A Journey in Grace

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Dr Belcher is the Professor of Old Testament He is an ordained minister in the PCA and pastored an urban nondenominational church in Rochester NY for ten years before pursuing the Ph D This pastoral experience in an unusual and challenging setting gives him great insight into the practical modern issues that will be faced by future pastors studying with him at RTS He graduated from Covenant.

A Journey in Grace PDF ✓ A Journey  ePUB ½
  • Hardcover
  • 154 pages
  • A Journey in Grace
  • Richard P. Belcher Jr.
  • English
  • 17 December 2016
  • 9780925703118

10 thoughts on “A Journey in Grace

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    I gave this book 5 stars because of the way it presents Calvinism to some who does not know it it does it really well I liked that it was done in story form kept me really engaged following Ira as he discovered what a Calvinist is highly recommend it

  2. says:

    When I first read this book I thought that it was a non fictional story from the author's life I was young and hungry to know about the subject of Calvinism so I missed the obvious detail that should have informed me differently; the author's name is not the same as the protagonist's This novel is written almost like a fictional memoir It follows the journey of a young seminary student Ira who is asked a simple uestion while being interviewed by a Pastoral Search Committee However the simple uestion Young man are you a Calvinist? is one that changes Ira's life Ira doesn't know what a Calvinist is so he sets out to find answers in hopes that the next time he faces this uestion he will have an answerBelcher does a phenomenal job of making his main character Ira seem real The sections of the story where Ira is meets and begins building a relationship with his eventual wife feel very authentic For example in the open paragraph of Chapter 7 we read And it was increased after I called Terry on Thursday to ask for a date on Friday evening She accepted with enthusiasm which encouraged me greatly Early this summer I was talking with a girl on the phone and her lack of enthusiasm deflated my self esteem I am able to empathize with Ira because I understand the difference it makes when talking to a girl who is excited about spending time with you versus one who is notWhat this teaches me in regards to my own writing is the importance of creating authentic scenarios for my characters to take part in The ability to produce empathy in my readers would be a powerful tool to have in my writing arsenal

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    This book was a very easy read and very interesting It follows a young Baptist college student through his uest to discover what Calvinism is Does a good job of giving a friendly accurate portrayal of Calvinism in his studies The book also has other story lines happening as well It's a great book for someone wanting to get an idea of what Calvinism is Also does a good job of contrasting hyper Calvinism with true Calvinism

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    i would highly recommend this book to any one who is just discovering the doctrines of grace or who is struggling with a certain issue about the doctrines of grace or a person looking for a theological book

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    I could not leave this book out of my handIt's written with a pastoral heart however accuracy for terms is there and the author does not fall on emotional arguments or shy away from difficult uestionsIt's a new concept for me to read a theological novel but it truly was such a thing It had both interpersonal dynamics and also theological conversations It made clear for me that we don't struggle with concepts and different views in a sterile academic environment but we face these challenges in our day to day lives limited by time responsibilities and our own energy and characterIt made me realize that such a journey takes time and good friendships are of utmost importanceI would recommend this book to anyone who is brave enough to take the journey in further understanding biblical doctrines It is not far to say that raising objections without having read at least some of the answers makes one fail the proper do your research properly test

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    So clear and so goodThis book contains one of the clearest and most winsome presentations of the doctrines of grace that I have ever read I have actually read the book twice and both times I have been sad to come to the end I really need to read the other books in the series If you already understand the doctrines of grace are curious because of what you’ve heard or think that you are already against “Calvinism” you need to read this story

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    Readable and yet a challenging thoughtful readI liked how the author used a realistic allegorical setting to convey deeper thoughts There were parts that I thought were dismissive like the point on “carnal” Christians but enjoyed the book nevertheless

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    Great deep theological book but written in a way that is easy to understand I would recommend this to any believer in Christ

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    The work lives up to the title It maps God's sovereign grace to every aspect of His relationship to those whom He has called to trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ for salvation I am repulsed by labels especially in Christendom the uestion posed to the protagonist early on Are you a Calvinist? almost made me put this book aside but the flow of logic and support kept me engaged and enlightened If you want really good fiction look elsewhere However if you want solid theology that deepens your understanding of scripture this is a must read

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