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Urban Shaman➵ [Read] ➱ Urban Shaman By C.E. Murphy ➿ – Tbjewellers.co.uk Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild HuntNo worries No pressure Never mind the lack of sleep the perplexing new talent for healin Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild HuntNo worries No pressure Never mind the lack of sleep the perplexing new talent for healing from fatal wounds or the cryptic talking coyote who appears in her dreamsAnd if all that's not bad enough in the three years Joanne's been a cop she's never seen a dead body but she's just come across her second in three daysIt's been a bitch of a week And it isn't over yet.

Cate Dermody which was her grandmother's maiden name.

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  • Paperback
  • 410 pages
  • Urban Shaman
  • C.E. Murphy
  • English
  • 28 November 2015
  • 9780373802234

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    Ms Murphy managed to do something I didn't think could be accomplished She wrote this incredible story that seamlessly intertwines Celtic and Native American folklore and mythology Let me tell you this is a book you don't want to put down It is so vivid it's like a movie but I haven't seen a movie this cool Hollywood doesn't like to take chances on women in high prolife action roles And this is definitely a woman's story Joanne Walker is running away from her dual heritage as a Cherokee Native American and a woman of Irish descent She just wants to be one of the guys and work on cars in the police unit although she is a cop But our destiny calls us and we cannot run away from it It only runs right into us She has to face her identity when the shamanic heritage that she inherited from her dad awakens within her It happens at a good time because she's having to deal with Celtic deities wreaking havoc in her city I really enjoyed the folklore elements It was so cool to see Joanne taking on Cerunnos the Horned God of Celtic myths and also Hearne the Hunter She has to stop the Wild Hunt from occurring and taking human souls This is a book that you might want to read along with a mythology encyclopedia or at least zip over to Wikipedia because you will find yourself reading about people and things that might not ring a bell but they are definitely part of folklore Or if you are inclined towards the myths you will think it's pretty cool Don't let me forget to tell you that her spirit guide is a Coyote Trickster a nod toward the Native American folkore He talks in her dreams Pretty surreal Another thing I liked was there was no sex Okay now I'm going to get laughed at But it is refreshing to read a woman's book where the heroine isn't fixated on her sex life or lack therof or is in a relationship or between relationships Woman are complex creatures and it seems as though in fiction and the media we are defined too often by our sexuality Joanne is not a sexless being don't get me wrong There is tension with Cerunnos who is clearly digging on her and there is an attraction between Joanne and her boss Captain Morrison who sounds really hot to me I pictured Hugo Weaving as Cerunnos complete with horns around the sides of his head that resemble a crown and Angus MacFadyen as Morrison I really did like the fact that Joanne was comfortable in a man's world and got along really well with the men she knew and how much they respected her abilties If you enjoy great urban fantasy and like to read about women saving the day and coming into their own you would really like this book

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    In general I find that I like urban fantasy so picking this book up was easy to do Let's get uickly to the positivesThere wasn't a single anthropomorphic cat person AThe characters were well written but often rendered a bit simplistically I uickly gained a sense for who the characters were without feeling they were too one dimensional BThe friendly roster lists a cross dressing police detective ANow for the downersMurphy periodically seems to be someone who is operating just beyond the edge of her vocabulary To be fair this may be due to having an editor who is little than a crack monkey taking the first recommendation of Word's spellcheck feature We're treated to the basic tenements of shamanism and we witness in awe a torrent of infinitesimal power Perhaps I'm oversensitive; common misuse of ambivalent makes me grind my teeth Even if these faults originate with Murphy's editor I suppose they must be considered editorial faults in either case it doesn't make recommending this book any easier for that If that sort of thing doesn't bother you then this is not even a nitIn this book and the follow on Thunderbird Falls Murphy has a tendency to wrap things up with too pat and just so epiphanies of a the answer was in me all along sort While empowering and satisfying once in a while that candied veneer wears off very uickly and simply won't do if you expect to hold my interestIn summary pleasing and sometimes novel characters annoying misuses of the English language and overly pat resolutions

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    ☠ DNF at who the fish knows?The endPS See bookshelves ⤴ for details

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    This is the book I've had people telling me to read all independently of one another in years It certainly seems like it would interest meThe genre is a common one for Luna Strong female protagonist modern fantasyslipstream with the supernatural element hidden from most people and a hint of sexual tension or romance Our protag is Joanne Walker an IrishCherokee crossbreed trying to go as mainstream American as she can She's a Seattle cop by vocation and a mechanic by avocation so she works in the motor pool keeping the cruisers running The department keeps her badged in a cynical attempt to up their apparent diversity she counts as a woman and a Native American As the story starts she begins to develop abilities she doesn't understand and doesn't want She looks out the window of her landing plane and sees a woman about to be attacked; once the plane lands she feels compelled to go help although no one believes she could have seen the detail she did from the planeSo she's awakening abilities as a shaman combining both the Celtic and Native American traditions She acuires a spirit guide Coyote of course it's always coyote in these books comes back from the dead loses her job but not her place on the force and becomes embroiled in a complex set of shenanigans between Cernunos Herne and the control and mission of the Wild HuntA few things set Urban Shaman apart from lesser books in the same vein Joanne doesn't ever embrace her role as a shaman and healer She feels compelled at times and when someone's life is at stake she doesn't consider whether she wants to use magic or not but she really just wants to fix cars preferably classic muscle cars Joanne's shamanic path is 100% about healing When investigating a serial killer who clearly uses magic she wants to find him to heal him although she willingly admits that the only way to heal him may involve killing him at the same time There is a sidekick character Gary the Cabbie who holds enough surprises to keep us interested I hope we learn a lot about his past in a later book He confounds Joanne's assumptions repeatedly; she should challenge those assumptions at some point Joanne's sexuality is present but left very vague As the narrator she mentions when people usually men are very attractive but we get no sense of her actually having a romantic life We also don't get the brooding whining I don't have anyone because I work too much complaint that many books of this ilk have Her reuisite antagonistic relationship with her boss reuired in every story about a cop unless it's a procedural is well drawn They are well matched adversaries and the sexual tension grows between them very nicelyAnd especially The take on shamanism is actually interesting It's different from most forms of fantasy or slipstream magic Joanne finds a metaphor that makes sense to her repairing cars and applies it to her healing The metaphor is brought up often enough and in enough detail to remain interesting but never belabors the point Her interactions with Coyote are excellent She makes a comment at one point that she shouldn't trust him because he's a trickster He replies that he's a teacher first and foremost Being a trickster is one of his methods to teachSo overall it's noticeably better than you'd have any reason to expect especially if you're interested in the magical side of the story Compared to say the Patricia Briggs stories the woman mechanic element is actually part of the story and not just some backstory And the side characters Gary the Cabbie and her boss are compelling enough to hold up a lot of the story than they doI'm not sure where the rest of the series can go without turning into freak of the week but we'll see I started the second book yesterday I'll detail why I may not bother to finish it in its review

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    What an unexpected readThe blurb sounded decent but I didn't expect to find such an awesome seriesThis is my first read by C E Murphy and she's great She has an amazing writing style it kept me hooked from the first few lines I couldn't wait to see what happens and how Jo will get out of it aliveThe main reason I'm choosing to continue this story though is not the plot or the world but the main character Joanne She is greatShe's exactly how I want my characters to be with a great auto irony and an incredible sense of duty although you only see her growing during the next books Still she's the kind of character who protects her friends kicks everyone's as and is overall a tough chickWorth reading this series

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    Finally It's over I can't remember the last time I got so annoyed with a heroine Oh yesI can It was a couple of days ago when I DNFed Heart of Stone a book by this same author It's clear that this author's ideas and mine don't match so this is the last book I'll read by her I finished this one because it fits two challenges I'm doing Otherwise I would have dnfed it tooThe first thing that struck me about Urban Shaman was the similarities between Joanne and Mercy Thompson both are half Native American half Caucasian female mechanics This book was actually published before Moon Called so I'm not accusing the author of plagiarizing but it rubbed me wrong from the beginningBut the similarities end there Joanne is 27 going on 13 the kind of woman that thinks that infuriating people who have serious responsibilities is 'fun' Her relationship with her boss seemed like that of a teenager with her principal She was constantly doing dumb stuff and being called to his office while he yelled at her I imagined her blowing a bubble and saying 'whatever' I don't know if the author planned this to be a romantic relationship there were a few hints but she just acted so immature that you wonder why a man in his position would be interested in herThe world was interesting but super convoluted Joanne gained very sophisticated powers overnight and was able to figure out what to do just by using cars analogies Every crazy thing that she was able to do didn't feel exciting but unbelievable It's like a person who can't ride a bike one day but the next is piloting flyer jets for the US government I mean reallyThe tie with the Police Department and all those characters was completely unnecessary She was able to do some crazy shit on her own so I'm sure she would have been able to figure out all the info needed in other waysThe best part of the book was Gary but it's not enough for me to continue reading this

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    Eh I'm only going with two stars because I actually made it through it In the heat of the action complete confusion and chaos seemed to be all I got from it The protagonist wasn't someone I would rally behind she was too busy being sarcastic or dumb Either way it wasn't endearing Plus I always find it hard to get behind a lead who wears pants w elastic band and a fanny pack Seriously?

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    If I were thinking critically I could criticize this book and this series of books to pieces but for me all the books in this series are raw crack I bought this book initially just due to idling around the bookstore and read it in 72 hours flat The subseuent books in the series have been consumed by me in an eually addict like manner Joanne Walker as a character engaged me immediately I liked her skepticism and crabbiness immediately and the character has a good voice I liked the fact that she disbelieved what was happening to her even as it was happening and I liked the fact that she didn't know what she was doing and made mistakes It's perfectly valid to object to the occasionally off plotting and the fact that somehow Joanne beats the bad guy handily at the end in spite of all Then again if she didn't no point in making a series yes? But to me it hardly matters One of CE Murphy's gifts in this book and this series is to write lucidly enough about weirdness where you can see it in your mind's eye She also has a gift for memorable characters with strong personalities one that she uses to her advantage here Even if you don't like the plot twists you care about the charactersAnother gift she has is the ability to hook you into the story immediately She always starts with a bang and keeps going She doesn't waste a lot of time and the story is a straight roller coaster ride from the front cover to the back with no dull moments in between It's only afterwards that you might say Buh? wha? Hey wait a minute and even then at least for me it hardly seems to matter; I've had a great rideAll fantasy literature reuires a willing suspension of disbelief No exception here And I would never argue that this is great literature whatever that is The Walker Papers is meant to compete with Patricia Briggs Jim Butcher Charlaine Harris and other pop fantasy novels No problem with me I am not always of a mind to sit down and read Nietzsche and Margaret Atwood all the time just the same way I will often pass up a serious Oscar winning critically acclaimed movie for one that features cave women flying saucers and radioactive zombies Urban Shaman is a tight efficient and fun read and the subseuent Walker Papers books have not disappointed in that respect Anybody can nitpick something to death but there is a lot to be said for putting your brain on hold and taking a fast fun ride with a skilled author This book provides exactly that kind of ride

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    This book was not for me I have had this series on my radar for maybe 3 years but kept delaying starting it I wish I would have started it 3 years ago perhaps I would have enjoyed it It is really hard to write uniue urban fantasy and I think this may be unfair of me to judge this story as it was written seven years ago when the genre was less saturated I find that urban fantasy and paranormal books which catch my eye and pull me in are not a murder mystery with the same type of formula or plot that so many urban fantasy books follow And it is getting harder and harder to find those books So this book has a uniuish type of mythology A blending of celtic and native american spirituality The heroine is not the typical petite and virginal waif appearing in most books in this genre The side characters are interesting and funny But those ualities couldn't save the book for me This book is BORING BORING And I feel bad for saying it I didn't care who died and didn't die as long as I was able to get to the end and move on to a new book The only thing that helped me persevere through this book is that I read it for a challenge Sorry I won't be moving on

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    The bad points outweigh the good with this book The goodThe supporting characters Gary the taxi driver and Jo’s sidekick My only problem with him was his age I was unsure as to whether he would really be fit enough to keep up with Jo without stroking out Morrison the police captain and Jo’s boss Their antagonistic relationship was well done as was the underlying sexual tensionThe bad Although Jo never fully embraces her magic she seems to automatically know what to do and when to do it and succeeds at everything she attempts What were her limitations? In most magical stories there are limitations as to what magic can do for you but that was not the case here Believability the cops sticking around to watch Jo work her magic I mean really Cops are supposed to be rational beings believing only in cold hard facts Though I can understand why Morrison believed after seeing the CCTV footage after all seeing is believing Confusion – the action was confusing I had to re read certain paragraphs to try to understand what was happening and even then I still wasn’t sure The ending – it didn’t make sense to me It just didn’t fit the build up in the rest of the bookI'm unsure as to whether I will read the seuel if I do I know it will only be because of Gary and Morrison

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