Monarchy, The: Bullets Over Babylon

Monarchy, The: Bullets Over Babylon➳ Monarchy, The: Bullets Over Babylon Read ➻ Author Doselle Young – Former StormWatch weatherman Jackson King and his bride Christine Trelane watched as their superhuman StormWatch teammates were murdered viciously and their precious SkyWatch station lost Since then t Former StormWatch weatherman Jackson King and his Bullets Over ePUB ✓ bride Christine Trelane watched as their superhuman StormWatch teammates were murdered viciously and their precious SkyWatch station lost Since then they have bided their time living under the watchful eye of their former allies in The Authority waiting for the right moment to return to the spotlight with an Monarchy, The: PDF/EPUB ² organisation of their own the Monarchy Now they are are aware of a menace that cannot simply be beaten back into the shadows The husband and wife The trans dimensional priest The mad professor The resurrected killer The performance artist In order to save the world the Monarchy must break every rule.

A contributing author to the science fictionsuper Bullets Over ePUB ✓ hero anthology THE DARKER MASK his story Housework introduces readers to the city of Misery Missouri and the character of Birdie McIntyre both of which he intends to return to shortly He has also written short stories for DCVertigo and penned tales for Superman Wonder Woman and the critically Monarchy, The: PDF/EPUB ² acclaimed super hero series The Authority A na.

Monarchy, The: Bullets Over Babylon PDF/EPUB ã
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Monarchy, The: Bullets Over Babylon
  • Doselle Young
  • English
  • 18 April 2016
  • 9781563898594

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    I've had some conversations with Doselle and am privy to some of what went on behind the scenes with this book I won't talk about any of that The trick to understanding The Monarchy is to think of it as a big extended metaphor which will only really make sense to people who grew up on superhero comics and have taken their imagery and symbolism deep into their hearts or can at least understand how someone might The Monarchy is about how our lives are made of meaning and meanings are basically stories If those stories are healthy and life affirming and empowering if they come from the heart and mind of a healthy person with healthy intent then the meanings contained therein will be too But if the stories are not coming from a healthy place or constructed with an intent to create or nuture meaning it might be an effective story it might be illuminating or enjoyable even but it won't be 'good' for you in a certain sense How many people grew up on the simple ethos of cowboy films and westerns Yes those stories had embedded in them subtexts of racism sexism colonialism and glorification of violence But that's not all they were and that's not all they did for the generations of people who absorbed those stories and the meanings in them You could say similar things about people who grew up consuming Superman Batman Captain America Yeah you could say lots of things about the subtexts of those characters and lots of people have But you also have to think about what patterns these stories at their best lay down in the hearts and minds of the people who consume them Is say the Christopher Reeve superman a good ideal for children Of course it is Only a foold couldn't see the goodness emanating off that man when he did his thing But is Henry Cavill's SupermanIs BrightburnWith that in mind what if we reached a point where the dark underbelly of all these superhero comics was all there was left what if it had been boiled down into cheap voilence crude emotions self consciously simplistic and even nihilistic situations rationalisations and motivations What if the unhealthy side of these stories took over like a great illness And here is the imaginative leap what if some of the superheroes who LIVED in one of those sick story universes could see that this was happening What would they do about it That's what The Monarchy is about and truncated as it was still fascinating to read and think about This trade is a good start and the nice thing about a misunderstood and often derided title is it's not hard to track the rest of it down A lovely little oddity and well worth the time invested Track down your medicine

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    I really hated this book when I first read it and found it stunningly disappointed But this was in comparison to The Authority and the Ultimates I was readingThis book in many ways was a counter narrative to the work of EllisMillarMorrisonEnnis Reading it now it's very disjointed but had a lot of clever ideas The notion that the advent of Post Humans many of them embraced mythic thought as a coping mechanism and the remain unaware of any hidden damage this can cause Any myth can be broken down into mythemes; relational structures that uestion human origin and purpose A series of primal existentional uestions Which leads to superheroes being rooted in existential subtext than it often appears Which is kind of post modern and depressing As such the Monarchy is made up of uniue individuals who don't follow the patternsarchetypes They are literally alone across the multiverse So in many ways The Monarchy kind of kept the Authority on watch Both teams stemmed from the closing of Stormwatch Different MOs however The Monarchy realized that the anti bodies post humans were too busy fighting each other than causing real change and them going into parallel worlds was making reality sick The Wildstorm Universe has a special place for me and this is one of its unsung gems It's about trying to not go too far done the path that many of the Wildstorm BooksNu Marvel were suggesting and to bring a little light back

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    I must be too stupid to get this book because it seems to me like it's a warmed over Authority clone with pretentiousness and a self righteous disregard for anything approximating a plot Instead we're treated to random characters doing random things that supposedly come together at the end to form some stronger message but to me just feel like plot threads left to die on a sidewalk like earthworms after rain At least the art is decent Maybe I don't know enough about Jackson King or the other characters to draw a bead on it Or maybe it's just an example of Wildstorm at its worst

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    Absolutely no idea what happened in this graphic novel Lots of cool visuals some deep uantum theory talk and idea that something REALLY BIG is happening and that King is doing something about it Usually graphic novels have a smaller arc that gets completed but this just seemed to leave the reader completely hanging with no idea of what was going to happen next but also little reason to care

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    I really enjoyed Doselle Young's Authority tie in The series was uite ambitious and crossed ground that other writers haven't The art was very inconsistent parts of it were amazingly beautiful then others were pathetic It was rather disappointing when the series got prematurely canned Hell it wasn't perfect and was probably very hard to follow for someone who hadn't read either Stormwatch or The Authority but i loved the weirdness of it all

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    To be honest I really couldn't follow this and had no idea what the hell was going on

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