Hades Disciples The Legacy of the Gods #2

Hades Disciples The Legacy of the Gods #2❮Reading❯ ➳ Hades Disciples The Legacy of the Gods #2 ➬ Author Michael West – Tbjewellers.co.uk Terrifying creatures exist all around us hiding in plain sight Ancient Deadly They gather in secret conspiring dreaming of nothing less than humanity's destruction and their numbers are growingEarl Pr Terrifying creatures exist The Legacy PDF/EPUB » all around us hiding in plain sight Ancient Deadly They gather in secret conspiring dreaming of nothing less than humanity's destruction and their numbers are growingEarl Preston Hades Disciples MOBI :´ knows the danger all too well After tangling with a horde of mythological sea monsters in Colonial Bay he has been tasked with finding these beasts and exposing their plans whatever Disciples The Legacy MOBI î they may be But Earl is not the only one with a mystery on their hands At the very top of the world Carol Miyagi has stumbled onto an artifact from Disciples The Legacy of the PDF/EPUB or Earth's past something magnificent held captive in a prison of ice and snow Now Carol and Earl must work uickly to decipher the will of the gods a plot that defies imagination and to stop their followers from carrying Disciples The Legacy of the PDF/EPUB or it outThey thought the nightmare was over but they are about to discover that the horror has only just begun.

Michael West is The Legacy PDF/EPUB » the bestselling author of Cinema of Shadows The Wide Game Spook House Skull Full of Kisses and the critically acclaimed Legacy of the Gods series A graduate Hades Disciples MOBI :´ of Indiana University with a degree in Telecommunications and Film Theory West has written a multitude of short stories articles and reviews for various on line and print publications He lives Disciples The Legacy MOBI î and works in the Indiana.

Hades Disciples The Legacy of the Gods #2 PDF î The
  • Paperback
  • 301 pages
  • Hades Disciples The Legacy of the Gods #2
  • Michael West
  • English
  • 04 July 2016
  • 9781941706008

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    This is the second book in this series Just wanted to warn you if you haven’t read Poseidon’s Children yet I’ll do my best not to spoil it for you The story picks up around two years after Colonial Bay and while some of my favorite characters aren’t in this story some are Carol and Alan are now living in Japan and settling in nicely when someone from Carol’s past comes calling Kari is a very close friend from back in her college days She’s asking for their help in finding her father He disappeared after heading off to Nepal to find what he believes is the Ark Not that he thinks it’s Noah’s Ark The decision is made for them when a rampaging tiger crashes into their home bent on obliterating them Carol and Kari manage to take it out and Alan reluctantly joins them as they prepare to scale the frozen mountain of Makalu the location of the Ark Also a place of hidden danger and myth Even the Sherpa won’t guide anyone up there Local superstition says it belongs to the Yeti Earl now working for Homeland Security is back and has a bigger role this time He barely survives an attack by Hades Desciples They want the old Gods back Seems they forgot the bit about being slaves to them Earl forms an alliance with the creatures that rescued him and they rush to protect his partner laid up in a hospital This second book delves deeper into the history of these creatures I learned about how they came to be here and why There are three clans Poseidon’s Children are water based They take on the aspect of creatures from the deep Zeus’ Warriors are human in appearance Hades’ Desciples are beasts of all kinds Some of nature and some of fantasy All were created by someone or something for a reason that will be revealed Werewolves bats yeti satyrs and many monsters will keep your hair standing on end Three clans Three agendas One final outcome And one heck of a cliffhanger ending Just thought I’d warn ya Zeus’ Warriors Book Three in The Legacy of the Gods Series is coming soon and I’ll be there If you love monsters myths and urban fantasy you’ll love this series and I recommend you give it a goI received this book for my honest review

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    Whenever I write a story I hope it appeals to people that the characters will feel real and connect with my readers and I am so pleased that readers all around the world have fallen in love with Carol Earl and the rest of my diverse cast With Hades’ Disciples I get the chance to dive deeply into the mythology introduced in Poseidon’s Children and the stakes are much higher now Fans who thrilled at all the action excitement and twisted weirdness of Book One will not be disappointed

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    Have you ever read a book that left you thinking that the author must be in on some great universal secret? Have thoughts like this crossed your mind as you sat reeling from page after page of amazing description of things not of our everyday world that are written as if the author had actually seen them in person? They must have experienced the terror themselves They had to have watched the horror unfold before their very eyes and somehow survived Could there really be any other explanation for how a human being could envision such monstrosities and present them on the page with enough vivid description to make it all seem plausible that these things could really exist? In the case of Michael West and the creatures found within the pages of Hade’s Disciples I hope for all our sakes that West is just that damn talentedTo read of my review go to

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    My thoughts West does an amazing job of continuing the story I love how rich and deep the characters are I like how this one lets the reader in on the history of the creatures and explains each of the three clans I will say that this book is better enjoyed after reading book one and this is a wild ride and in the end it will leave you begging for I highly recommend this to anyone that loves urban fantasy Mythology and fantastical creatures My Rating a BIG ole 5 out of 5

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    Wow Many times the 2nd book in a series is or less a place holder between the introductory book and the finale But Hades' Disciples keeps the story moving and builds on book one of the series to a climactic ending that leaves you saying how long do I have to wait till book #3? If you are a Sci Fi or Horror fan I wholeheartedly recommend this series You will not be able to put it down

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    This is a seriously good series that I wish people knew about I enjoyed book one which I read ages ago The only problem I had with reading book two was that some things I had forgotten so reading the two books closer together would have been beneficial The series continues with mythological and fantasy creatures tied to modern day We have good guys in a race against time to keep the bad guys from implementing their evil plan Well written characters that are so fascinating to read about I so want to get my hands on book three Michael has written what is a super fun and entertaining urban fantasy that gets the reader hooked and desperate for You’ll also have a sex scene that will blow your mind For a man who is arachnophobic Michael sure does go in depth in their sex livesHurry and write book three Michael and put us out of our misery that was one mega cliffhangerHighly recommended

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    When I finished reading Michael West's Poseidon's Children I wondered where the author would take these characters next Hades' Disciples takes my favorite characters from the first book and the reader on a fast paced journey across the country and around the globe giving us information about the strange creatures who live all around us and their plot to bring the ancient gods back to Earth Along the way we are introduced to a few new characters who uickly gain a hold in our hearts and we encounter twists and turns that by the last page leave us breathless and in my case in tears Not since the second Hunger Games book Catching Fire have I encountered a cliffhanger that made me instantly want to know what happens next I hope West writes very fast and brings the next chapter in this series to us soon

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    I love the universe that Michael West has created with the Legacy and Harmony Indiana it's kinda a scary place to live in but everyone's trying to survive and keep their species going Hades' Disciples was able to create characters that we care for even the people on the wrong side It's able to show both sides struggles and makes you care including about characters in previous books I can't wait for Zeus' Warriors and look forward to adventures of the characters in the book

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    WOW Don't know if I can wait till 2015 for the next book Lots of great action and new characters Has some sex scenes so I would not recommend to YA Writing kept me on my toes Happy Reading

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    Decent entry in the series but it feels unfinishedA good start but there was almost no climax to the ideas introduced The world is unchanged at the end of the book with only minor adjustments in the status of the characters

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