Children of Virtue and Vengeance

      Children of Virtue and Vengeance
After battling the impossible, Z lie and Amari have finally succeeded in bringing magic back to the land of Or sha But the ritual was powerful than they could ve imagined, reigniting the powers of not only the maji, but of nobles with magic ancestry, too Now, Z lie struggles to unite the maji in an Or sha where the enemy is just as powerful as they are But when the monarchy and military unite to keep control of Or sha, Z lie must fight to secure Amari s right to the throne and protect the new maji from the monarchy s wrath.With civil war looming on the horizon, Z lie finds herself at a breaking point she must discover a way to bring the kingdom together or watch as Or sha tears itself apart. Free Download eBook Children of Virtue and Vengeance Author Tomi Adeyemi –

Tomi Adeyemi is a Nigerian American writer and creative writing coach based in San Diego, California Her debut novel, CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, comes out March 6th, 2018 and the movie is currently in development at Fox with the producers of Twilight and The Maze Runner attached After graduating Harvard University with an honors degree in English literature, she received a fellowship that allowed her to study West African mythology and culture in Salvador, Brazil When she s not working on her novels or watching Scandal, she can be found blogging and teaching creative writing to her 3,500 subscribers at Her website has been named one of the 101 best websites for writers by Writer s Digest.

      Children of Virtue and Vengeance
  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • Children of Virtue and Vengeance
  • Tomi Adeyemi
  • English
  • 10 August 2017
  • 1250170990

10 thoughts on “ Children of Virtue and Vengeance

  1. says:

    Z lie has some lukewarm, half baked romance with Inan Me, staring tearfully at Amari who obviously loves and supports herthan any man ever could and who would make the most ideal love interest please I m begging yo

  2. says:

    GOOD EVENING I WANT TO GET THIS COVER TATTOOED ON MY BODY Does anyone have any idea why the publishing date has been pushed back so far I need to read this to see if my theories are correct, dammit Okay so according to my findin...

  3. says:

    Am I the only one that s losing interest here Debating whether I want to continue on with this series or not HOLY COVER, GUYS.HOLY FUCKIN COVER TITLE I m anticipating this book so much I NEED AND WANT IT NOW Am I the only o...

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    ayayaaa we have a cover and it s a BEAUTEAlso I just got my claws on this and I AM FREAKING OUT

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    huh well, this is a little bit disappointing i finished this and all i could think was thats it i waited nearly two years for that maybe my expectations slowly became too high whilst i was anticipating this release, but wow this is not at all what i was hoping it would be, sadly similar tochildren of blood and bone,the representation and diversity is what culturally enriches this story and gives it its power the writing is also really magical but the plot wow what a sno...

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    Okay, I m ready Where is it We got a synopsis, and I m evenexcited Those that mean that Amari now was magic Answers are need it.This cover killed me.

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    I didn t love this one as much as the first one It could just be me so I will try a reread back to back again later OMG This cover is so freaking beautiful I can t stand it I can t wait for the book to get here I m putting a print of this on my wall somewhere Mel I didn t love this one as much as the f...

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    there is a cover and I am absolutely living for it look at fierceness look at that beauty it s art, I say ART Now I just gotta actually read book one

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    Update O.M.G.Would you just look at this cover O.M.G.I received a notice fromthat this has been pushed back to December Is that correct But let s be honest, I guess that gives me time to actually read this first book

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