Marcus Furius Subura born in Caesar s old tenement in the worst neighborhood in Rome is trained in arms by his father, retired centurion Gaius Furius Subura, and in farming, management, and forging Noricum steel for the Roman Army by his paterfamilias Lucius As the older family members are injured or ill under the care of young physician Dioscorides, Marcus undertakes deliveries from the Adriatic Sea and to Mainz on the Rhine discovering when faced with bandits that he has a gift for homicide This is noted by his neighbor Flavius Vespasian who has General Suetonius Paulinus at Mainz certify Marcus as swordsman, marksman, and artilleryman Marcus is next apprenticed to an architectus and soon certified in road building and bridge building Joining the Fourteenth Legion s tenth cohort sailing from Osta, Marcus finds himself aiding senior centurion Quintilius to train the men In Britain, under General Paulinus, Marcus distinguishes himself in the bloody storming of the Druidic Stronghold at Mona and road building across Britannia just in time to face battle in Boudicca s horrific rebellion Marcus serves Paulinus successor, the peacemaker Publius Turpilianus, and loves a girl among the Brigantes Roman towns are rebuilt and Tribune Titus uses the Fourteenth to build roads Its best men are soon shipped after him to Judea Marcus finds himself supporting Vespasian to be Emperor, rebuilding battered legions, sponsoring Josephus to write a history of the Jewish War, then marching with Titus Caesar on Jerusalem to assault, besiege, and storm the strongest city in the world Its horrors fade as Marcus and friends tour the East with Titus Caesar coming last to the antiquities of Egypt, genius Heron s workshop, and the Great Library After marching in the Triumph of Emperor Vespasian and Titus Caesar, Marcus and family find he has a girl with a child, daughter of a Roman, Tiberius Silva, in Britannia who wants a wedding and adoption The two have dreamed of each other The family is delighted Emperor Vespasian gives his permission gladly Marcus has just thought of a tax on public privies to replace an impossible one on sex Sailing for Britain with Legate Agricola to rebuild the worn Twentieth Legion, Marcus soon marches for a surprise attack on the Brigantes King Venutius great fortress while his brother Gaius secundus marches with Governor Petillius Cerialis in the Second Adiutrix Legion from the North They strike together Marcus captures Venutius who may not be guilty of anything His Queen Cartismandura has run away to the South to Camulodunum with Marcus girl s family Marcus marries his Marcia with a lightning bolt cleaving the altar in an eerie blessing as he stand with wife and son before their witnesses Agricola builds roads and Aquae Sullis Bath then defeats the savage Druidic Silures with Marcus and friends leading a masterly attack Governor Cerialis gets his Triumph for this and many services Marcus fair young sister Lucia falls in love with leonine, green eyed Quintilius, who is old enough to be her father He cannot help but respond to her ardor and marries her with her family s and Emperor Vespasian s blessings Children are born and cherished Paterfamilias Lucius, aged 87, dies and is mourned A summons arrives from the Emperor It could be that military expert Governor Sextus Julius Frontinus is having trouble in far away Britannia The family prepares to travel to Rome. Download SWORD OF ROME By William Harper – tbjewellers.co.uk

William Thomas Harper became an Assistant Professor of History at Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL, where he served with distinction being awarded the rank of Associate Professor with tenure in 1978 He served in this capacity until 1999, when the weight of his contributions, computer expertise and the international publication of his history and exploration of source materials in THE ORIGINS AND RISE OF THE BRITISH DISTILLERY, which resulted in his appointment as Full Professor of History and Mentor in Computer Technology at Alabama State University.

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