A Summer To Remember Heartland Special Edition

A Summer To Remember Heartland Special Edition❴Read❵ ➪ A Summer To Remember Heartland Special Edition Author Lauren Brooke – Tbjewellers.co.uk A Heartland Super Special set in the fabulous Hamptons just in time for summer readingAfter her sopho year at college Amy receives an urgent reuest to help a troubled horse She is whisked off to the H A Heartland Super Special set To Remember Epub Ý in the fabulous Hamptons just in time for summer readingAfter her sopho year at college Amy receives an urgent reuest to help a troubled horse She is whisked off to the Hamptons to meet Alfredo Escobar whose Argentinean family is renowned for their involvement in exclusive polo A Summer eBook ↠ circuits The Escobars expect nothing but the best from both their ponies and their riders But Alfredo's pony Impala has been giving him problems If Alfredo can't learn to work with her they may both be in for trouble It's up to Amy to find the key to mending this relationship and to Summer To Remember PDF/EPUB ¿ help Alfredo meet his family's tremendous expectations.

Lauren Brooke grew up in To Remember Epub Ý a ranch in Virginia and now lives in Leicestershire England Her husband is a veterinarian who specializes in horses Her books have been published by since Mid starting with the first book of the Heartland book series The first book of her popular Chestnut Hill A Summer eBook ↠ series was published in According to an interview on scholastics' website Lauren Brooke.

A Summer To Remember Heartland Special Edition ePUB ¸
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • A Summer To Remember Heartland Special Edition
  • Lauren Brooke
  • English
  • 24 March 2016
  • 9780545048903

10 thoughts on “A Summer To Remember Heartland Special Edition

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    This was kind of hard to rate because it was enjoyable but I was bitter the whole way through from Amy and Ty breaking up in the previous bookOkay this was like my first book series I read I started it when I was in the first grade I own almost every single book except for this one and one or two others I’ve been shipping Amy and Ty for like 20 years I love the showI can be a little bitter alright Bitter me would give this a 3 or a 35 but I was good and put my salty feelings aside to give this a 4 stars Also the fact that we weren’t at Heartland makes me sad because I love it there But it makes perfect sense to place Amy in these outside situations in the special edition books I just missed the horses and the famSo here’s my apology to pasta boy I’m sure you’re nice and a talented polo player but you’re just not Ty

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    I was happy to hear that another heartland book had come out however it wasn't like the other ones as it was never based at heartland it was at a polo yard you also hear Amy and Ty are no longer a couple which kind of ruined it for me as she is interested in someone else

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    I read it a few years ago but I remember loving it

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    Amy having only visited home during spring break since the last book is spending her summer earning riding instructor credits when an amazing opportunity comes her way A polo player named Alfredo invites Amy to his family's horse farm in the Hamptons so Amy can help his mare Impala who is perfect anytime but when she's on the polo field Alfredo's father opposes Amy's techniues and instead blames the mare's bad behavior on Alfredo Amy has to learn how to play polo in order to figure out what is really wrong with Impala and there's a little romance as wellWhile I enjoyed reading about Amy's time diagnosing Impala and learning about polo I feel like the whole Heartland aspect of the series has disappeared since Amy entered college Of course the special editions are called this because Amy is away at college and not working at Heartland any But when Amy decided to go to college I did not expect her to spend most of her college breaks off on adventures rather than visiting her home and family and friends She is in the summer before her junior year and according to the special editions Amy has been home to visit about 3 times if you can include the few days she spent before flying off to Arizona in Beyond the Horizon I also feel sad that Amy and Ty are not together I guess after 20 books in the Heartland series about their perfect relationship I'm upset that in the first special edition they broke up and remain broken up Amy and Alfredo's relationship seems a bit forced to me she's there and he's there and they're at a beautiful mansion so why not have them get together? Amy just doesn't seem to care about Alfredo in any kind of romantic way Again it mirrors my issues with her and Ty's relationshipI wonder if there will be any Heartland books I feel like the age group is difficult here because Amy is in college and an adult and this is a series for middlegrade readers There were a few references to Chestnut Hill in this book so I feel like the author will continue with that series and not return to this one

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    this was a hard book to put down it was so captivating and interesting when amy is invited to go to the escobars a promonte polo riders family to cure one of the polo horses of her fear in the end everything turns out ok and amy ends up in love with the owner of the horse she cured it ends to suddenly for me but others might like it

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    This book doesnt have alot of action but it was one of my favorites in the series

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    my favorite part was when impala was acting good at playing polothe worst part was when Amy just about couldn't fix impalathe best character is amythere was no worst characterauryn 9 years

  8. says:

    One of the books that made me fall in love with the english language and widen my horizon

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    my favorite series I just wish they gave a little detail into some things

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