The Beautiful Fallen

      The Beautiful Fallen
Ariana Benson had never felt like there was a time in her life when she could have called herself normal Raised by an overprotective mother and haunted by nightmares of a child surrounded by a massacre, she finds herself trying desperately to make a normal life for herself by enrolling into college at age nineteen However, all of her attempts at being normal are quickly pushed aside when Chris Liam appears.A breathtakingly handsome young man, Chris quickly draws Ariana s attention with his uncanny resemblance to the child that has been haunting Ariana s dreams for as long as she can remember And when she stumbles upon an abandoned house in the woods near her home and is rescued by Chris from what seems to be a vengeful spirit, she quickly begins to learn that she isn t like other girls In fact, she s not even truly human.She is one of the Beautiful Fallen.Thrown into a world where monsters hide among humans and fallen angels roam freely, Ariana finds herself relying and on Chris and his friends to find her true place in the world But as she does, she begins to find herself being drawn closer and closer to Chris And though she feels as though she may have found the one who could hold the key to her destiny, the clock is ticking on what could very well become the end of her kind.But how can you survive when eternity is only a sin away New Download [ The Beautiful Fallen ] by [ K.D. Peters ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

My name is K.D Peters, and I ve been writing since I was nine years old It has always been one of my favorite things along with art My favorite subjects have always been in the realm of the spiritual and what may exist beyond the veil of mortality Some of my novels, including the Feathers series, was actually written close to ten years ago now, but thanks to , I m finally able to share them with a wider audience I hope everyone enjoys them

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      The Beautiful Fallen
 by K.D. Peters For Kindle ePUB or eBook –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 317 pages
  • The Beautiful Fallen
  • K.D. Peters
  • English
  • 12 November 2018

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