Stop Staring at Screens!

Stop Staring at Screens!❴Epub❵ ➝ Stop Staring at Screens! Author Tanya Goodin – Technology was designed to make our lives easier and yet it's one of the biggest drivers of family rifts and stress Making healthy and realistic decisions about when and where you really need technolo Technology was designed to make our lives easier and yet it's one of the biggest drivers of family rifts and stress Making healthy and realistic decisions about when and where you really need technology can be tricky but is essential for restoring harmony in your Stop Staring MOBI :´ home Family Unplugged has the answers you need Find sanity saving solutions and practical tips Follow diagnostic uizzes Identify key triggers Address common issues Learn what works best for you and your family.

Tanya is an award winning digital entrepreneur tech ethicist and author who has spent her entire career focused on the interaction between people and technology For years she was the founder and owner of one of the UK’s first digital marketing agencies now she Stop Staring MOBI :´ is a digital consultant to brands and schools founder of the digital detox movement Time To Log Off and author of ‘OFF‘ Tanya has.

Stop Staring at Screens! MOBI í Stop Staring  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Stop Staring at Screens!
  • Tanya Goodin
  • 09 April 2014
  • 9781781575765

10 thoughts on “Stop Staring at Screens!

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    This is a nicely presented and very easy to read book that does give a few ideas for cutting down screen use in families but many of them are common sense in my view and are really encouraging people to do things that I used to do with my children play board games do things outside read and so onI did find the little exercises you can do to relieve neck and shoulder ache uite handy do the cobra yoga exercise which does reuire lying down so maybe not one for the office The other two you can do at your desk The chicken sitting with feet flat on the floor slowly move your head backwards while looking straight ahead and not tilting head hold for 10 seconds then release repeat 5 timesThe other is tilting your head sideways while your hand is on your head and keeping your elbow out to the side hold then do other side and repeat as often as you feel you need toIt's the sort of book you read through and unless you do have a real problem with screens in the family meaning you no longer have any real family time then you will probably put it to one side and forget about itI wouldn't say it is not useful but it would depend on whether you have a problem with screen usage in your family or not

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    Stop Staring at Screens reads like a series of blog posts There’s not much new and definitely not much in the way of guidance to help families stop being on electronics all the time There are a few good ideas in there and it reads super fast so it’s not completely a waste If you are looking for advice to actually stop staring at screens however you can skip this book

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    Really practical good for someone who hasn’t thought or read much at all on the topic If you have you can skip this one

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    When talking to anyone at home put your phone away completely out of sight ad fully focus on themWhen your phone is on the table during a family meal or furtively glanced at when you are talking to someone the message you are sending is this device is important to me than youEstablish a no phone zoneGet outside fifteen minutes for every hour spent on screensDon't try and meditate just be alone with your thoughtsSavor and enjoy the experience of silenceStart a traditionFind a suitable location to walk or drive to and camp thereSit around the campfire and enjoy

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    This is a very hippie book about digital detox Goodin offers some interesting strategies but no research or findings to back them up The book is structure like a weird coffee table book with glaring fonts seemingly unrelated images and tips like stopping everything to cook a surprise meal It's a good starting point but not a lot in the ways of practical implementation For similar content with much firmer groundwork I'd suggest Social Media Wellness by Ana Homayoun instead

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    This book was a very uick read It is not revolutionary by any means but sometimes folks really do need this much of a hand As with most books of this style it was frustrating that the only relationships views it dealt with were parent child and not partner or adult kid parent issues which was doubly odd because it even acknowledged that there are screen related problems for many types of relationshipsliving situations

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    Not exactly for me Definately of a whole family detox with suggestions for limiting screen time without cutting it out completely Its perfect for parents who have multiple kids of different ages growing up with technology though

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    uick read that had some really great tips for individuals and families I like that it wasn’t a one size fits all approach but that it encouraged everyone to find what worked for them and pick and choose the ideas for their own uniue situation

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    Not really for me The part about looking away from the screen to refocus my eyes and doing neck exercises were my only take aways More suited for a family that is really struggling with screen time We've managed to balance well on our own already

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    This would be a great blog but makes for a lackluster book I got one or two ideas but overall I think it’s not uite up to snuff when you have options like Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport Three stars because I appreciate the intention and the book left me with a few new strategies

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