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Star Born✻ [EPUB] ✰ Star Born By Andre Norton ❅ – When Raf Kurbi's Terran spaceship burst into unexplored skies of the far planet Astra and was immediately made welcome by the natives of a once mighty metropolis Kurbi was unaware of three vital thing When Raf Kurbi's Terran spaceship burst into unexplored skies of the far planet Astra and was immediately made welcome by the natives of a once mighty metropolis Kurbi was unaware of three vital things One was that Astra already harbored an Earth colony descended from refugees from the world of the previous centuryTwo was that these men and women were facing the greatest danger of their existence from a new outburst of the inhuman fiends who had once tyrannized AstraThree was that the natives who were buying Kurbi's science know how were those very fiends and their intentions were implacably deadly for all humans whether Earth Born or Star Born.

Alice Mary Norton always had an affinity to the humanities She started writing in her teens inspired by a charismatic high school teacher First contacts with the publishing world led her as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male dominated market to choose a literary pseudonym In she legally changed her name to Andre Alice She also used the names Andrew North and Allen.

Star Born ePUB ´ Paperback
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  • Star Born
  • Andre Norton
  • English
  • 07 December 2014
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    About five hundred years have passed since Dard Nordis and his fellow free scientist colonists in The Stars Are Ours fled persecution from the Company of Pax who were the new rulers of Earth and established a colony on the planet Astra Most of that time was spent in suspended animation during the trip Star Born opens three generations after the colonists arrive on Astra Now Dalgard Nordis Dard's descendent sets out with his merman friend and knife brother Sssuri to explore an unfamiliar part of the planet to fulfill the challenge that will welcome him to manhood The colony hasn't fared too well because sometime earlier a plague killed uite a few of the colonists Now the colony numbers only about 250 peopleDalgard's uest for manhood uickly changes to one for survival when he and Sssuri discover evidence that Those Others – the original inhabitants who enslaved the merpeople and destroyed themselves in a vicious war – are making a comeback So Dalgard and Ssuri decide to find evidence of their threat to both the colonists and their merpeople friends so they can warn everyone back homeMeanwhile two hundred years ago back on Earth Pax was overthrown and replaced by the Federation of Free Men The Federation had heard rumors of Free Scientists putting themselves and their families in suspended animation and fleeing to other planets in starships during the rule of Pax After inventing a hyperdrive that will let them travel outside their solar system without suspended animation the Federation began sending out starships to explore other planets and perhaps find the Free Scientists' descendants Nine starships were sent out one every year but none have returnedRaf Kurbi is part of the crew in the tenth starship that was sent out They land on Astra but discover than they expected when they come across Those Others Impressed by Those Others' advanced technology Raf and his fellow star travelers want to become friends with them But Those Others might have plans in mind that could threaten Delgard and the other colonists the merpeople and Raf and his fellow crew membersI mostly read science fiction when I was in junior high and high school Andre Norton was one of my favorite science fiction writers and Star Born was one of my favorite science fiction novels Along with her The Stars Are Ours and a few other science fiction novels by other writers Star Born has been sitting on my bookshelf as an ACE paperback for over fifty years I reread it for old time's sake and to see if it stood the test of time Norton's writing style is a bid antiuated now But I really have to judge her style by the standards of the time back half century ago I'll probably reread some of her books that were my favoritesBy the way Andre Norton's real name was Alice Mary Norton who was a librarian Andre Norton was her pseudonym because publishers were reluctant to take on female science fiction writers I'm sure glad things have changed since then

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    From my little blog pulpaweekblogspotcomRight from the start 'Star Born' was an enjoyable read chapter one has space refugees stoic merpeople giant lizards an ancient evil civilization and telepathic bunnies Andre Norton is somewhat respected in Sci Fi circles so I did a little research on him Well it turns out 'Andre' was actually Alice Norton's pen name and then later she legally changed her name from Alice to Andre This lady wrote about 300 books most which involved swords or lasers or laser swords in some fashion I will definitely be picking up some other books by herStar Born is a book about race relations and the follies and misunderstandings associated with them Kind of A human ship lands on a planet home to three races mutated exiled humans who had come generation before to escape a dystopian style regime the fur covered mermen who allied themselves with the exiles and predominantly communicate with their minds and an ancient race of slave masters who are pretty much evil to the bone The newcomers make contact with the slave masters first and are sickened by the way the evil bastards are trying to exterminate any mermen they see primarily with flame throwers and shit Once the slavers had ruled this planet but a nuclear war had devastated their population which is similar to what happened to the iron fisted regime on Earth The mermen live in peace on the string of islands living in fear of their once malevolent masters and alongside the near human telepath mutants of HomeportThe chapters switch off between Delgard one of the exiles and a 'knife brother' with one of the mermen and Raf a pilot for the newcomer humans who develops sympathy for the mermen early onThe root of this story is about race as the four races have different ideologies and cannot come to a peaceful agreement with one another This point is dulled by the slavemasters being an out and out evil race but I suppose you can't expect a conflicted villain out of a pulp novel Towards the end the already shaky alliance between the space explorer newcomers and the ancient aliens is broken as it is obvious they are stockpiling weapons to kill off the sentient merpeople There are some battles with spear throwing merpeople There are ray guns This is a pretty cool book for 1962Some people will have trouble getting past the typographical and grammatical errors Star Born is chock full of sentences like ' He closed the hatch behind Them' and typos including 'Warrier' Personally I found these errors to be a little charming this isn't high brow literature after all I rarely wish a book to be longer but at just 180 pages and a fun setting Star Born could have used a bit of padding An enjoyable book for fans of the genre but still not the classic I am searching for

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    I uite enjoyed this book I’m not typically a huge sci fi reader though I do enjoy it on occasion This book was very well written the characters were enjoyable the world and plot was very interesting and the description was perfect

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    This story is about the human descendants who left Earth in Andre Norton's prior story The Stars Are Ours In the time since the refugee humans colonized Astra tension has grown from the devolved natives of a once great empire that originally populated the planetA space exploration ship from Earth arrives at Astra unaware of the secret human colony or the growing antipathy toward all humans from the planet's original descendants The newly arrived humans provide valuable technology to the aliens not knowing that the ultimate goal would be death for all humans space born and Earth bornAnother of Andre Norton's masterpieces Star Born uses vivid imagery strong characterization and a simple plot to weave a fast paced tale for the wildly creative mind One of my favorites from Ms Norton

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    This was a really fun book Light reading and interesting plot I'd love to read a seuel of both the main characters to see how the experiences of this book affect them in the next

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    An author with an extraordinary mind to bring science fiction to the common man We are living in that world now well not all of it I love re reading these novels of the 40s and 50s

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    Short and sweet two separate plot lines that converge late into the novel but to great effect Apparently this is a seuel to an earlier book but there's nothing on the cover of this edition to indicate this In any case it reads fine as a stand alone novel and I didn't feel particularly confused or lost Written in the late 50's a strong emphasis on social and cultural aspects of alien life rather than on technology means it doesn't feel as dated as some of its contemporaries And I have to shamefully admit that even though uite familiar with the name of Andre Norton in the SF field I had no idea it was a woman writer before picking this up

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    Star Born is the exciting seuel to The Star Are Ours After a nuclear was a small band of Free Scientists breaks free of the Dark Age being imposed on the shattered Earth by Pax In a sleeper starship some fity humans escape across space to a world they name Astra to disappear from the pages of human history They find freedom but not paradise on a world that also has fallen from war The remnants of two native species the peaceful mer folk and the survivors of “Those Others” a xenophobic race with high technology sporadically battle on Astra The human colonists seek only to live in peace but of necessity align with the mer folkStar Born begins with Dalgard a descendant of Dard Norris the protagonist of the first book He travels with Sssuri his “knife brother” of the mer folk Dalgard is on his first journey of exploration a rite of passage he must endure in order to become a full adult member of his tribe The Free Scientists retain their desire to explore Astra though their technology has disappeared in the four generations that the Terrans have lived on Astra Dalgard bears a knife and bow and resemblance to a Native American than to the original spacers Yet he carries the scientific method with him and while technology has been impossible to preserve knowledge has remained The Terrans are not regressing but developing in different ways The Mer people who appear to have been genetically engineered and developed by those others from an animal species are limited telepaths Each generation of humans has been better able to communicate with the mind touch extending it to the animals of Astra as well Centuries pass and back on Earth Pax falls and is replaced by a democratic government Hyperdrive is discovered and Earth launches its first starships One of these the RS10 a rather unimaginative name I felt carries with it Raf Kurbi young loner the pilot of the flitter a small atmospheric craft for exploring whatever new world they find Dalgard having his ancestors wanderlust and curiosity is heading toward one of the deserted bases of “Those Others” while the humanoid Others are similar in appearance to humans their minds are so alien that contemplations of their color coded communications have driven humans near mad The science of Those Others has been put aside by the colonists and ignored by the mer folk whose hatred of their former masters knows no limitDalgard and Sussurri head for the base only to find that it is deserted no longer Those Others have returned in a globe airship to loot their old labs for weapons and devices Over their heads comes the RS10 landing at this critical moment in Astra’s history Against the odds RS10 comes down on Astra but its landing is very different from the landing of the original Free Scientist Colony ship They land on the continent of Those Others meeting them almost immediately The natives and the humans are wary of each other none so then Raf whose distrust of the aliens is immediate and visceral Unfortunately it is perceived as mere prejudice by his captain a sin in the new society that fought free of Pax and he is initially disregardedThose Others however cannot conceal even it occurred to them to do so their true nature imperious xenophobic and contemptuous of all life not their own While the humans travel with Those Others learning some of their astonishing technology and visiting their ruins they are horrified to watch an attack by the globe ship on a group of furred mer folk The humans are unsure if the mer folk are animals or people but the chilling brutality begins to tell on themMeanwhile Dalgard is stalking the expedition of “Those Others”and Sussurri has returned to warn the colony and the tribe Dalgard is captured by Those Others who are alarmed and astonished to find a human in alliance with the mer folk While they are confused by his appearance they are viscerally disgusted by his friendship with their slave race Dalgard is taken to the arena in the depleted city of “Those Others” to be thrown to dinosaur like beasts with a merman prisonerDalgard has been using his limited telepathic powers to call for help He is shocked when he contacts not a mer person or a colonist but Raf The young pilot the embers of his distrust of Those Others now fanned to bright flame intervenes to free the pair bringing an open break with the Starship and Those OthersRaf and Dalgard find a mer folk tribe nearby preparing for a hopeless attack But with Raf’s weapons and explosives perhaps it is no longer so hopeless It all turns on Raf If the Globeship and its warehouse of weapons and recovered treasures are destroyed then it may be that the rise of Those Others degenerate and few in number can be checkedRaf and Dalgard face to choices to support each other in a way that the visiting starship had no wish to participate in And beyond that lies a greater choice RS10 has not come to stay Dalgard fears that reestablishing a tie with Earth will end the evolution of the Terrans into Astrans Must they follow the same path of science and technology as the Earthmen or should they continue on the path that they are on Two young men two choices and a world in the balanceRead it and find outPros Andre Norton’s clear writing and engaging characters usually young people seeking to find their way in life becoming the adults who will lead in their worlds Colorful descriptions even in the smaller details make the ruined cities and countryside of this new world very vividCons The YA and Boy’s Own uality gives the book a slightly dated feel as does Forbidden Planet’s all while make crew of the C57D An update of this would make one of the leads female for a interesting story The RS10 is probably the least developed part of the book and the starship crew sometimes seems both a bit cluless and underdeveloped For all its shortcomings there is really nothing wrong with the charming tale of otherworld and its unexpected friendship between these too little than boys

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    This is one of the better Andre Norton's I've read She flexes her fantasy writing muscle here creating a world where an old world meets new Spears and uesting and land based dragon lizards share the page with space explorers and dying races that have advanced technology without fully understanding it all There's a bit of substance to this book and it all stacked up as a well told story in a way that Norton's novels didn't always achieve It goes a bit beyond the usual boys own adventure that she could also pump out and carried a little gravitas and cohesion in storytelling There's a couple of story lines in this that slowly come together with the concept of what makes a human a human lightly explored along with some uestion of our ethical right to kill creatures we view as inferior It's also a piece that touches on the value of technology versus the value of a life lived closer to nature and natural rhythms But it's also got dragon lizard things and lots of chases and explosions to keep it cracking on Not 4 stars but than 3

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    I don't think I've ever an Andre Norton book before but I'm sure familiar with her name and those awesome covers on the Ace editions Norton and Ace were ubiuitous in the science fiction sections of the libraries I haunted as a kid even though I was interested in checking out Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E Howard at the timeI picked this up at a used bookstore on a whim and loved it It's not a classic that I'm going to re read over and over but it's exactly what I was looking for fast paced science fiction adventure in an imaginative setting and with insightful social commentary I'll be looking for Norton next time I'm at the store

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