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The Finder❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ The Finder Author Margaret Buffie – In the third book of The Watcher's Quest Trilogy, Emma stumbles into the world beyond the portal against the orders of Histal, Master of the Watcher's Campan Here she finds a place of danger, intrigu In the third book of The Watcher's Quest Trilogy, Emma stumbles into the world beyond the portalagainst the orders of Histal, Master of the Watcher's Campan Here she finds a place of danger, intrigue and deadly Game Playing Everything she values and everyone she loves is suddenly at stake Emma's powers are constantly tested and threatened in this new world Can she solve the ominous puzzles set up in the vast and treacherous maze? It won't be easy But when Emma feels her weakest, she discovers an inner strength she did not realize she had ?.

margaretbuffie and click on each titleWHO IS FRANCES RAIN?REVIEW: Who is Frances Rain? is as distinctly Canadian as the intoxicating lure of silent woods and windwhipped lakes The textures of the narrative and the wellrounded characters are just as haunting as the ghosts Lizzie finds on Rain Island It’s a ghost story with much to reveal to the thoughtful reader about the turbulent emotions at work within families It’s a novel that makes us grateful for a strong new voice in Canadian literature for young people, a voice we’ll want to hear again soon QUILL AND QUIRE REVIEW:Who is Frances Rain? will probably be devoured by its young adult readers in one sitting It deserves to be; this is an excellent book TORONTO STARREVIEW:Buffie’s story is moody and atmospheric – the lake and the island are pungently, perfectly evoked Lizzie’s encounters with ghosts are beautifully handled, with just the right balance of eerie and emotional moments PUBLISHERS WEELYWINTER SHADOWSREVIEW:Vicky Metcalf AwardWinner MargaretBuffie returns with a breathtaking novel that is part realism, part timetravel fantasy,and part coming of age tale WinterShadows focuses on two young women Paperback The Finder eBook who live in the same Manitoba home a century and a half apartThis communication across time obviouslydraws on the conventions of fantasy, but these elementsarenever forced or implausible, and there is plenty of suspense and energy to sustain the two alternating narratives QUILL AND QUIRE, DECEMBER : REVIEW: Buffie is a master of the ghost story, carefully allowing Cass and Beatrice to drift in and out of each other's lives in convincing fashion The convention of the diary allows Cass to connect the dots and learn about her ancestors The dialogue both in past and present is authentic, revealing character and moving the action along CANADIAN MATERIALSREVIEW: The alternating narratives are gripping, and the characters are drawn with rich complexity; even the stepmothers are finally humanized Readers will be pulled in by the searing history of bigotry as well as the universals of family conflict, love, and friendship Grades AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOC BOOKLIST: January THE DARK GARDENREVIEW: a first rate blend of ghost story and problem novel about Thea struggling to recover from traumatic amnesia after a bike accident Buffie creates a tightly knit, evocatively written, and lushly but chastely romantic thriller The protagonistsliving and deadare distinctly characterized; a once beautiful, now weedchoked garden is simultaneously setting and symbol of lost happiness vivid sensory writing makes the fluctuations in Thea’s state of consciousness perfectly convincing KIRKUS.

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  • Paperback
  • 406 pages
  • The Finder
  • Margaret Buffie
  • English
  • 27 January 2018
  • 9781553376729

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    Emma has ties to this world she has discovered that she cannot understand, and when she thinks she begins to unravel it, she's still as lost. The last book in The Watcher's Quest series, and I'd have to say the most worthwhile out of the series. It does not leave too much to be disappointed in (depending on you level of expectation), one of the exceptions being the fact that it is the last book.
    Admiring the good points in the novel, it has much action, more drama, memorable characters that wiggle their way into your heart-or at least part...maybe a temporary location-, and many awakening surprises to keep you pleasantly shocked. The first time I read it I was terribly disheartened at the fact that I had reached the end of Emma and all the other characters riveting yet tumultuous lives, but as I finished it again, not as impressed but still content and appreciative of the ride it gave me, I have accepted the end as complete, and can now leave it happily. Having to admit the drawbacks to this novel, Emma's constant argumentation with Tom, not to exclude the others she fights with, and inability to see the truth at times, is becoming old, very fast. And I have to admit, when Emma's character slowly maddened me, it was Tom's character that I kept reading for, although he was sometimes horribly such a flat character. It may not have been the most entrancingly written novel, or with superb character development, however I endured through the difficulties with it, and could still enjoy the novel.
    Worth to some by starting from the beginning, though the first book, personally, failed to compare to the next two, a delightful, short read, and original environment and characters, The Finder has left me satisfied, and glad after years to become reacquainted with it and its characters.

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    Review time:
    Last book in the trilogy of The Watcher’s Quest by Margaret Buffie. “The Finder.”
    Emma is forced to enter a secret, untouched world, or lose the chance to visit it ever. And by entering, she has unwittingly become a player in The Game; war games between two or more players for a prize, usually the riches and peoples of a world. But Emma is convinced it is a Quest, to find the missing elemental power wands that balance her new world. With new and old friends by her side, and death and betrayal on the horizon, can Emma become the leader of this new world, if it means giving up everything she’s ever loved?
    Great ending to the trilogy. It wraps everything up, ties off loose ends, yet is ambitious enough to let the reader imagine more. We finally learn the truth about Emma and her family. She learns deep truths about her friends, and finally, finally gets to be with the one she loves. This book was captivating and I could not stop reading it. I literally brought it with me everywhere, anywhere where I thought I could sneak a couple pages... or chapters!
    Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Another book in the Watcher trilogy. I found these books really entertaining, it combines people's love of games with a whole new idea for an alternate universe. Not only does it contain the fantasy aspect but also the danger of a thriller as Emma must face many challenges before she can live a normal life.

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