Lost in Translation

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Sofia Carmina Coppola is an American film director actress producer and Academy Award winning screenwriter She is the first American woman and third woman in history to be nominated for an Academy Award for Directing the other two women being Lina Wertmüller and Jane Campion.

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  • Hardcover
  • Lost in Translation
  • Sofia Coppola
  • 14 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

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    The film The bum crack You know Unattractive older man with hair and skin issues has fantasy relationship with beautiful young girl I was assured by than one middle aged man that hey no it just isn't like that It's not that kind of movieSo why the fuck do I have to look at a young girl's bum crack as the fucking opening scene the very first thing I see in this movie I guess the middle aged men who spun me the line were only listening to the dialogue not looking at the pictures Is that itNot long into the movie and I swear if I'd had to look at that bitch's bum crack one time I would have thrown something at the screen I was shocked when she finally went out She got dressed In Japan A place where they would have loved to see a young girl's bum crack on public display Leerly laughs there That's a sic by the way The other thing that completely took me aback about this movie was the really cheap sneering laughs at the Japanese I guess we won the war so we are allowed to Accent culture technology you name it The scene early on where some sort of prostitute comes into our hero's room and wants him to abuse her is the most embarrassingly racist and not funny scene I think I've ever seen in a movie since world war twoThe good thing about the girl's bum crack is that when she was showing it to the camera she didn't talk or if she was talking we couldn't hear since thankfully her mouth faced away from the camera Because when she talked man was it complete drivel I mean when she opined to our middle aged hero who is so behaving himself by not shagging her but shagging some other one night stand instead that she just didn't know what to do with her life Like she'd tried writing and she'd tried photography and she was like you know crap at both of them The obvious suggestion to make was 'have you tried acting yet deary' but our hero missed his chance He told this vacuous boring piece of ennui stuck to a uite large arse that she should stick to writing Hilarious I guess a vacuous piece of advice was in keeping I thought maybe the whole thing was supposed to be some sort of comedy about American idiots and I was missing the pointThis film even has the compulsory if completely irrelevant scene in a men's sex club so we can see naked women performing for the male audience I swear I'm going to fall over in a faint if the remake of Mary Poppins when it comes is lacking one of those Was I Was I missing the point Or was this drivelI have a shelf 'better written than Harry P' Do I need another one 'not better written than Harry P'

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    This screenplay should probably be a part of any film enthusiast's reading list esp the aspiring screenwriter If you want to get a sense of what a screenplay should read like this piece is it Even if you hadn't seen the film itself you can see it on the pages

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    Great screenplay

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    Very grateful for some of the onscreen changes made to this one

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    An enjoyable read I haven't seen the film since it first came out but now I feel the need to revisit it This would have been an interesting novel to read

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    One of the nicest screenplays I've read It also helps that this turned out to be an eually beautiful film

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    Great screenplay

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    It's difficult not to review the screenplay based on Coppola's film in its visual form but Coppola is indeed a wonderful screenwriter to boot Though the minimalistic film takes its cues from the visuals Coppola writes the screenplay to a tee for transparent imagery This is not to say that the script is cliché or lacking complexity uite the contrary Coppola uses silence or the unsaid in her script to convey complex relationships particularly that of Bob and Charlotte much is left to the reader or viewer to infer rather than be explicated to them Also worth noting is what is left out of the script yet included in the film Bill Murray's improvisations and the ending in which is left ambiguous in the film Lost in Translation is refreshingly stimulating and Sofia Coppola's screenplay seems to capture what is her final vision for the film

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    Sometimes I read screenplays without watching the film this one's great

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