Murder by Committee

Murder by Committee[PDF / Epub] ☉ Murder by Committee ❤ Veronica Heley – The sixth Ellie uicke mystery It seemed an innocent reuest would widowed Ellie uicke visit a man whose dog died in an accident The dog's master a powerful but unpleasant businessman believes he was th The sixth Ellie uicke mystery It seemed an innocent reuest would widowed Ellie uicke visit a man whose dog died in an accident The dog's master a powerful but unpleasant businessman believes he was the intended target and that an old enemy is Murder by Epub / responsible Feuding financiers are bad news not only for the City where jobs are at stake but also for Ellie who can't fill in a tax return without help.

Veronica Thorne.

Murder by Committee PDF/EPUB ß Murder by  Epub /
  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • Murder by Committee
  • Veronica Heley
  • English
  • 15 November 2016
  • 9780727891495

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    Murder by Committee the sixth novel in Veronica Heley’s Ellie uicke series kept me up half the night I was so engrossed in the story I wasn’t much of an Ellie uicke fan at first much preferring Heley’s other series that features Bea Abbott Ellie’s polar opposite but Ellie — and Heley — have completely won me over with this bookWhen widow Ellie uicke first tackles the unscrupulous businessman Sir Arthur Kingsley in this sixth book in the series she had no idea how the encounter would affect her own family — alienating one family member but strengthening her relationship with so many others Assisted by her difficult Aunt Drusilla her friends Rose and Kate her cousin by marriage Roy and her sage parish priest Ellie helps to first stave off Sir Arthur’s attempt to cheat St Thomas Church and secondly put a stop to Sir Arthur’s even nefarious plans The motley collection has Ellie’s back and truly saves the dayAnd Ellie’s daughter Diana has perfectly selfish and demanding through all six of the series’ novels that I’ve read thus far but I realize in this book that she’s even greedy and remorseless than I ever imagined Poor Ellie to be cursed with such a daughter Murder by Committee is the best book yet in this wonderful British cozy series One time doormat Ellie proves positively heroic by saving a battered wife and exposing a criminal financier

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    This book Ellie finds herself between two feuding business tycoons in the 6th book of the series One of the tycoon's dog was poison; Ellie is asked to find out who poisoned the dog The owner blames the other tycoon for the poison but he has many enemies It could have been someone elseThe villain is a bully and a wife abuser Felicity enters the story Diana is in financial trouble and aligns herself with the abuser Ellie's grandson has been acting out and she has refused to babysitter Frank Diana sells the half of Ellie's home to the villain Ellie will need to change her life to adjust to the new reality I highly recommend this book and series

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    Some of Heley's books are uite scary toward the end as her main character comes into increasing danger from evil persons I liked this book by Heley than some of her others because this one did not do that but it was a good mystery nonetheless

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    I like this series but I think I will take a break before reading #7 I have to say I hurried through this one so I could read something interesting

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    Nice easy series will continue

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    Ellie uicke widow doesn't claim to be the world's best financial brain but she can spot a villain even if they appear in the guise of a wealthy and respected businessman Ellie's neighbour Kate is the one for finance and it is Kate who asks her if she will meet Sir Arthur Kingsley and see if she can find out who poisoned his beloved dog Ellie dislikes Sir Arthur on sight and the feeling is mutual but when she finds out her architect cousin Roy has fallen foul of him she decides that against her better judgement she needs to get involvedNaturally one thing leads to another and between Ellie's demanding daughter Diana her eually ruthless Aunt Drusilla and various friends and acuaintances she soon finds she has her hands full and then she finds her home under attack as well This is a fast moving and tense cosy mystery The violence is off the page and not graphic the characters are well drawn and believable and the action is firmly rooted in the everyday I love Ellie as a character and have read this book several times now and still find it enjoyable even though I know the outcomeIf you like your crime stories to fall into the cosy sub genre and to have depth than some then this series will be of interest to you The books can be read in any order but if you read them in the order in which they were published it is interesting to see how the main characters grow and develop

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    This is a good escape mystery with English rain and a London setting Ellie uicke is a likeable protagonist scatterbrained in some ways forgetting where her mobile is or trying to do too many good deeds at one time One likes her as do her neighbors and total strangers meeting her for the first time This time a dog is killed with a poisoned pizza rather than a person However the dog's owner may have been the intended target and if so picking out the perpetrator will be difficult because many people hated him a businessman involved in many shady dealings that caused hurt to numerous victimsWhat about his wife seemingly a beaten down handywoman for him to vent his anger on But as good hearted Ellie invites the woman to take refuge with her she discovers another side of the woman Is she set up to spy on EllieWhat about the wealthy businessman fighting with the shady character tooth and nail Is he actually on the up and up And who vandalizes Ellie's conservatory and even horribly attempts to kill the wealthy businessman's sonAlso in the mix of characters is Diana the daughter you love to hate constantly making life difficult for her mother Others include grandson Frank who can be a terror at times the sharp Aunt Drusilla and the clergyman of Ellie's church a surprisingly resourceful individual

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    The series featuring Ellie uicke is one I always reach for when I want a relaxing cozy mystery read that is well written I know I will enjoy the book Ellie is developing into a independent woman after the death of her husband She now has a network of friends that are featured in each book The most unlikeable character for the reader in the book is her dreadful daughter Diana Ellie cares for others and helps out when asked She is now starting to speak out Her acuaintances know she has strong people skillsIn this book her neighbor Kate asks to talk to a powerful businessman whose dog was poisoned Since the poison was in a delivered pizza it was the business man who appeared to be the intended target Ellie and the business man did not care for each other upon meeting Ellie becomes entangled with the underhanded dealing on this man and she finds herself in danger Beside the regular characters in this book some new characters are introduced I hope several of them appear in upcoming books This was a very good book in the series The series is based in a suburb in London but has a small village feel If you enjoy English cozy mysteries that have substance you should enjoy this series I would start with the first book Murder at the Altar to see the character development as it grows though out the series

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    There's something about Ellie's growing assertiveness that counterbalances the preaching and pious attitudes along with her unrelentingly awful daughter In this mystery Ellie's growing reputation as someone who is good with people is tapped to find out who killed a tycoon's dog That small mystery proliferates into a bigger mystery of graft financial skullduggery threats and violence As usual it's a daily life in the outskirts of London punctuated by uestions nosiness uirky characters and happy endings

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    There is one character in all the Ellie uicke book Diana Ellie's daughter that is such an evil ugly acting person that she colors the whole story and the bad guy in this story Sir Arthur Kingsley is another just totally evil and unlikeable character But the stories are fun and I do love that Ellie is always praying and is such a good hearted person I keep reading the series I also like the the bad guys lose and the good guys win as it should be

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