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Dan Zanes House Party![PDF / Epub] ★ Dan Zanes House Party! By Dan Zanes – Tbjewellers.co.uk In Dan Zanes' House Party the Grammy Award winning children's artist presents a huge collection of folk songs along with inspiration to start your own family bandToo often new parents eager to share In Dan Zanes' House Party the Grammy Award winning children's artist presents a huge collection of folk songs along with inspiration to start your own family bandToo often new parents eager to share their love of music with their young children feel their options are limited to cuddly singing dinosaurs and well meaning humans whose understanding of children’s music starts with “Kumbaya” and ends with “Puff the Magic Dragon” For many sane adults these choices are abrasive than the most aggro noise rock of their college yearsDan Zanes has spent the past years creating a truly compelling Dan Zanes ePUB ½ body of children's music that music loving parents can also get behind A former s indie rocker Zanes' children's albums have gained wide praise for their authentic arrangements and preservation of America's folk traditions.


Dan Zanes House Party! Kindle ☆ Dan Zanes  ePUB
  • Spiral-bound
  • 160 pages
  • Dan Zanes House Party!
  • Dan Zanes
  • 21 April 2014
  • 9780760362013

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    This is an amazing collection of folk songs collected by Dan ZaneEach one has a little explanation the back story of either how he came to know the song or what history he has about the song and sometimes who was famous for singing the songThere are songs I have sung my whole life and never thought about and other songs that are uite new to me What is interseting is that Dan gave a lot of thought about what songs to include and exclude If he found out a song was originally written for Mistral Shows he would leave them out If he found that the song had racial slurs even slurs that are only slurs in one country he would leave it outThe book is organized in groups such as work songs and cowboy songs and sea shanties and front porch songs The book appears to be intended to teach with which is good because we all need to keep learning folk songs or they will die outRecommended for schools and libraries Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

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    Beautifully executed this book is perfect for educators including parents because it includes background information and suggestions of further reading arc received from publisher

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    The book's description says it all but Dan Zanes' book is much than music I first fell in love with Zanes and his approach about fifteen years ago This book illustrated by his brother in law combines music history and a lot of Zanes into a music book that will not only entertain but educate at the same time Young students learning about music in school will find his book similar to their classes Teachers are now teaching stories behind the song in terms of history cultural events and social reasons that helped create the song There are several things that make this book stand out among other music books Zanes includes not only the piano but guitar chords and an open invitation to create their own musical instruments Music comes from within and it doesn't always rely on playing the right note or sounding like others In each written section that places the music in its time period and social history Zanes also includes recommendations on books and other music to further explore the period Creating connections between artists and mediums helps encourage the noncompetitive spirit that is so needed in the arts This is a fantastic book for anyone Thank you NetGalley and uarto Publishing Group Voyager Press for the opportunity to read an advance reader copy

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    I am a board certified music therapist and have spent the majority of my career working in pediatrics Like most music therapists I am always on the look out for songs that can be easily adaptable for music therapy sessions The first song that I fell in love with by Dan Zanes was his original song “Jump Up” My toddler absolutely loves it and I immediately saw the therapeutic potential in it This song and many of the songs included in this song book share this same therapeutic potential There are songs from musical traditions and cultures around the world ranging from simple call and response songs to songs with easily adaptable lyrics and engaging melodies Not only is this book absolutely beautifully designed and illustrated it contains the notation for each song as well as cultural contexts and considerations— some even have ideas on how to facilitate the songs Though Dan Zanes targets music educators in his introduction this book is eually as relevant for music therapists and it doesn’t hurt that his wife who also worked on this book happens to be a music therapist and undoubtedly brought her therapeutic perspective to this collection I think this book is a wonderful addition to any music therapist’s library and another bonus is that there is a Spotify playlist so you can listen to the music as well I would highly recommend this book

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    This Book is My New Best FriendI opened Dan Zanes' House Party optimistically thinking I'd just just skim through it and get to know it a bit You know shake it's hand and see if I felt any spark ignite between us Well several hours later I came back up for air having gotten sucked right in This book and I are now in a committed relationship I will be bringing it with me everywhere and introducing it to family and friends too Dan Zanes does a beautiful job presenting a collection of old songs in a way that lets you know they are far from worn out Each and every song has a thoughtful history attached to it along with suggestions for listening and reading resources that allow you to dive in deep if you feel the desire which you will In addition the illustrations of Donald Saaf are whimsical and so perfectly fit the folk culture of this musical treasury Claudia Eliaza provides clear musical transcriptions that are easy to read and complete with chords In summary in just a few hours this book has already been a great addition to my personal life and I look forward to using it as a tool and resource for my professional life as a music educatormusic therapist It will reside right next to my well worn copy of Rise Up Singing

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    House Party is wonderful in every way The illustrations are fun and fitting of a children's book the history behind each song is thoughtful and well researched and the songs are all important pieces of folk music history Dan Zanes knocks it out of the park in this collection; there's plenty for adults and children alike to cultivate from House Party I am a teacher and father and it has already proven to be a valuable part of my educational interests and home life Get this book today

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    This songbook is chock full of love knowledge research and care It features an intricately crafted collection of incredible songs each accompanied by a heartfelt personal story and background info— and even some recommended further listening Not to mention musical notation lyrics chords and the beautiful illustrations by Donald Saaf I highly recommend the House Party songbook to music lovers young and old and am thankful to Dan Zanes for including two east asian folk songs in the collection It is a nothing less than a musical visual and storytelling treasure

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    This song book is gorgeous in every which way The music The text The illustrations So many cultures represented I am excited to learn about the world while simultaneously spending time making music with my family It is also a treasure to know that I have a magnificent gift to send to so many friends for their upcoming birthdays

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    This book is such a treasure As a music educator and music therapist the content is invaluable and I've never come across anything else like it It's like looking into the notebook someone who has spent a lifetime studying roots music just like he has Can't recommend highly enough

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    This is a cute and fun book I love the songs and the drawings are cute too This will be a nice addition to a kids home library or school room music book I like how it is engaging for kids and will help with teaching them reading music as well This will be fun for family night with young children

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