Lyddie➻ [Reading] ➽ Lyddie By Katherine Paterson ➰ – When Lyddie and her younger brother are hired out as servants to help pay off their family farm's debts Lyddie is determined to find a way to reunite her family once again Hearing about all the money When Lyddie and her younger brother are hired out as servants to help pay off their family farm's debts Lyddie is determined to find a way to reunite her family once again Hearing about all the money a girl can make working in the textile mills in Lowell Massachusetts she makes her way there only to find that her dreams of returning home may never come true.

From author's websitePeople are always asking me uestions I don't have answers for One is When did you first know that you wanted to become a writer The fact is that I never wanted to be a writer at least not when I was a child or even a young woman Today I want very much to be a writer But when I was ten I wanted to be either a movie star or a missionary When I was twenty I wanted t.

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    This is the best kind of historical novel One which paints such a clear picture of a time and place that you can almost imagine being there yet which also makes you want to learn about itThe Triangle Factory I know a fair bit about because my great grandmother worked there But these cloth mills in Lowell Massachusetts I didn't know much about before reading Lyddie The women of both places worked and often died under conditions no American of the current century would tolerate

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    Summary Impoverished Vermont farm girl Lyddie Worthen is determined to gain her independence by becoming a factory worker in Lowell Massachusetts in the 1840s Oh my heart ached for Lyddie and the circumstances that made her life But I know Lyddie will achieve all that she had plannedintend to do in the last part of the book ; The story gripped me from the start Despite the obvious physical tension ie bear the author managed to incorporate humour in this and at the same time release another conflicttension ie mother’s illness I kept on reading because I want to find out what happens to Lyddie her family I longed for them to be whole and live on the farm again Somehow this also mirrors what I would want in my life or if I was in Lyddie’s shoes And Lyddie was working so hard how could she not get a happy ending ey? But alas the farm’s gone her other sister is dead her mother in an asylum and died eventually her brother has found an adoptive loving family her new friends returning to their previous homes the factory life taking its toll on her body And suddenly I felt how Lyddie felt Empty Lonely Alone What was there to look forward to? To work for? She got no one now No family Our plans and dreams do not always turn out the way we want When you are young and new to the world you get all these ideas that surely everything will occur according to plan Realizing this I am suddenly feeling afraid But Lyddie wasn’t afraid Or if she was she did not linger on this She taught herself to find another reason to live for to dream on about Oh I am not gonna be a slave I am not a slaveRead Last January 27 2011

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    disregard my old review that was pUNY i need to stop changing my ratings this book wasn't bad but it wasn't good at all i might be in the minority when i say that i flat out hated this maybe i would have enjoyed it when i read it on my own time maybe i would have enjoyed it if i didn't have to over analyze itbut i didn't enjoy thisi centrally found no absolute plot yes the book is about lyddie wanting to get her family back together and although the ending didn't really tie up aNY loose ends i understand where it's coming from that back in the day not everything or everyone had a happy endingbut i just didn't see anything all i could see was 'girl wants to get family girl goes to factory girl goes back to factory' maybe it's just me maybe it's just that i usually don't read historical fiction so this book wasn't a total one star think of it as right below a two star i just couldn't do it note the long read date is due to the fact that this book was read for school purposes only Other than that I wouldn't have picked up this book It wasn't horrible or disgusting It was just that I really wasn't interested into it given that I had to write an essay for it

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    Lyddie by Katherine PatersonLyddie is a book from my childhood one that I read so many times the binding was falling apart I still like to reread it from time to time simply because I enjoy the story of a girl's fight to become independent Lyddie also introduced me to the Lowell mills a period of history I'd known nothing about before and has since become a subject I wish to learn aboutLyddie is an inspiring character; in spite of overwhelming odds she manages to find a measure of independence happiness and education A farm girl used to hard work she thrives in the mills of Lowell able to keep up with the frantic pace of mechanized work The book is alternatively sad and happy and readers will feel pity rage and joy on Lyddie's behalf Besides Lyddie there are other compelling characters that visit the story briefly An escaped slave examines the theme of slavery and a self possesed mill worker poses the uestions of workers rights I felt that the author did her research well on the various subjects While Lyddie is as I said above a childhood favorite it's a book that ages well 45

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    I think all history books are three stars max

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    Katherine Paterson is masterful in creating vividly real characterization in this book It seems that the reader knows Lyddie personally Far from being perfect Lyddie is tough ambitious independent and knows how to work After fighting off a bear Lyddie is orphaned and then separated from her siblings The time and place are Lowell textile factories in Massachusetts In desperation Lyddie becomes one of the factory girls Some background education about the textile mills would be helpful in understanding much of the terminology and references made to the euipment and work in the mill This book is probably best for older junior high or high school readers There are references to child molestation and an out of wedlock relationship and pregnancy that could be confusing for young children

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    I thought this book in a way was a little posessed I thought it was posessed because the way the head keeper tried to rape the teenage girls and then when his boss found out he denied it and got Lyddie fired Other than that though this book was okay I really loved the deatail How the author described the conditions they were working in were very well and what the girls from Ireland were wearing Lyddie had a very difficult life From the time her mother went crazy to the time she left the house she didn't have the best life Even though she struggled she perservired and tried her best to provide for her siblings Lyddie was very brave and for her courage level i give her a 5

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    This is a powerful remarkable historically accurate and incredibly inspiring story I wish that young women read it in this day and age Lyddie is a character whom you will not soon forget

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    I just finshed reading this book for school and it was pretty good The only thing I didn't like was how it ended but that is just me I think she should have gone ahead and married Luke and set off to build a good life for themselves not go to college In every other aspect I thought that this book was excellent

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    Terrible It was so boring There was no plot She went to work went home went to workthis is the entire plot There were a few other events but they were so random that they were obviously thrown in to prevent boredom which did not work We had to read it for school and the entire class hated it Definitely never reading it again I hardly ever say this but I really hated this book

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