Archangel ✰ [BOOKS] ✸ Archangel By William Gibson ✽ – Science Fiction Superstar William Gibson S First Graphic Novel The US Political Leaders Of Abandon The Radioactive Planet They Ve Destroyed And Harness The Power Of Humanity S Last Hope The Splitter, Science Fiction Superstar William Gibson S First Graphic Novel The US Political Leaders OfAbandon The Radioactive Planet They Ve Destroyed And Harness The Power Of Humanity S Last Hope The Splitter, A Colossal Machine Designed To Manufacture A Bright New Reality For Them To Infiltrate And Corrupt.

See this thread for informationWilliam Ford Gibson is an American Canadian writer who has been called the father of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction, having coined the term cyberspace in and popularized it in his first novel, Neuromancer , which has sold than million copies worldwideWhile his early writing took the form of short stories, Gibson has since written nine critically acclaimed novels one in collaboration , contributed articles to several major publications, and has collaborated extensively with performance artists, filmmakers and musicians His thought has been cited as an influence on science fiction authors, academia, cyberculture, and technology William Gibson , October In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia Retrieved , October , , from.

Archangel  eBook ´ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Archangel
  • William Gibson
  • English
  • 11 December 2019
  • 9781631408755

10 thoughts on “Archangel

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    This is my most disappointing read in quite some time I usually love Gibson, but maybe he needs some time to figure out how to work in comics Everything happens so fast, the art is regularly hard to foll...

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    This had potential It is not exactly terrible, but I get the feeling this could have been MUCH better.Taking place in 2016, the world is destroyed The leaders who caused this mess decide to use a machine known as the Splitter This creates an alternate universe where they can go back and manipulate history The premise is good, the execution not so much.The heroes go back in time to hunt down the leaders Turns out they choose to go back to 1945, right before the US drops the bomb on Hiroshima Hoping to change world events by destroying the Soviets they are stopped by an intrepid female Brit and an American As far as why they would stop the nuking of the Soviet Union and Stalin Beats the hell out of me but then again liberals the writers, not the intrepid Brit and the American do love Communists and what a shame it would have been if the World had been deprived of Joe Stalin sigh Anyways great concept Not so great execution The artwork is decent throughout This...

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    RAF lieutenant Naomi Givens is an intelligence officer stationed in Berlin in 1945, when events propel her into the adventure of a lifetime Investigating reports of a downed aircraft seemingly far advanced from what she s familiar with, she finds its pilot, who s been captured by US forces He tells her that he s from the future, from an alternate timeline i...

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    William Gibson of Neuromancer fame collaborates with Michael St John Smith on this sci fi WWII alternate dimension spy thriller World is destroyed by nuclear bombs so courtesty to science there is another Earth in which agents can travel Sinister g...

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    This was really frustrating, because I wanted very badly to like it than I did The art style is just not very understandable, at least as someone who s only read a couple dozen comics in their life Specifically, the characters faces are all very indistinct, and their expressions are completely unrecognisable This wouldn t have been as much of a problem if they weren t all also wearing identical military uniforms The action sequences, of which there are many, were incredibly hard for me to follow and I spent several minutes on each page before moving on without much confidence that I understood what had just transpired If you were to subtract the minimal dialogue, my understanding of the story would be that a lot of olive and brown happened, there was a redhead, some explosions, and some purple happened Also there were flies It looks pretty on my bookshelf, and there s the novelty factor of it being a graphic novel by William Gibson The stor...

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    I m torn on this one Leave it to William Gibson to hit me in the gut with a graphic novel On one side, the story really makes you think about our choices as a society and the risks of the nuclear age On the other hand, the story itself felt a little lacking Maybe ...

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    A good story that would have been better with a longer length to let world building and characters breath a bit The main art by Guice was a bit of a letdown It was well rendered in detail but had some confusing l...

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    1.5 stars rounded up As a William Gibson short story, this would have succeeded But Gibson clearly does not understand how to write for comics Most of the layouts and scenes were poorly arranged I was often confused about the characters and their actions in each scene Though, I could easily follow the overall plot and the illustration was serviceable In fiction, Gibson is coolly obtuse when dealing with gritty scifi technology His enigmatic cyberpunk st...

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    Fan de William Gibson, je m attendais une histoire un peu plus novatrice que celle ci, qui malgr son th me original manque un peu de surprises L avant derni re image offre cependant une des conclusions les plus tonnantes que j ai pu voir Cette dition est compl t e par joli cahier graphique et un court texte de Gibson qui explique rapidement son int r t pour la seconde guerre mondiale, sa d couverte du processus de cr ation d un roman graphique, et comment...

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