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Iron Kissed[Read] ➪ Iron Kissed Author Patricia Briggs – I could smell her fear and it satisfied something deep inside me that had been writhing under her cool superior gaze I curled my upper lip so she could get a good look at my sharp teeth I might only w I could smell her fear and it satisfied something deep inside me that had been writhing under her cool superior gaze I curled my upper lip so she could get a good look at my sharp teeth I might only weigh thirty or so pounds in my coyote shape but I was a predatorMechanic Mercy Thompson can shift her shape but not her loyalty When her former boss and mentor is arrested for murder and left to rot behind bars by his own kind it's up to Mercy to clear his name whether he wants her to or notMercy's loyalty is under pressure from other directions too Werewolves are not known for their patience and if Mercy can't decide between the two she cares for Sam and Adam may make the choice for her.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this namePatricia Briggs was born in Butte Montana to a children’s librarian who passed on to her kids a love of reading and books Patricia grew up reading fairy tales and books about horses and later developed an interest in folklore and history When she decided to write a book of her own a fantasy book seemed a n.

Iron Kissed MOBI ´ Mass Market Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • Iron Kissed
  • Patricia Briggs
  • English
  • 12 November 2014
  • 9780441015665

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    I fucking cried like a big baby made of baby tears and the only down side to this whole novel was the very last sentence Don't think she was ready for that step AT ALL but still Someone give me a hug runs off to cry some

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    I'm just going to put this on all Mercy books because I love them all ❤️

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    #3 in my 2020 Mercy Thompson reread Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Patricia Briggs who has explored werewolf and vampire societies in the first two volumes of her MERCY THOMPSON urban fantasy series turns her attention to fae society in this third volume In the second book Blood Bound Mercy had been lent a powerful knife a fae treasure by Zee her former boss and a fae to kill a demon ridden vampire When Mercy used the knife for an additional and very much unauthorized purpose she knew there would be conseuences and that she would need to repay the favor in some way It turns out that owing a favor to one of the fae is pretty much as dangerous as owing a favor to a vampireLike the werewolves the fae have been gradually disclosing their existence and some of their members to humanity based on the theory that with the ever increasing sophistication of technology humans were going to find out about them anyway and it would be better to control the process Many of the fae who are publicly known have moved to a reservation outside of the city of Pasco Washington in a development that echoes America’s treatment of Native Americans In this case however the fae are using the reservation to hide magic that would alarm humans including magical links to Underhill the fae worldZee asks Mercy to help investigate the serial murders of seven fae on the reservation using her sharp coyote sense of smell When she finds a particular human’s scent at all of the murder scenes Zee and another fae known as Uncle Mike go to this person’s home to confront him ― and find him already dead attacked by someone or something with superhuman strength Zee is found there at the murder scene by the police and the fae rulers abandon him to the human justice system to avoid an unwanted investigation into fae affairs Mercy stubbornly continues with her independent investigation of the case determined not to allow Zee to take the blame but in doing so she’ll expose herself to unimaginable dangerThe climax of the story is extremely traumatic for Mercy trigger warning view spoilerfor sexual assault hide spoiler

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    The book that committed me to continuing the seriesZee Mercy's mechanic mentor needs the help of her nose investigating a recent death on the fae reservation Briggs gets to pull out all the stops and introduce the readers to a number of fae and their magical artifacts Investigating the crime scenes proves fascinating and also points out a person of interest Next thing Mercy knows is that Zee is being held in the human jail as the primary suspect in the POI's murder In the interests of keeping fae business from human scrutiny the fae intend to let Zee take the blame Mercy of course can't bear to have her innocent friend blamed so she continues to investigate the murders bringing her to the attention of a number of powerful fae At the same time Mercy attempts to balance her love life between Samuel roommate and childhood love and Adam her current crush When it comes to plotting there was a much better balance of interesting things happening without reliance on dramatic life threatening events There's the investigation the music festival a night out for pizza and a meeting for a change of pace At first it wasn't clear where the murder investigation would go but eventually it narrowed down to an obvious suspect While choosing between potential love interests is often a plot device that has me eye rolling I thought Mercy's dilemma was handled nicely with gentle self revelations rather than dramatic angst The ending was truly gut wrenching Any frustration I would have leveled at Briggs was mitigated by Ben's perceptive and emotional explanation Mercy is allowed her trauma but also to regain some of her self confidence in a capstone fightMostly however I just loved the introduction of various fae Briggs did a nice job with the eerie threatening power of the fae capturing the capriciousness and ruthlessness of folklore fae Kudos for the Walking Stick one of my favorite non sentient ? characters everStill for a female led urban fantasy there's an awful lot of males around with most of them engaged in rating each other on the dominance scale It's the kind of thing that will end up putting me off a seriesRe read May 2016

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    Re read for the 3rd time April 7th 2020 Again intense with this re read because I knew what was coming but also loved this installment so much because things were finally settled romantically I forgot how much Mercy learns about the supernatural community in the first few books when she thought she already knew a lot being raised by the werewolves and all Great way to educate the reader without making it an info dump This way every new discovery is interesting almost like piecing together a mysteryRe read March 23rd 2017 A little tension reading this one because I knew what was coming Loved LOVED Adam I know I said it last time I read but it bears repeating Iron Kissed was deceptively calm in the beginning and then all hell broke loose Parts of the ending were shocking and heartbreaking and then touching and heartwarming You’ve won my heart AdamAs you can probably guess from the title the mystery here revolves around the fae Mercy is called in for assistance by her former boss and sort of father figure The fae are a dangerous and powerful race full of secrets and don’t like outsiders discovering them So of course Mercy puts herself in grave danger to help out her friend Fortunately she has the wolves at her back I’m not going to go into a long review but I will say this is my favorite so far of the series As I said it was heartbreaking and intense for Mercy and I’m sure the after effects will haunt her in the future The situation with Adam Samuel and Mercy is finally resolved and I’m thrilled with how things turned out I can’t wait to see how it impacts Mercy and her friends in the coming books I want to mention that I was pleasantly surprised by Ben who I have been wary of in the past He stepped up and won my heart in the process This series is shaping up to be a favorite of mine burrowing into my heart a little with each installment I listened to the audio version of this book and I highly recommend it Lorelei King’s narration was perfectionFavorite uote “It's only fair to warn you that you sealed your fate tonight When you knew you were in trouble you came to me That makes twice Mercy and twice is almost as good as a declaration You are mine now Ben says you might run If you do I will find you and bring you back Every time you run Mercy I won't force you but No excuses Mercy You are mine and I am keeping you”

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    So this series just keeps getting and intense And in such unexpected ways I love it when an author has the ability and the guts to slip in a real shocker without compromising her characters or the story as a whole In a series that's particularly hard to do without making it seem like a gratuitous plot twist inserted merely to keep the series going Patricia Briggs has a 7 book deal for her Mercy Thompson series and book three has shown that not only does she know exactly what she's doing but that we can trust her To keep her characters and her world consistent To take them down the right paths and introduce them to the right peopleor werewolves and vampires in this caseMercy lives in a world where werewolves vampires and the fae exist side by side with humans The first book Moon Called focuses on the werewolves The second Blood Bound centers on the vampires including Mercy's uirky Scooby Doo loving friend Stefan In this third installment coyote shape shifter and VW mechanic Mercy Thompson is called in to help the fae solve a series of murders on the local fae reservation Soon after her friend Zee is arrested for the murder and just like that Mercy's in the thick of it determined to clear Zee's name no matter what Add to that the increasingly imperative choice she must make between the two werewolves in her life Adam Hauptman the Alpha of the local pack who's already claimed her as his mate and Dr Samuel Cornick the wolf she fell in love with at 16 In what is becoming classic Briggs style Iron Kissed combines an intriguing mystery with a streak of compelling romance interspersed with glimpses of your worst nightmares The combination is the height of entertainment And what holds it all together is Mercy herself The girl doesn't know the meaning of the words back down I absolutely love these books

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    The 3rd book in the enchanting Mercy Thompson Series and the I get to like Mercy This is an intense and emotional storyMercy becomes involved in some dangerous things when she becomes involved in the fae world and politics in her uest to save her former mentor and fae Zee Filled with nerve wracking moments suspense and tension – you just can’t wait for turning the next page to finding out what happens now You kept guessing until the very end and it’s certainly not what you expectThe world building continues growing and it’s becoming and interesting with all the different charactersWe finally get to see Mercy making up her mind about the man she really lovesand I was beyond happy with her decisionA great and fabulous read

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    I liked the main plot of this one better than the first two Fae Interesting And Zee is awesomeI had a lot of issues with other things though I think I would enjoy this series a lot without the romance and this book had of that than the others did I think that if the choice is between Adam and Samuel Mercy made the right choice; that doesn't mean I like Adam I hate all the werewolf dominance stuff and Adam has his dominance turned up to eleven He's controlling and possessive and can control her against her will and does immediately after saying he won't; I don't care if he thought it for her own good that should not be his call and oh yeah will stalk her to the ends of the earth if she tries to get away from him That's not romantic it's creepy as hell He might give her freedom than Samuel would have but not by much I feel like she's giving up a lot of herself for him and he doesn't seem worth it Mercy goes on about pretending to be submissive but it seems like she's actually submitting to him than she realizes I'm just really uncomfortable with their relationshipThe rape was another thing I had issues with The actual event I could deal with; it was horrifying but that was the point But I was very uncomfortable with the aftermath particularly that she was ready for a sexual relationship so soon after it happened A sexual relationship with someone who like her rapist can potentially control her against her will I don't care if he says he won't It seemed way too soon for that after such a seriously traumatic event I don't like rape as a plot device anyway but rape as a plot device that ends up bringing people together romantically? CREEPYThe werewolf politics and whatnot just make me generally uncomfortable I like Warren and Ben but I could do without all the rest of them and be very happyI'll definitely get the next book in the series whenever it is published but yeah I also definitely have a lot of issues with itStill fun that it's set where I live though This one was especially weird since not only could I picture where everything was but they were at Tumbleweed I go to that music festival every year If this book was real I would have walked right by Samuel when he was performing that day

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    Iron Kissed has made me even of a fan of Patricia Briggs This story takes off shortly after Blood Bound Mercy and her friends are still recovering from dealing with the demon possessed vampire and the wave of violence that he inflicted on the Tri Cities area Do not be fooled into thinking that things will go back to normal for Mercy The heat is on as the pressure to choose between two werewolves who want her as their mate her former flame Samuel and the sexy powerful alpha of the Tri Cities pack Adam gets explosive Normally I hate love triangles but Ms Briggs handles this one so well I was loving it I could see how it was hard to choose between Samuel and Adam because they both have a lot to offer a girl although my heart already made the choice for her and I was glad that Mercy made the same choice I adore both Adam and Samuel for different reasons They are both tough and powerful men with a primal edge that I just adore Adam is protective but he knows that Mercy is always going to be her own woman and works hard to give her space even though his urge to claim her is increasingly hard to control Although he is dominant and formidable in his own right Samuel is touchy feely and does sweet things like cooks for Mercy and provides her with the feelings of home and hearth that she sometimes misses from being part of Bran’s pack long ago I enjoyed the flirtations she had with both guys and I didn’t feel like she was stringing them along It was clear how hard it was to choose one man and possibly lose the other Ms Briggs balanced the tension beautifully in this bookOn top of emotionalrelationship aspects is the mystery about who is killing Fae at the Walla Walla faerie reservation I love reading about the Fae and this book didn’t disappoint me Ms Briggs captures the ruthlessdangerous aspects of these creatures but also the allure and the otherworldly appeal awesomely Mercy is in serious danger in this book and there are some moments that are intense and very heartbreaking as Mercy puts herself in jeopardy to save her friend Zee from being framed for the murder of a bigoted anti Fae guard who worked at the reservationMs Briggs is my favorite fantasy author and this book only solidifies her place in my keeper shelves She writes urban fantasy with a light subtle touch her narrative sparing but rich at the same time She has all the human elements that make an urban fantasy book call to this reader Yet she also gives a reader the magic and the preternatural creatures that make fantasy one of my favorite genres I loved her wolves from book one and this book makes me love them Adam is just awesome but Samuel is delicious and adorable too And the rest of the pack and their dynamics stands out beautifully especially Ben I loved how Ben was able to talk to Adam and Mercy and help them through the horrible situation the potential mates found themselves facing in this novel This book was just fantastic In fact I feel the urge to read it again already although my tbr pile is calling me to other books I’m so glad that I have the rest of the books to come back to when I get my reading schedule under control Ms Briggs I want to shake your hand You know how to write an enthralling book for fantasy lovers and you proved it with Iron KissedCasting ChoicesJulia Jones as Mercy Thompson Christian Bale as Adam Hauptman Wentworth Miller as Samuel Cornick

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    45 Stars What is it with third books in urban fantasy series? Seriously Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews was one of my favorites from the series and it was the third book in the series Iron Kissed is no different though with a catch I'll get to that at the endI loved how we got fae in this book It was cool learning about them and can we all just collectively acknowledge how much of a badass Zee is? Seriously if him and Aunt B from Kate Daniels series ever had a conversation that would be one hell of a meetingI also love Mercy her character development how she thinks just her entire decision process is amazing She goes through so much in this book so freaking much and I admit it was a little hard to read at times I'm not going to spoil why it got so dark but needless to say it soured a little bit of my feelings concerning this book makes me a little less likely to immediately pick up book 4 and it's the reason I had to knock off at minimal a half star rating I loved this book but the ending well It's difficult is all I'm going to say I know I've gushed a lot but know that I too am slightly conflicted by my gushingSorry for the weird review but I wanted to keep this spoiler free anywho hopefully we see some Stefan in the next book hopefully? may be?

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