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Suite Scarlett❴Read❵ ➲ Suite Scarlett Author Maureen Johnson – Scarlett Martin has grown up in a most unusual way Her family owns the Hopewell a small Art Deco hotel in the heart of New York City When each of the Martins turns fifteen they are expected to take ov Scarlett Martin has grown up in a most unusual way Her family owns the Hopewell a small Art Deco hotel in the heart of New York City When each of the Martins turns fifteen they are expected to take over the care of a suite For Scarlett's fifteenth birthday she gets both a room called the Empire Suite and a permanent guest named Mrs Amberson Scarlett doesn't uite know what to make of this C list starlet and world travelerAnd when she meets Eric an astonishingly gorgeous actor who has just moved to the city her summer takes a second unexpected turn Before the summer is over Scarlett will have to survive a whirlwind of thievery and romantic missteps But in the city where anything can happen she just might be able to pull it off.

Maureen knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer She went to high school at an all girls' Catholic school and graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in writing She now lives and writes in New York CityMany of the adventures Maureen's characters face in her books are based on real life stories Maureen has traveled all over Europe and is a Secret Sister to vlog brothers Han.

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  • English
  • 20 May 2016
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    Suite Scarlett is about a girl who has just turned fifteen Scarlett lives with her mother father two sisters and her older brother in a hotel in Manhattan The hotel is or less just scrapping by This is emphasized in the opening scene where her parents prepare her birthday breakfast having let a very capable cook go due to budget cutbacks The gifts Scarlett receives from her family are meant to give us indicators of their personality or if they are lacking a personality their finances Unfortunately this means they give us very little information about Scarlett which is a really weird throwback of the scene Her parents give Scarlett her first cell phone Everyone in the free world apparently has one except Scarlett which is a statement on their finances Lola her older sister gives Scarlett a slightly used expensive red lipstick she got from her job in a high end cosmetic store The color suits Scarlett which again tells us Lola really knows what she's doing than anything about Scarlett's preferences Her selfish little sister rather selfishly gives her an expired ice cream coupon Spencer her brother gives her a coupon for a piggyback ride around Central Park since he is broke Of course Lola's working a dead end job too and she managed an actual gift but whatever The piggyback ride indicates Spencer's whimsical personality lack of responsibility and that he is extremly into physical activityYou really don't ever learn a lot about Scarlett despite the book being from her point of view Her friends are all away on vacation or attempting to become productive citizens for their college applications Which was sort of a whoa moment for me Scarlett was fourteen half a minute ago She basically has her entire high school experience ahead of her It doesn't help much that both of her older siblings have taken 'gap' years so she might not even be applying for college in her senior year What's up with the hyper 'fix my application now' issues? The best advice for kids preparing for college is to get good grades and do after school activities you enjoy that way you can show genuine appreciation if the person interviewing you is interested Volunteering places is an excellent approach but I don't understand why these kids are scattered across the globe doing it They're from Manhattan not Kansas There are numerous opportunities in NYCMaybe I'm being nit picky here but it bothered me The author clearly wanted Scarlett to feel utterly abandoned either that or she couldn't handle a cast of characters that involved Scarlett's friends and it was written in a way that felt like everyone vacating Manhattan for the summer to go back home from a year of college It was a case of the writing being simultaneously dumbed down to be YA and the situation being a little too not YAAnyway I'm going to dislodge the fine tooth comb for a moment the book isn't bad It is really just okay It isn't so awful that I'm going to be tempted to raid my local Barnes and Nobles and hide her books behind pre law study guides but it's not good enough warrant me reading another Johnson book and I have low standards I'll read anything This is the second lackluster book with placid personality free characters I've read by Johnson and I'm just not interested in The big plot jump is about a guest at the hotel Scarlett's life gets super complicated when she ends up being the personal assistant for an odd eccentric woman It was a bit of a 'hilarity ensues' sort of plot Everything that Scarlett says or does is either at this woman's direction for her brother's benefit or about following a beautiful boy around Again Scarlett's lacking in personalityThe sibling relationship between Spencer and his sisters didn't feel right to me It was written with a sort of semi incestuous touch which I could have been okay with had it been intentional and you know somehow addressed Instead we're supposed to take Spencer snarling at any man who goes near his sisters as completely and utterly normal He implies Lola is a gold digger behind her back and then not too subtly to her face I believe his exact phrasing was telling Scarlett to never date 'a checkbook' This obviously puts a strain on Lola and Spencer's relationship but he's astonished when she cries about it later She's eighteen years old and this is likely than not the longest relationship of her life and you're taking a piss on it every twenty seconds It made me really dislike him when by and large I think I was supposed to find him to be charming and a bit of a rascalScarlett and Spencer's relationship is even weirder I know Maureen Johnson doesn't have siblings I've poked around on her blog before reading her books I can forgive a bit of this fumbling but not enough to really feel like their relationship was okay Spencer stomps around half jealous when Scarlett starts dating one of his friends because it takes her attention off of him Basically Scarlett has been his audience giggling and praising him for most of their lives and he does not want to share Um ew He is also reasonably upset because if Scarlett and his friend break up it will ruin HIS PLAY Of course the fact that Scarlett is constantly making HIS PLAY possible along with sacrificing a lot of stuff for him is totally glossed over Her whoring ways are ruining his CAREERAlso minor side uibble here but how did he get offered a culinary scholarship if he can't cook it's stated several times that no one in the house can and he has no interest in itEventually Spencer punches her non boyfriend kissed a couple of times friend She never asked him to hit anyone or get involved in her life He just did it on his own So really no one interfered with HIS PLAY except him and maybe the city of New York the play gets shut down several times because of zoning issuesAll of Spencer's behavior is portrayed as a okay Scarlett stayed out two hours past curfew He refuses to speak to her after it even though she's covered for him with his acting 'career' for weeks and also he once lied to their parents about a romantic liaison for an ENTIRE weekend The double standard made my head hurt and it wasn't the only one I hated Spencer when all was said and doneI tried to consider that having all those sisters warped him a little bit but I couldn't sell myself on it I've got a brother who grew up surrounded by girls My dad died when he was young and it was just my sister my mother my grandmother and me We've taught him about never commenting on a girl's weight that it is okay to get his eyebrows waxed if he's got a situation and to stop and say we look nice when we're dressed up to go out no matter how he thinks we actually look I learned that who he dates is his own business even if I meet six different girls in a two week time span and if I was going to come home really late I need to turn on the lights and not skulk around because he will come charging out of his room with a baseball bat The weird co dependency of the Spencer Scarlett relationship never appeared anywhere in my life However the relationships between Scarlett and her sisters were much realistically portrayed and interestingAgain the plot or less happens around Scarlett Most of the time when she has an opportunity to do something she reacts like a deer in headlights or blindly follows someone else's advice I didn't see a lot of difference between her and the main character of 13 Little Blue EnvelopesI really regret buying The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson now It's sitting on my shelf giving me the finger Her writing style will never be on my favorites list It's whimsy over substance and the character development makes a kiddie pool look deep I might read the seuel to this book because unlike in a lot of paranormal romances there is actually material for a second book and I'm sorta interested in the fate of the hotel I'm not rushing out to buy it though because I don't give a fig about Scarlett or her relationships If someone hands it to me I'll read it otherwise nope I don't expect a lot out of the second book or any real improvements in Johnson's writing character development or story telling I think she's definitely as set in her ways as they come like Meg Cabot but less talented

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    A brilliant book; I found myself drawn in by the witty intelligent Scarlett who even possessed shades of English sarcasm a uality I love in protagonists The setting the progressively deteriorating Hopewell Hotel in the centre of New York City was the perfect location for this funny endearing and generally wonderful story which didn't put a damper on my lifelong dream of living in a hotel The best aspect of this story wasn't the humour or setting however but the fantastic characterisation especially of the siblings Johnson perfectly depicts family dynamic and relationships in a book that you really ought to read

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    I would give this a 25 simply because the last oh 200 pages made me laugh from how ridiculous it wasJohnson's writing style irritated me to no end She has no sense of how to write from the voice of a 14 or 15 year old in this book I am actually annoyed I chose to read this book first as others have said her work is great perhaps this one is not representative And before I dig into my real issues with the story let me start by stating it is clearly a poor decision to put someone who is clearly 19 or 20 on the cover representing ScarlettSo where to begin?Why does it take 100 pages for a plot to begin? Why is it that the guest Ms Amberson is the one who begins the plot? Who is she anyway? Why is she there? Sure we get some hints that unravel as the story ends but really why should I care as a reader? I don't care about Scarlett at all and clearly no one else but her brother Spencer does either although she mentions having friends I would suspect any 15 year old girl in NYC would have than the 5 hiply named rich kids who are traipsing around the world as friends To be totally honest the only character in the entire book to have anything interesting going on is Lola If the story were written about her I may have enjoyed it The youngest sister Marlene is just a stock character serving as a problem throughout the story She's nothing but the sick kid who caused the family to go poor Boo hoo I don't care about Marlene as she is simply an irritating member of an already irritating story and I feel she gets that treatment throughout At least Johnson could have made her of an important character to make the whole Leukemia powerkids poorhouse creating monster gain some sort of empathy from the reader I just think she's a nuisance The book masuerades as a young adult novel but really it's a poor attempt to both write about something cool growing up in a hotel and about working for a demanding crazy woman ala Devil Wears Prada or any other story of that NYC based ilk while also trying to develop an absolutely absurd story about a girl who is way too in love with her older brother I'm not even sure how to classify the story nor would I be sure how to sell it to a reader It's funny because of how ludicrous it is but that's not the goal of the story it's ludicrous because I've read a lot and just can identify a fish when I see it Now I could have given Johnson credit for a hilariously absurd storyIF IT BEGAN BEFORE PAGE 100 But up until page 100 we have Scarlett being madly in love with Spencer and not much else And there's no build up to absurdity It's like Johnson wrote two separate short stories and tried to string them together It wasn't seamlessCan I return to the fact I can't buy the story of Scarlett and Spencer being such good siblings? There are parts I found downright incestuous Also Eric is 18 and wants to kiss 15 year old Scarlett? That's sick too I don't care how much girls dream about dating older boys at that age but no older boy especially a SOUTHERN boy as is repeated throughout would want a 15 year old EeshHonestly this is a book that Johnson should have rewritten entirely and centered it around bored uptown NYC housewives It would have been realistic and easier to find humorous or serious I'm sorry to have read this story first because now I'm going to be thinking of this as representative of her work I read she's creating a seuel I can't even imagine how Sometimes I can forgive a horrible story for good writing and sometimes I can do the reverse This one sadly has both against it

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    3½ This book was cute and I in no way mean that condescendingly If I was in high school this series may have been my favorite and I would pass it around to friends do I know any teens of the right age now? Scarlett is the least annoying 15 year old I've ever read in a book that I can remember She was real I would've been friends with her or maybe I would've been her Her emotions thoughts worries etc were realistic and not just her her 3 siblings were very real too There's a romance in the story but not in the way YA books have made me hate it before Maureen Johnson had a way of working in pop culture without it being overbearing and a way with words that made you feel 15 again It is clearly written with girls in mind but boys would enjoy it to actually a boy lent me the book I won't move onto the 2nd book unless the same friend has it to lend me or who knows the library looks and done everyday maybe I'll read it from there It isn't necessary though the book works on its own It has its drama and the world comes crashing on her all at once but clears up very realistically The book could very well stand on it's own and I like that I'd read by Johnson she has a little bit of uirk to her that I like I'm glad to know I haven't grown out of all YA books even if I should

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    Scarlett Martin's large family runs and lives in the Hopewell Hotel in Manhattan The Hopewell has seen better days and the family will do what it takes to keep the business afoot Scarlett feels like the only one of her friends who actually stayed in Manhattan for the summer But she won't be bored long thanks to a new guest the glamorous Mrs Amberson checking inI loved Scarlett's relationship with her family especially the tight bond with her older brother Spencer The characters and relationships were so well developed and believeable It's so interesting to read about the family dynamicsThe plot was definitely different than I thought it would be in a good way Since Spencer is an actor a lot of the story revolves around theater This was a very appealing topic to me and a great surpriseMaureen Johnson has a fantastic sense of humor with lots of sarcasm and witty uotes Her writing is very smooth and fast pacedThe only thing that prevented this book from getting 5 stars from me was that sometimes I didn't like the Scarlett character She was a bit cold and selfish sometimes especially in her treatment of her little sister who had battled cancer This is the only complaint that I had about the bookOverall the book was very entertaining with no slow parts The subject was uniue and not at all predictable Reviewed for

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    Reposted from my original blog post hereY’all I think there’s something inherently wrong with me because I had never ever read a page upon which MJ bestowed her glorious talent prior to this made of awesome 300 page collection of MJ scribeI knowAs I have said many many many times before here and everywhere else where I am present and books are discussed or I turn the conversation over to books there’s no better way to enamor me than a great well written and developed cast of characters Why stop at three dimensions? I’m all about the layers Similarly why stop with a single lone embodiment of brilliancy?So when you do what Maureen Johnson did here—which reminded me of what Steve Kluger did in My Most Excellent Year— you get my utmost attention respect awe and support I am at your mercyFirst and foremost we’re introduced to possibly one of the absolute best sibling combinations in all of YA Spencer Lola Scarlett and MarleneSpencer is an out of work nineteen year old actor trying to catch his lucky break or at least a casting as an extra— anything Lola is a mature and dainty eighteen year old but for all her acuiescent attitude and focus she’s got a lot of intensity brewing “behind those hazel eyes” which aren’t really hazel but I needed a pop culture reference because I feel I don’t do that enough Scarlett is the 3rd person focus hey I liked a 3rd person POV book of the book; she’s a efficient serious mature and mercifully non whiny and totally relatable fifteen year old Marlene is a bitchy cancer survivor eleven year old who drove me bonkers but she was also devilish in that precious spoiled kid wayThose four rocked my world I could’ve read about their laundry day routine for all I cared if only to see what kind of hilarious remark would escape Spencer’s mouth once he caught sight of Lola’s granny panties peeking out of her pants as she bent down to put her basket of regular panties in the wash He’s right up there with Dexter from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen TJ and Andy from My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger and Jamie from Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen in my list of favorite male characters Here’s a great exchange “Chip has a boat Fancy boat” Spencer went on “And he did promise Marlene a ride”“This is my ex boyfriend we’re talk about” she Lola said“I know” Scarlett said “It’s asking a lot I’m not asking you to get back together with him”“She’s definitely not asking that” Spencer cut in“This is just asking him to take a little boat ride” Scarlett finished“You mean you want me to use him”“Stop it” Spencer said “You’re making me love you ” Spencer no likey Chip by the byAnother thing I thought was super well done was Spencer and Scarlett’s close knit relationship They had a special bond neither had with their other siblings and I’m very familiar with that because it’s the exact same way I am with my brother Right down to his overprotectiveness when it comes to other guys LoveAlso Spencer’s would be love interest in this one—if she weren’t so damn annoying—is named Stephanie It’s a signAh and perhaps my favorite character above all isn’t even a component of the Fantastic Four There was this prima donna has been starlet who ran around bossing everyone around in the hotel Mrs Amberson and she ruled in all possible ways Here’s a ditzy flaky character who has a lot of power and isn’t afraid to royally fuck things up from time to time Great for conflictOh and I just have to add in somewhere that I hated Eric Scarlett’s lovebird He reminded me of an ex with his calculating approaches and scheming masked to look innocent and I thought he was an ass and I hope Scarlett does what needs to be done But she’ll probably reuire lovable slapping from me and doubtlessly many other readers before getting thereAnd FINALLY I loved Maureen’s witty use of language Behold Scarlett picked up the Empire Suite key from the table“I need a plan” she said to it “Something needs to give What do I do?”The key did not answer because keys generally do not speak This was probably a good thing because if it had replied Scarlett’s problems would have taken on a new level of complexityAnd that she did not needSee? LoveAlthough in the subject of Maureen’s writing I would have loved to understand why she used ellipses in spots where em dashes would’ve fit better The dot dot dot kind of worried me for a secondAnywayThere was a lot of theatrics in this one many theater references and such which in conjunction with the great characters is what reminded me of My Most Excellent Year I’d recommend it to anyone old or new jaded or naïve happy or depressed You need this oneSo easy grade A

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    1 JUST OUT OF GENEROSITY STARThis book fellow readers is a disgrace to the magnificent term 'YA Contemporary' that I hold above all else Suite Scarlett disappointed me on so many grounds I don't know where to start This was wrong in all possible proportions and I might juST HURL THE BOOK ACROSS THE ROOM1 The culprit Maureen Johnson After reading Let It Snow and absolutely adoring Johnson's story because of how stinkingly cute it was I expected something similar from this book Let's just say it didn't even come close Pretty conflicted on whether I should give her other books a try or not but I might pick one up in the future when my anger simmers down a bit because guys THIS WAS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR2 The deceiving writing style In the beginning when I felt that there was something off with the writing style I just chalked it up to my inability to read books since the past few months because of this book slump I was in However when I got deeper into the book I realised that it was too elaborate And believe me I mean that in the worst way possible It was a pain to read and slowed down the pace of reading by uite a few notches Though yes there's absolutely nothing wrong with fancy and nicely down writing styles – I mean take Brandon Sanderson or Sarah J Maas or Cassandra Clare – but do you sense a pattern there? They're all high fantasy authors And no this sort of writing style was not the write choice for a contemporaryFurther Maureen definitely needs to brush up her skills when it comes to teenagers Scarlett's voice was very immature and sometimes too mature for a 15 year old Just didn't come off how I'm sure the author wanted it toJohnson's also tried really hard to make it seem like all dramatic and jazzy with the whole theatre idea and I think it might've had worked if only it would've had been executed properly Sadly that was not the case3 The character development or lack thereof I can't even express how underdeveloped Scarlett's character was Whatever she said always just said something about someone else Yes I did get to know that her sister Lola was a perfectionist Her brother Spencer was charged and livelier than life and her little sister Marlene was well mean But Scarlett? Nope Not a clue Not only did I not like how her siblings and every other side character had such a structured boxed personality I hated even the fact that Scarlett our main character didn't even have one of those She was completely devoid of any of her own opinions and lacked individualismAlso why for the love of God are Scarlett's friends travelling the world doing community service? Each one of them? All these details seemed hasty on the author's part Seemed like she just wanted to show Scarlett had friend but didn't actually physically want them to be a part of the story Not only that but Mrs Amberson I absolutely hated her She was the eccentric too lost in her own world extremely rich all too sophisticated lady There was something very wrong with her and above anything else I just found her character plain annoying Sucks that she had the most screen time in the whole book4 The insta love hELP Sample this Eric's generosity his praise of Spencer's talentthese were very endearing ualities Scarlett tried to tell herself that this was what she liked about him and that it wasn't just his almost disturbing physical perfectionYeah well Scarlett thinks all this 2 hours after they just met 2 hoursAlso remind me again why a 19 year old extremely good looking actor falls for a 15 year old extremely dull girl? As I'm sure you can tell I wasn't a fan of the pairing At allWell I guess I'll just leave it at that I can rant for hours about the problems I had with this book but that's all I can say right now without it getting too spoiler y But honestly do yourself a favour and don't read this book All my hopes of it being a cute broadway esue NYC set contemporary romance just left me disappointed However if you do have to read it at all go into it with zero expectations as compared to my sky high ones and you might like it better'Kay then that's it bye

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    35 starsAt first I didn't really like this because I didn't like the characters It started out as a 2 star book but as I was reading it it got way way better I really liked Spencer and Eric Marlene was kinda odd and Lola was ok Scarlett I uite liked too The story was interesting I liked that it was about a play etc I did really think that mrs Amberson was annoying but I wasn't really annoyed by her any towards the endI will be picking up Scarlett Fever because I want to know how this series is continued finished

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    I really enjoy this author and I very much enjoyed this book Over the weekend I listened to a podcast on Stagecraft with Tom Hiddleston discussing a variety of topics including Shakespeare roles he had done At the time the interview was recorded he had recently done Hamelet with Kenneth Branagh directing I sent a link to some friends and ended up in a lengthy discussion about Shakespeare That night I picked up this book as a counterweight to the news of the day and I found myself immersed in an alternate take on putting on a production of aforementioned play It was delightful and has entertained me over the last 2 days The characters are very well written and the sibling relations are right on the money I loved the story and knew there was a published seuel which made me happy I am even happier to know there is a third book in the works This was just what I needed to chase away the emotional storm cloudshigh jinks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on unicycles and life running a down at the heels boutiue hotel in NYC So much to love Very highly recommended My 114th book of the year attained my yearly goal—will keep reading to see how many I can read before 12312020

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    It's like someone updated The Westing Game for me First of all I hope y'all stopped and read both the dedication and the introduction because for me they exemplified how authors can use those two tools to just let their freak flags fly Any author who writes the following passage On the morning of the tenth of June Scarlett Martin woke up to the sound of loud impromptu rap penetrating her thin bedroom wall from the direction of the bathroom next door Scarlett had been trying to ignore this noise for fifteen minutes by incorporating it into her dream but it was a difficult thing to weave the constantly repeated phrase 'I got a butt butt I got a mud hut' into a dream about trying to hide a bunch of rabbits in her T shirt drawerI am tempted to pelt with cookies Seeing how this passage very conveniently appears at the very beginning of the book I also know to read this book only in places where snortling will not be unduly disruptive Readers I LOVED IT Bring your hate and your disdain in comments if you need because I am in a serious RELATIONSHIP with this book and its seuel which has a small dog in it and I plowed ahead and read it anyway instead of hiding like the wiener I usually am I loved Spencer who I hope in the movie version will be played by DJ ualls I loved how fifteen Scarlett was and how she got mown down by her own love life and laid out smashed on the tracks of her own bad decisions I loved how New York the book was seeing how I had just read a book for a review that was nominally set in Manhattan but had people driving around to the park and no muggers and things Whereas by contrast this book hasA crowded New York subway car in the summer is a wonderful place to meet new people There is no decorum no breathing room and often no deodorant You survive by keeping yourself small and taking short maintenance breaths and making them last like divers doI loved Mrs Amberson and how grand and chaotic she was and how evil because it was freeing that she could be that evil Speaking of evil making the cancer stricken child a villain was a stroke of genius indicative of an author with balls roughly the size of the Elgin MarblesI loved the hotel because I suspect I am predisposed to love buildings that are breaking slowly andor have ghosts I would've loved a little detail on the historical plaue like things that appeared between parts of the book and of them but I am greedy like thatI loved how many uotes I had to painstakingly copy into my journal I did think at one point that Scarlett and Spencer were maybe ahem a little too close for brother and sister but then I decided that VC Andrews basically ruined everything for an entire generation with that sort of thinking and cast it aside Eric wasn't much to like simply because he was the goatlike teenage boy love interest but at least he rode a unicycle so he had some distinguishing characteristic And at least Spencer punched him I love the cover of the first edition hardcover book even though I couldn't afford that version of the book and bought the paperback with the key on instead because I had to have this book It and the seuel were able to bump two other books off the shelf at the very head of my bed with their awesomeness I loved Spencer's commentary about unicycles and bushes and Central Park I loved that he was the skinny theatre geek who got all the chicks I loved Lola's crazy understated love for Ninety Eight and how evil the other siblings were to him I'm sure this book is horrible for other people and that I overlooked plot holes through which elephants could stampede possibly with chains of acrobats riding on their backs but for some reason I just there wasn't any part of this book where I wasn't hanging on every word and giggling like a wee fiend I just hope at some point I have a birthday and someone gives me one of the Hopewell suites

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