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Bela Lugosi's white Christmas[EPUB] ✺ Bela Lugosi's white Christmas ✽ Paul West – In Bela Lugosi's White Christmas AJ is being detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure for killing a girl not that he meant to kill her but that in his unbalanced phases he doesn't really know what he's doin In Bela Lugosi's White Christmas AJ is being detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure for killing a girl not that he meant to kill her but that in his unbalanced phases he doesn't really know what he's doing Most of this uproarious novel concerns AJ's night of freedom when his psychiatrist helps him escape from the security hospital in which he is being kept.

Paul West February was an English born novelist literary historian and poet the author of novels who lived in America since the early s He resided in upstate New York with his wife the writer poet and well known naturalist Diane Ackerman until his death in Paul still remembered with affection by his old colleagues and friends in England as a big jolly man was born.

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  • Bela Lugosi's white Christmas
  • Paul West
  • 04 May 2014
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    So as it would come to pass I discovered Paul West and I discovered him I would like to believe optimally Of this I come before you convinced It was a foregone conclusion that I would begin my ahem Journey West sorry for that with a novel rather than one of the longform essayistic non fictions—nobody would have expected me to begin with one of the collections of poetry—and that is what I did However I would like to officially suggest that there cannot conceivably be a better place to start with West than by way of the Alley Jaggers trilogy although yes you would be right enough to cavil; I am obviously aware that once I have lost my virginity I do not have the option of losing it to somebody else any thought experiments pursuant to alternative deflowerings could only ever be dealt in Monopoly style board game tender But I really really feel like I got this one right I didn’t do much in the way of intelligence gathering when I decided to order a bunch of Paul West first editions from disparate online organs suddenly certain that this Paul West fellow has things especially for me in these many curious books he wrote—I did just the basic basically if that I started with four such first editions three uarters tree uartered of these the aforementioned trilogy my launching pad my Cape Canaveral I have read them all this December final month of the year Two Nought Nineteen having crammed Jeff VanderMeer’s DEAD ASTRONAUTS between ALLEY JAGGERS and I’M EXPECTING Dickens’ BLEAK HOUSE between I’M EXPECTING and Ol’ LUGOSI the whole dang deal a Howling Holiday Monster Mash Up The trilogy begins with freewheeling motormouth faux lunatic Alley Jaggers attic hobbyist builder of sail planes and eventually a hermaphroditic sex effigy careening the tear he is on terminal the beaks disabled; we watch him soar on cant and rant just as he does upon his motorcycle and we intuit that we will likely watch him crash to earth like one of his janky model fliers as indeed we ultimately provisionally do Alley is both hero and antihero a doublet as I have already insisted elsewhere meaning that disreputably abject though he certainly is he constitutes a nearly whole moral being properly composite Alley tells folks that he is a cannibal sings songs about it he is Genghis Khan and Alley Khan a veritable Jackoff the Ripper onetime fan of DRACULA the book Toni Triffit the rock singer our composite moral being kills near the end of ALLEY JAGGERS—Alley having failed to sustain an erection poor Toni without so much as a by your leave inserting a compensatory finger up his keister—notes en route to her fateful assignation that her motorpsycho has a bit of that wolfman mien The German word is “Lustmord” and it is a horny sounding word but what it really means and Paul West makes no bones about this is the pitiful destructive spasms of impotence and Alley his pretend potency casting him as the louacious star of his own picaresue Monster Movie has another monster living inside of him like the mouse that lives briefly in the trunk of his hermaphroditic sex effigy Monster of Incapacity Monster of Hurt the monster the Alley Khan performance sublates This monster was always destined to return this being the general inclination of the repressed Alley Jaggers crashes to earth the jester nevertheless lacking access to any other bag of tricks It’s the living definition of “pitiful” Alley is of course detained and locked up He is locked up not in prison but rather in the “security hospital” having at least gotten so good at his japes that he is able to effectively obfuscate the professionals evidently unable or unwilling to consider him fit for proper accountability I’M EXPECTING TO LIVE UITE SOON the second novel in the trilogy finds Alley affably institutionalized in a late ‘60s psychiatric facility subject to radical clinical modalities germane to the period LSD abreactive treatments and whatnot He is very happily holding court his silver tongue slapping in his mouth like a trout medical professionals eagerly transcribing his stream of consciousness associative monologues one Doctor Withington among them Dot Jaggers Alley’s put upon but ever “serenely truculent” spouse in her own right an exemplary heroine antiheroine the book’s jacket compares to Brecht’s Mother Courage is the principle subject of I’M EXPECTING TO LIVE UITE SOON but Alley remains off to the periphery occasionally wresting back the spotlight in passages where Dot is not present engineering a kind of institutional coziness for himself now star of a whole new kind of freak show though rambunctious riffage of studied derangement clearly remains the ace up his sleeve BELA LUGOSI’S WHITE CHRISTMAS is a slim volume and a perfect culmination finding Alley almost too cozy We have learned two very key things about this trilogy by way of intimate study of Dot Dot thinks Alley is a pitiful figure Though their relationship has been nastily combative Dot doesn’t hold her husband’s transgressions against him she doesn’t think he could have helped himself his having been saddled with so muddled a mind Her diagnosis Alley has a “uarrel with life” and is ill euipped to win such a uarrel which is true also of Dot Alley’s mam and to one extent or another everybody else in their Midlands microcosm dead end drab with no roadmap to refuge I read the first two novels in the trilogy unwaveringly believing Alley’s madness to be primarily performative even if it is a performance—à la Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg’s 1970 film PERFORMANCE—in which the the performance attains perfection by arriving at actual madness Alley's performance is an overshooting of the field of the given the brutal humdrum scenery primarily but also direct consciousness of the self’s material impotence In BELA LUGOSI’S WHITE CHRISTMAS Alley Jaggers now mostly called AJ the German Ja backwards has his methodology explicitly if momentarily exposed Talking with Doctor Withington now called With and the other psychiatric doctors whom he calls uncles “part of a long con that includes the joke about the place being reserved for him at one of the Oxford women’s colleges where he tells them with a lear straight out of horror drama he’ll study in a black cape like Bela Lugosi’s when he’s Dracula suck the blood of the lady tutors and set the river on fire by rowing stroke for the Dark Blue boat” The long con If this performance con already deemed mitigating in strictly legalistic terms appears to have crashed to earth at the end of ALLEY JAGGERS the heinousness of homicide and defilement clearly constellating Alley’s spree around constitutive debilitating debasement can anything of the performance retain its efficacy? Can a case be made for a joke that got so sick it was not only no longer a joke but precisely the naked monstrosity the joke ineffectually sought to cloak? In I’M EXPECTING TO LIVE UITE SOON Dot comes to a key conclusion in the late going namely that “your life’s not where you are it's what's in your head” Dot speaks of her own emancipation in terms of “unjailing” which we absolutely must understand to be above all a matter of psychospiritual overhaul meaningful personal transformation This is the main theme of both Paul West’s Alley Jaggers trilogy and like you know the 1960s counterculture West comes back to Alley himself or AJ in BELA LUGOSI’S WHITE CHRISTMAS and it is clear that the author doesn’t think he has satisfactorily finished testing the Alley theorem experimental data needed Alley has has been in the security hospital for five years the last two of which have been characterized by an exacting training regimen closely supervised by With formerly Withington “For the past two years of his five spent here he has been reading hard even the dictionary like a builder studying a brick mound and schizophrenia is a familiar brick He likes its sound when it falls is let fall near him; its noise of snipping the brain in two Bunkers he calls it fully aware of the golf course it evokes of his having done a mental bunk of the underground retreat that was Adolph Hitler’s of the bunk he sleeps in of the literal bunk he talked to the visiting phenomenological psychiatrists who agreed with him that when he said he was Genghis Khan he was so just as he was Snowflake the white gorilla when he said that” Alley’s prodigious assimilation of reams of information precipitates clinically valuable mutations of profound diagnostic interest He only listens to news when listening to the radio considering himself as having thereby become “an unemployable disingenuous connoisseur of the muddle in the world outside” believing also though always operating at varying freuencies of irony that “his soul remains unmortgaged” and that he has in fact become an “institution in an asylum both inviolable and gratuitous in his rainbow majesty” Institutionalized Alley would have us believe he is totally deliriously free And With is living up to his abbreviated name buying into it Whole hog uoth With “AJ tees me up then I hit myself clear down the fairway improvising my own farce out of his” As for all that ardent reading With proposes that AJ does this “not to ‘improve’ himself but to semi denigrate whatever exists And to lead us a dance” So it comes to pass then that BELA LUGOSI’S WHITE CHRISTMAS the novel sharing its name with Withington’s uh ultimately wildly incriminating logbook begins as a comedy of transference a little mad capped fun of the RD Laing and Félix Guattari school “AJ rants on into a zone that is his alone” logs With “having literally over five years gone out of his mind climbed back into it and then widened it to include the whole world” Along with the whole world With himself so perilously close to Ground Zero Cape Canaveral We have two very curious footnotes in the first chapter and then none thereafter The footnotes are signed “PW” In the first of these a lengthy digression on the the grammatical implications of Withington’s truncated surname PW elaborates on how the name’s “nominal and prepositional aspects belong together inasmuch as he is not as complete as any proper noun is and in fact completes himself or nearly so by depending on AJ who is nearly complete although by no means as complete as his own proper noun” Et cetera The footnote is signed with Paul West’s initials and if we look at the back of the book’s jacket for a minute we may reflect that the author looks very much like he might be either AJ or With smoking that cigarette looking a little frazzled in his white short sleeved collared shirt The transference within the novel reaches its logical apex and With facilitates AJ’s flight from the security hospital With taking AJs place in the institutional bed and AJ as means to widening such that he might further include the whole world venturing out of the institution dressed as a Suadron Leader Medical Branch complete with fake Withington moustache stopping first at a commune called Bismuth somehwere on the Periodic Table and having failed to fornicate with an uncooperative cow successfully getting his rocks off with With’s wife a Bismuth habitué thereby having a second go at the Two Backed Beast of the Great Outdoors scenario he bungled so badly late in ALLEY JAGGERS We have already met With’s wife who the good doctor unromantically calls Plonk both a sort of onomatopoeia and a verb Her Birth Certificate certified given name is Penelope like the wife of Odysseus and she is also called Penny a unit of currency transactional Much of what follows is a spree to end all sprees The lengthy fourth chapter is as berserk and outrageous a jamboree as exists anywhere in literature a White Christmas to end all White Christmases a true Festivus for the Rest of Us AJ visits his mam under the eye of the law he steals a moving van heads to Birmingham where he does a slow driveby of Dot’s she now living with the black man Jimsmith Williams who we met in I’M EXPECTING TO LIVE UITE SOON and her daughter Hopalong then he returns to his hometown where he becomes less Bela Lugosi prized above Karloff and Chaney for his ostentatious line readings than a malevolent Godzilla Destroyer of Worlds He tears up the graveyard with a bulldozer looking for his father's bones and creating a huge putrescently odoriferous mess bulldozes the church harangues a barroom full of locals in Schutzstaffel German lights his old workplace on fire Sweeney Todds a cow and finally gets himself arrested floating in a boat dam adjacent still in full regalia giving the performance of a lifetime Both AJ and With end up institutionalized each with his own audience of uncles Before AJ is captured With tells his own pair that Alley a loose is a verb Latin never uite formed akin to “Humpty Dumpty who after a great fall had a lousy winter” though it has recently been made clear that summer is imminent With also contends that “AJ has expanded the field like Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci ” I would not contest this decisive assertion Finally apprehended AJ hold court before one of his uncles Dr McIntosh “Remember the Greek—Cretan—who went around saying all Cretans were liars? Well I’m the cretin who goes around saying all cretins tell the truth They could even run the country provided they had some euipment—some surfboards plenty of interferon and detailed maps of Mars so’s they wouldn’t send the Member of Parliament for Nix Olympica the top secret stuff meant for the Member of Parliament for Chaos or Dis” Robert Anton Wilson guerrilla ontologist former Discordian and as such onetime worshiper of Eris Greek goddess of Chaos once said that he had never seen a noun anywhere not once There is naught but harrowing vivid process delirious and divine BELA LUGOSI’S WHITE CHRISTMAS begins with Alley riffing on Satan spewing his ejaculate from the heavens Alley then fantasizes himself Lord Byron travelling indefinitely in a fuck pad aircraft He will return repeatedly to obsessive rumination on the image of Francis Gary Powers crashing to earth in his U 2 Yes it is still about crashing to earth what goes up must come down But the implications have shifted Let us consider other failed flights such as the visionary inventor at the beginning of Andrei Tarkovsky’s ANDREI RUBLEV or Bud Cort at the end of Robert Altman’s BREWSTER MCCLOUD Figures in the tableau come crashing down but everything ventured still means everything gained West's emancipatory inside job is a custard pie in the face spirituality with side of word salad AJ will have his flights and crashes and With along with But there are no proper nouns in this petri dish labeled PW

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