but very wordy There were rather spelling mistakes than you'd expect in a definitive edition and it was a pain in the neck trying to work out which panel or speech balloon was supposed to come next I generally ended up picking one at random and hoping it would be rightAlso after reading Top Ten Jack Staff Kane Astro City and The Boys some of which it predates of course it all seemed a bit overfamiliar Maybe future volumes will see it develop a distinct identity

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    Bendis is hit and miss with me This was a miss I just never really connectee with either main character or the world The comedy just felt a little off for me as well

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    I really like a lot of Bendis' work However I think I had the misfortune of reading The Boys omnibus series before picking up this one While this might have been groundbreaking when it came out I think the Boys did the concept and art better Got through this one but bailed halfway through the second volume

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    I’m sure the art style was novel in 2003 but I’ve seen so much fan art in this style that I’ve kind of gone off it Still it is obviously very skilled and the story was really good might read

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