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Dali et moi❮EPUB❯ ✼ Dali et moi Author Catherine Millet – Tbjewellers.co.uk Salvador Dalì’s 1904–89 surrealist paintings such as The Persistence of Memory and The Metamorphosis of Narcissus are internationally beloved for their unforgettable images and eccentric metaphor Salvador Dalì’s – surrealist paintings such as The Persistence of Memory and The Metamorphosis of Narcissus are internationally beloved for their unforgettable Dali et MOBI :´ images and eccentric metaphors for the human condition His lesser known but eually intriguing writings on the other hand are remarkably coarse describing human bodies and evocations of sexuality with a bewildering mixture of crude realism and naïve simplicity Dalì and Me is an account by art historian and controversial author Catherine Millet of a highly personal encounter with the artist’s celebrated paintings and self reflective writings One of the first studies of the notoriously idiosyncratic artist’s essays this revolutionary book reveals all the narcissism anxiety and visual genius of the most famous—and infamous—of the surrealists Based on years of scrupulous research into Dalì’s life and art yet deeply enriched by Millet’s autobiographical journey this landmark volume uncovers the reverberations of Dalì’s influence on his friends and contemporaries In its explorations of both Millet’s and Dalì’s inner workings Dalì and Me ultimately becomes an argument in book form that personal involvement can be the key to understanding one of the most compelling oeuvres in art history  .


Dali et moi ePUB ô Dali et  MOBI :´
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Dali et moi
  • Catherine Millet
  • English
  • 09 May 2016
  • 9783858817112

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    Dalí and Me is a very good introduction to the writings of Salvador Dalí and his similar obsessions related to the writer Catherine Millet who actually never knew him in any way whatsoever except in her imagination which is basically her point in writing about him Millet is a smart cookie and proves it with her critical analysis of his writings and art The English edition proved to have too many errors too many wrong words such as too for to and other common mistakes that proved uite irritating to me It is unfortunate the publisher did not have better proofreaders in respect of the seriousness of this book Obviously Millet was at the mercy of her publisher and I doubt she knows a lick of English except maybe the word fuck The proofreaders on this assignment were either unfamiliar with the English language or perhaps uncaring enough for doing a good enough job It is also possible their spell check software was flawed or did not recognize a correctly spelled word as still being wrong Very irritating and unnecessary segment of my experience reading Millet who I would have to believe would have wanted her work presented in a professional mannerFrom reading the book I did learn that the moral judgments passed on by the masses played a role both in her own life as it did Dalí's though Dalí used them in his life as a tool for advertising and building his personal myth Though I respect Millet and find her work fulfilling there are few similarities between she and Dalí except perhaps for their actual performances outside and off the written page

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