Warlock❰Epub❯ ❧ Warlock Author Andre Norton – Tbjewellers.co.uk Andre Norton called by Time the Grande Dame of science fiction has created one of the most memorable worlds in SF in the planet humans call Warlock secretly ruled by the matriarchal Wyverns an alien r Andre Norton called by Time the Grande Dame of science fiction has created one of the most memorable worlds in SF in the planet humans call Warlock secretly ruled by the matriarchal Wyverns an alien race of witches who are masters of mental illusions and dreams In a sweeping generational saga the story of Warlock is told by three humansShann Lontee was the lowest ranking member of an exploration team sent to the newly discovered planet Warlock When the insectile Throgs attacked the base only he and two trained wolverines escaped Hunted by the Throgs he and the wolverines had to survive without technology on an alien world Then he discovered the Wyvern who were his only hope if they weren't an even deadly menace than the Throgs Charis Nordholm was sold into slavery by the outlaw colony on the planet Demeter The trader Jogon who holds her contract was on his way to Warlock to trade with the Wyvern But the alien witches had ominous plans of their own and both Charis and Shann Lantee found themselves fighting for their lives Ziantho's mental powers had made her a valuable asset to the interstellar criminals she worked for Then she encountered a gem of ancient power an artifact made by the vanished prehistoric race known as the Forerunners and stole it Pursued both by the stone's owners and the agents of the Patrol she fled across the galaxy and encountered Ris Lantee o man from the planet Warlock who alone could solve the powerful gem's mystery.

Alice Mary Norton always had an affinity to the humanities She started writing in her teens inspired by a charismatic high school teacher First contacts with the publishing world led her as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male dominated market to choose a literary pseudonym In she legally changed her name to Andre Alice She also used the names Andrew North and Allen.

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    One doesn’t read Andre Norton to explore the deeper uestions of existence; one reads her because they want to read a solidly written adventure fast paced and satisfying With Norton this is usually guaranteed At least with her earlier stuff Some of the collaborations she embarked on before her death leave much to be desired Fortunately with these stories we have Norton at her best Warlock is actually an omnibus edition of three novels Storm Over Warlock Ordeal in Otherwhere and Forerunner Foray The first two are natural siblings one following immediately after the other in time and both having many of the same characters Except for the passing fact that one of the characters in the third is the son of the protagonists from the first two books Forerunner Foray really has no relationship to the other two Perhaps it was a publisher’s decisionAll three are classic Norton however The heroes are young outcasts who must discover who they are and make a place for themselves in the world animals play a significant role in that uest and there’s the usual exploration of the use and misuse of psychic powersI like Norton She was one of my favorite authors when I was young She can be formulaic and like all authors she can pen the occasional “stinker” but she was a deeper writer than one might suspect Without beating her audience about the head all of her heroes are self reliant often young men and women who succeed through loyalty to their friends using their heads and following the better impulses to be found in the human animalI don’t know that I would recommend Norton to older adults who haven’t already read her but I would recommend these novels to fans of Norton and to the child or young adult interested in speculative fiction but unsure where to begin actually before these I would recommend Witch World the Solar ueen series or The Zero Stone but in their absence the present tomes aren’t bad places to begin

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    Science Fiction 2002 Delightful 3 in one book by Andre Norton one of my favorite Sci Fi authors Warlock is a planet assumed to be without intelligent life and the attempt to annex it to the System The book begins with Storm over Warlock about a low ranking explorer two wolverines and a somewhat crazed captain who survive an attack by other aliens and the finding of a race of indigent people with unexpected powers Next are Ordeal in Otherwhere and Forerunner Foray both which continue the would be settlers and the native peoples I enjoyed reading these books

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    I wouldn't normally have read this one but it was the monthly selection in one of the book clubs I am in I did finish it and it was ok Liked the wolverines I think young adult readers especially boys would appreciate it than I didI learned some interesting facts about the author who I hadn't heard of 1 Andre Norton is a woman 2She legally changed her name to Andre Norton 3 She was from Cleveland 4 She worked for Cleveland Public Library System 5 She wrote over 300 books 6 She lived to the age of 93

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    Kind of disappointing overall especially for the first three books in a series It's best not to think of this as a trilogy or series as much as books in a shared universe that happen in an order Not exactly tightly plotted across them and it does tend to meander a bit I'll be holding off reading the other collection of the remaining volumes and try to withhold full judgment until then But not rushing to read them either

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