The Creatives Guide to Starting a Business

The Creatives Guide to Starting a Business➜ [Epub] ❧ The Creatives Guide to Starting a Business By Harriet Kelsall ➦ – WINNER OF THE BEST START UP INSPIRATION BOOK AWARD AT THE 2019 BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS'A book to devour from start to finish easy to do as it is accessibly written and oh so fascinating and then to dip i WINNER OF THE BEST START Guide to PDF/EPUB ç UP INSPIRATION BOOK AWARD AT THE BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS'A book to devour from start to finish easy to do as it is accessibly written and oh so fascinating and then to dip into later for reference' Joanna ReevesDo you have a passion for making beautiful objects Are you wondering whether you can take the next step and turn your creativity into a careerThis inspirational guide offers easy to follow advice from talented and creative industry experts There are practical exercises that will help you sell The Creatives PDF or your creations choose the right time to start your business and guide you through as you do soWith The Creative's Guide to Starting a Business you will discover the best way toCreate pieces that sell Write a business plan Identify and reach customers Research the competition Price products and test the market Promote the business successfullyPacked with interviews encouraging real life stories and tips from successful entrepreneurs who started with a passion and turned it into their own successful creative business this practical guide will take you through the very first steps Creatives Guide to PDF º of defining creative and financial success to ultimately establishing a rewarding start up.


The Creatives Guide to Starting a Business PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Creatives Guide to Starting a Business
  • Harriet Kelsall
  • 05 April 2015
  • 9781472141095

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    I read this because it was a category winner in the Business Book Awards and therefore eligible for 'Business Book of the Year' which I was responsible for selecting but I started it with a vague sense of imposter syndrome I'm not a 'creative' or at least I didn't think I was Now having read the book I recognise two facts 1 all entrepreneurs are creatives because they're making something from nothing bringing into being something that exists only in their imagination; 2 all creatives who begin a business face almost exactly the same issues as every other entrepreneur with a few distinctive twists This is a simply written honest and generous book and its greatest gift is summed up right at the start 'Anyone can start a business and it isn't very difficult' Hard yes and Harriet Kelsall makes no bones about the long hours and difficult days ahead sharing the low moments from her own journey as well as those from several contributors but entirely doable She breaks down the business of business into digestible steps creating your product idea identifying your market reaching your customers pricing testing marketing etc and writes sanely and without pretension throughout It's a refreshing antidote to the woolier 'follow your dream' types of the genre It ends rather abruptly and the last paragraph is focused on the author's business rather than that of her readers I'd have hoped for a final word of encouragement or a reflection on creative entrepreneurship maybe but that's a tiny gripe in a truly excellent bookHighly recommended for creatives obviously but there's much in here for any entrepreneur

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    If you want to start or accelerate a creative business this is a terrific resource It does exactly what it promises joyfully and practicallyHarriet Kelsall is the founder of a highly successful bespoke jewellery business in the UK on numerous industry boards and a regular mentor and advisor on creative businesses She does a superb job of using her own story to illustrate the points she’s making and particularly going into her decision making processes of why she made certain decisions The challenge of a creative business is often knowing which opportunities to pursue and this feels a very practical guide to working that out It’s blissfully free of jargon though it’s straight talking If you don’t have the determination needed she says then don’t do it at least not yet I loved that one of her first chapters is about defining what success means for you It’s easy to get dragged down by the hard work of a new business if you don’t have a clear vision of what you truly want from it whether that’s a business that works around family life or one you can immerse yourself in fully The stories examples and worksheets strike a balance that many books miss By the end you’ll understand where you are now what possibilities there are and how you can choose the right ones for you But you’ll also have plenty of stories of how other people have used the ideas she talks about to grown their businesses from plus size fashion to Pantone coloured macaroons I particularly like how she revisit the same businesses from different angles rather than finding new ones for each chapter It gives a good sense of how a creative business owner needs to master multiple areas from identifying your market to choosing your distribution channels It’s particularly aimed at product based creative businesses and that’s where the case studies all come from If that’s where you are I’d say it’s an essential read But it has lots to offer to anyone who takes a creative approach to a small business and wants some new ideas and encouragement This book won Start Up Inspiration of the Year award at the British Business Book Awards in 2019 a highly competitive category There’s still not the level of support for creative businesses in the UK that there is for other sectors so I’m particularly glad that this is such a great champion for creative work

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    Pretty boring And not much help really

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    A bit repetitive in parts but generally informative with exercises to build your business plan Case studies sometimes helpful

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