How to be Content

How to be Content➿ [Download] ➽ How to be Content By Arlene Unger ➵ – From ancient civilisations to the modern day philosophers writers artists religious leaders and health practitioners – to name a few – have debated the uestions 'What is happiness' and 'How can we From ancient civilisations to the modern day philosophers writers artists religious leaders and health practitioners – to name a few – have debated the uestions 'What is happiness' and 'How can we achieve it' In this book we take a meandering journey through the rich philosophical landscape of contentment by way of Norse mythology Persian symbolism Scandinavian lifestyle Buddhist teachings and How to Kindle - Aristotle’s theories By exploring the many different facets of research and thinking on happiness not only will we better understand this elusive concept but we will also be armed with an array of practical ways to improve our personal wellbeing   In a world obsessed with happiness How to be Content is a chance to take stock of this age old uestion – we may just discover that we already have the answer.


How to be Content Epub Ô How to  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • How to be Content
  • Arlene Unger
  • 07 April 2016
  • 9781781317945

10 thoughts on “How to be Content

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    Full of tried and tested ways to make you feel happier with your lot I didn’t find anything new in this book but some of the mythology is really interesting It might be a nice gift for someone who’s been having a difficult time and is needing a pickmeupWith thanks to NetGalley and White Lion Publishing uarto Publishing Group for a free review copy

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    An ARC ebook copy of this book was provided by White Lion Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book is perfect both for a uick and intense read or to consult every now and then for a year It provides interesting and fun information about different cultures and myths and how they did certain things or what a certain symbol represents or represented for them If you are a person that likes mythology and ancient cultures or simply learning about other cultures this book is for youIf you don't like that this book can be for you too Every few pages there are tips and exercises you can do to live a better life from meditation exercises to how to make your house or your bedroom comfy to irradiate joyAll in all I think that this book is perfect if you are searching for little exercises or advice to improve your life or you are simply looking for a cute book with joyful content and cosy drawings

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    This is a pleasant easy to read practical guide for a mindful and contented life The author takes us on a journey from ancient civilizations to modern society in the uest for contentment The book is short and compact presenting meaningful wisdom along with conscientious practices

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    Thank you uatro White Lion Publishing and Netgalley for this ARC in return for my honest reviewThis book was different to what I had expected I had hoped for a book really digging in to contentment and what that really means This short book was pleasant to read and had some gems amongst it but felt like a short foray on how to be happy rather than digging into the true meaning of contentment which from my understanding is uite different to striving for always being happyThere were four sections each of which incorporated myths legends religious wisdom and life advice Some of these were interesting for example the page on stoicism and Taoism but some such as eat fruit and veges not soA pleasant enough book but not one I would recommend to anyone really wanting to go deep into the subject of being contentThank you for this ARC in return for my honest opinion

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    I loved this book It was very underrated and looks underrated with that cover but brings up a lot of interesting ways to seek happiness in simple ways in every day life As I was reading it it made me aware of some daily enjoyments and victories This book was given to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are my own

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    This book combines some good ideas in the area of happiness and well being but there is nothing new here The book is well illustrated so maybe the aim was to make a coffee table book with very small chapters containing 2 3 pieces of actionable advice per chapterAlso I think the title was misleading There was a lot less of how to be content and a lot of how to live well I expected a lot of tips on being happy with what you have because IMO that's contentment But maybe that's just meI received a free copy from NetGalley

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    I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewWhile the first book I read by Arlene Unger How to Make Space was a nice read although with a lot of flaws this one seems to recycle big parts of the other book but the intent is happiness instead of making space I was really looking forward to it and some of the mythology and stories were really nice but I cannot ignore the big elephant in the book and I feel sorry for that because the illustrations are really nice too

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    I want to read it

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    Very sweet and a wonderful little guide to being content

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    This relatively short book is a little treasure trove The layout illustrations and colours of the pages make it a joy to read The content is also about joy about finding contentment finding happiness A plethora of practical exercises and tips connect folklore mythology common knowledge different cultural habits and nature to help you find contentment and happiness Read it There's something for everyone

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