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Full of Beans✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Full of Beans By Jennifer L. Holm ❅ – Tbjewellers.co.uk Newbery Honor Book Turtle in Paradise is beloved by readers and now they can return to this wonderful world through the eyes of Turtle’s cousin Beans  Grown ups lie That’s one truth Beans knows f Newbery Honor Book Turtle in Paradise is beloved by readers and now they can return to this wonderful world through the eyes of Turtle’s cousin Beans  Grown ups lie That’s one truth Beans knows for Full of Epub / sure He and his gang know how to spot a whopper a mile away because they are the savviest bunch of barefoot conchs that means “locals” in all of Key West Not that Beans really minds; it’s the middle of the Great Depression With no jobs on the island and no money anywhere who can really blame the grown ups for telling a few tales Besides Beans isn’t anyone’s fool In fact he has plans Big plans And the conseuences might surprise even Beans himself.

Jennifer L Holm is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling children's author and the recipient of three Newbery Honors for her novels OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA PENNY FROM HEAVEN and TURTLE IN PARADISE Jennifer collaborates with Full of Epub / her brother Matthew Holm on two graphic novel series the Eisner Award winning Babymouse series and the bestselling Suish series She is also the author of several other highly pra.

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  • Full of Beans
  • Jennifer L. Holm
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  • 04 May 2016
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    Summary Strongly voiced male protagonist in depression era historical fiction ideal for whole class reading or book clubs for grades 4 5 and for readers who have already read Turtle in Paradise Students might need some background knowledge on the Great Depression and the New Deal Disclaimer Review from ARC on behalf of a reader advisory program Review At the not so tender age of eleven Beans Curry has learned a hard truth adults lieBeans’s mother lies when she says everything’s going to be all right even though his father can’t find a job His employer Winky lies when he says he’s going to pay a dime for used cans and then doesn’t His teacher lies when she says all he needs to become better at mathematics is practiceBeans lives a shoeless existence in Key West Key West is so poor that garbage gathers on the streets without anybody to clean it up Dilapidated houses are made of wood and are infested with termites and scorpions Some have to resort to illegal means just to make ends meetBeans’s voice a combination of swagger and desperation carries this story Some examples uotes from ARC“The ringing bell on the door of Gardner’s Pharmacy sounded like money disappearing from my pocket”“If I was a ghost I wouldn’t haunt these shabby little houses I’d haunt somewhere nice like a mansion But maybe ghosts were like the living and down on their luck”“I’d been practicing arithmetic since I’d first stepped into the school and I never got better at it Besides I wasn’t the only one who was bad at arithmetic President Roosevelt wasn’t much of a whiz seeing how the country was still in a depression”Amidst this desperation is a solution One day a Bermuda shorts clad Mr Stone arrives bent on transforming Key West into a tourist destination Houses get painted and refurbished The garbage gets cleaned up A playground is createdBeans isn’t sure he is on board with all of these changes however He’s not sure how he feels about the stray dogs being taken away and he isn’t a fan of the New Dealers’ desire to crack down on the ever popular Bolita gambling game This transformation of the island takes place amidst a backdrop of other vignettes there’s Dot the girl he refuses to play marbles with; there’s Termite the dog who won’t stop following him until he makes him his own; there’s Beans’s “secret” cure for diaper rash and at the center of Beans’s emotional life is a pit of guilt he promises himself never to throw himself into againThis is a book that’s easy for adults to fall in love with It has everything we like coupled with just enough moral ambiguity to keep us intrigued and a happy ending However I’m not yet convinced that younger or less experienced readers will fall in love with this book the same way adults will Less experienced readers might find this book “slow” and may not have enough background knowledge to make connections to the past That’s why I think this book is best for younger readers if it’s paired with some intentional teaching Younger readers can use this book to learn to ask uestions about a setting they can ask uestions about why Beans is so excited to make a dime why he has to go to a neighbor’s house to make a phone call and why he and his friends play marbles in the street More experienced readers can make historical connections to Roosevelt and the New Deal and contemplate themes of heroism the value of telling the truth and when it is and isn’t okay to lieHaving not read Turtle in Paradise I’m not sure how the two compare side to side However I’m floored that this strongly voiced and punchy historical fiction piece came out of the same person who did the ever popular graphics Babymouse Sunny Side Up and the thoughtful if uirky Fourteenth Goldfish

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    Does building resilience in kids mean they have to be able to handle everything by themselves? Or that they can weather the hard times with their sense of self intact? I adore Jennifer Holm's newest novel Full of Beans precisely for the way that Beans struggles through hard times learning about the conseuences of his decisions yet never losing his sense of humor or his loyalty to his family and friends It is both delightful to read and wonderful to reflect uponRead my full review at Great Kid Books blog

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    Copy provided by publisherBeans Turtle's cousin from Turtle in Paradise 2010 is doing the best he can to help out his family during the Great Depression in Key West Florida He and his brother Kermit dig through the trash for tin cans babysit and even engage in illegal activities in order to make some money Their father is away in New Jersey trying to get a factory job and their mother takes in laundry and occasionally tries her hand at dressmaking When New Deal men come to town and try to clean up Key West so it can be a tourist destination Beans is apprehensive These men are wearing Bermuda shorts They can't be official After one of his money making enterprises goes sadly wrong Beans feels awful enough that helping the New Deal men make Key West attractive seems like a good way to give back Strengths Holm has based this book on family lore and includes period photographs at the back I think the best part of this is all of Beans' money making schemes While families struggle today it seems like children are not able to help At other points in history children were given a lot of opportunities to be useful Other period details such as movies cars and games children played as well as local culture make this a fun fast paced book Weaknesses Turtle in Paradise seemed like much of an elementary book and it doesn't circulate a lot Luckily this can be read alone and I think that it's funny enough that readers will pick it up What I really think Will give this to children who enjoy the core novel A Long Way From Chicago and want to read about the Great Depression

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    I loved this historical fiction novel for younger readers The characters are expertly sketched and as readers mature they will begin to deeply understand the relationships presented I am a huge fan of Key West and learned so much about the island's history in this slim volume now I want to read even Jenni Holm books

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    This book gets to some big issues in a way that is fun It's also a very uick read I won't spoil it but I think this is a GREAT choice if you were interested in the historical period of Bud Not Buddy

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    A charming companion story to TURTLE IN PARADISE

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    It's July 1934 and times are hard for the Curry family Poppy's out of work and in New Jersey looking for a job and mom is taking in laundry so son Beans Curry does what he can to help out But after sifting through garbage collecting empty cans and expecting to get 10¢ for every twenty cans he is cheated out of 5¢ by the wily Winky who now claims he said 50 cans per 10¢ One thing that Beans knows for sure is that grown ups lie and Winky is a good example of that Angered Beans is determined to find another way to help his family out Luckily businessman Johnny Cakes happens to be looking for Beans with a job propositionTurns out Johnny Cakes is a rum runner and Beans's job is to help him get the illegally gotten Cuban rum off ships in the middle of the night All Beans has to do is set off the fire alarm to divert any possible attention from the docks It job pays good money and Beans doesn't mind doing it but after so many false alarms the fire department stops responding to themWhich is too bad since one night there is a real fire destroying the house of one of Beans's best friends Racked with guilt Beans never confesses his part in the fire but he does stop working for Johnny Cakes and turns his sights toward positive work trying to assuage his guiltAt the same time the federal government has sent down some New Dealers to decide whether to simply evacuate Key West or clean it up and turn it into a warm sunny tourist attraction As the transformation of Key West begins and houses get painted a playground gets built and stray dogs are rounded up Beans manages to find a way to help in the beautification of Key West rounding up his gang of friends to collect garbage and rake seaweedBut perhaps Beans's real saving grace will be his uncanny ability to take care of babies after all he certainly has a way with themJennifer Holm returns to depression era Key West Florida in this fun preuel to Turtle in Paradise It's a place she is familiar with since her family had lived there since the late 1800s The story is told in the first person by Beans who draws the reader right in the midst of the sights sounds and smells of 1934 Key WestI thought Beans was a wonderful character He's got a great sense of humor a deep sense of loyalty towards friends and family and despite his brief foray into crime he actually as a moral compass and conscience to go with it and amazingly he never complains when he is asked to help out at home no matter what is is asked to doI loved the historical references the mention of movie stars and writers of the time Ernest Hemingway is already a Key West resident Robert Frost a visitor and with money in his pocket Beans escapes life for a little while at the local movie theater As he tells readers Shirley Temple is just beginning to make it big and he is sure she will be a starI thought it interesting that Holm mentions leprosy Sitting in the dark theater at night Beans notices a man who seems to vanish in thin air after each movie ends It turns out that the man named Murray has leprosy and can't go out during the day It's not safeThey'd send me to the leper hospital in Louisiana Nobody ever comes back from that place pg 125 as a middle grader I had read a book called Miracle at Carville by Betty Martin This is the hospital that Murray is referring toSince this novel is grounded in the real history of Key West during the Great Depression Holm has included an extensive Author's Note with a number of photographs and there is even a list of Beans's Favorite Kid Actors and his friend's Pork Chop's Best SayingsAll in all Full of Beans is definitely full of funThis book is recommended for readers age 9This book was sent to my by the publisher Random House BFYRThis review was originally posted on Randomly Reading

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    I had never held so much money in my whole life I felt like Daddy Warbucks Except with hairReceived from my blogger partner JT He received it at ALA Orlando 2016 ThanksMy first experience with Holm was with The Fourteenth Goldfish and it was so different and I was dying to read of her work This might be one of the first Middle grade historical fiction that I have ever read and I can't say that I was disappointed but I wasn't captured like I was with her other book1934 was a rough year for the United States and even worse for Key West Florida The Great Depression was in full swing and it was every man woman and child for themselves Roosevelt wasn't doing much to help out either Beans best marble player in town and part of a gang that everyone wanted to be apart of must take in a full load His dad leaves for Jersey as he looks for a job and makes him man of the house Taking care of his two siblings and his momHe picks through trash for cand and even starts to do some underhanded stuff with his brother to help his family out Delivering alcohol to local businesses for a few pennies Anything to help his family As the town starts to go downhill Roosevelt sends some people down there to liven up the community and bring back booming business and tourists Trying to save that entire community from despair Very historically profound and at times funny this is a tale of growth and love These kids had to give up a lot in order to make it during that horrid time It was an okay story but I felt that I was missing something Pieces didn't connect very well and felt like it jumped too much and way too fast for my tastes But this could also be from me having a book hangover thanks to SJM And let's not forget that Hemingway dig

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    There is much to love in this middle grade story about a time during the Great Depression and the re making of a town about to die Yes it's historical fiction and Jennifer Holm manages to weave a story about Key West and a government program that helped it be re born into a vibrant and successful tourist destination But the real story is about Beans Curry and his buddies who lead different lives from children today They are poor shoeless and spend a lot of time on the streets trying to find ways to make a few pennies and sometimes getting taken by crooked adults Everyone in this time is desperate for a few cents most adults too The underlying thread connects to lying and the sub title on the cover tells it like it is Never tell a lie unless you have to Beans tells the story which involves playing marbles going through trash for condensed milk tins a girl he hates maybe an evil grandmother a loving father and mother a dark secret of hidden people and some very good friends Holm adds an author's note and pictures about this re building of Key West and added sources It's a great story

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    Lively middle grade historical fiction set during the Great Depression on Key West I never knew that the New Deal was responsible for making Key West the tourist destinationartists' colony it is today so there's some fascinating and unusual history at play here Beans the main character has an engaging and uirky voice but Holm introduces a lot of characters and plot threads and some don't go anywhere while others are resolved a bit too abruptly But I think kids will be pulled along by this story as happy as babies in a wagon It's a thing just ask Beans

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