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Alice Mary Norton always had an affinity to the humanities She started writing in her teens inspired by a charismatic high school teacher First contacts with the publishing world led her as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male dominated market to choose a literary pseudonym In she legally changed her name to Andre Alice She also used the names Andrew North and Allen.

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  • 25 September 2015
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    There’s not a ton to say about Voorloper It’s a fairly hum drum book I didn’t dislike it but I wasn’t entirely engaged with the story or the characters Part of the issue might have been that the book has pictures every few pages I’m not sure what the point was as they didn’t add anything that the writing lacked It made me wonder whether the book was intended for younger readers though the seriousness of the tone seemed to contradict that idea The reason the story is so unengrossing is because of the way it’s told It’s in first person with a very didactic style There is so much telling and not showing Bart is always saying “I was angry I was scared” but there’s no tension behind it because we never experience what his body is doing He tells his story like a history textbook Likewise if there was supposed to be romantic or sexual tension between Bart and Illo it’s entirely missing Normally I’d find it refreshing when two characters aren’t forced together but a romance would have made the story compelling because nothing else in the story wasI did enjoy the mystery behind the old alien relics the setting and how much agency Illo had but the novel lacked so much in tension I found it hard to pay attention Without going into any spoilers the final explanation of what occurred on Voor is a very thin critiue of colonialization which felt less like an allegory or warning than something she thought up to suit the story If there had been hints throughout perhaps if Bart had learned about the planet’s history as they went rather than just an info dump it might have had weight Overall it wasn’t a book I disliked by any mean it was just a little boring Do you like Book Reviews of old Science Fiction? Do you like Analyses of Novels? Do you like pugs? Check out my Booktube Channel Sound and Fury for a deeper dive into this novel

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    This was a great breakthrough into the sci fi genre and the the actual story would have been great if the writing wasn't so awful The action scenes go somewhat like this The beast crawled out of the water I shot it It had no brain I shot it again It died Also the cover doesn't really make any sense

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    So all four of these books X factor Sioux Spaceman Eye of the monster Voorloper are loosely very loosely IMO tied together under series title Of Stars and Comets What they have in common are young people on alien planets coming up against a big problem often moral like slavery abuse displaced people and coming up with heroic solutions And of course tied into an SF adventure I think the first two do a good job both with the adventure and the hero business Eye is the weakest of the four with the evil reptilian race or Crocs being very much a stereotype And the mix in of religious ministry vs technology did not help much either Voorloper was adeuate By the way my copy is a hardcover book club edition not a paperback

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    This was a good book The planet is troubled with a plague that is killing the people in the north part of the planet This results in a group of wandering gypsies called Voorloper's This is the story about a Voorloper that survived the plague with another survivor that is a healer They look for and find the cause of the plague and stop it This is the third time I have read this book and I have enjoyed it every time

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    I’m sorry to say I didn’t enjoy the book than I did I’ve had the book in my library for over 30 years and finally decided to pick it up and read it I had a hard time feeling engaged by the story I found my mind would wander I was interested in the ancient evil and what they eventually found but didn’t care for the ease and it was a bit confusing with which they took care of it

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    Voor's world The planet had once seemed so open and welcoming but perhaps my kind were never meant to I shook my head vigorously as if I could so flip away that insidious conclusion Each and every world which my species had colonized had had one problem or another that uality of need for mastery which was a birth part of us was always so awakened into life to set us hammering some very hostile planets into earth homes No world was ever a paradise without any danger In fact such might have been far worse a pitfall for my kind than the worse stone fire airless hell We would only have atrophied there become nothingI don't usually read YA fiction but I picked this one up at a BookCrossing meeting I think I read one of Andre Norton books as a teenager but she wrote so many books that I don't think I will ever be able to work out which ones I have read before but I am sure that I have never read Voorloper before Fifty years after the colonisation of the agricultural planet of Voor settlements in the north start to be wiped out by the mysterious Shadow Death leaving everyone dead except for a few small children all second generation settlers When Mungo Town was destroyed the only survivor was a five year old boy called Bart who was left with no memories of what had happened His father Mac also survived because he was away from home when the Shadow Death struck and after the tragedy Mac and Bart became voorlopers nomadic traders whose goods are carried in covered wagons pulled by gars draught animals native to Voor similar to yaks but with three horns For near ten years of my life I had known Witol yet never had he given me this salute We had often speculated my father and I as to the intelligence of the gars now I believed I had proof that they were indeed than just the bearers of burdens which off worlders classed them as beingThe northern lands are now mostly deserted but there are a few mining settlements protected by force fields and Mac and Bart are the only voorlopers to trade with them which gives Mac the change to investigate the deserted holdings while he is on his way to and from the mines A young healer called Illo who also has an interest in the Shadow Death asks to accompany them as they head north into the wilderness but a violent storm changes everything The story has lots of black and white line illustrations so you can see what the gars look like and get a clear picture of how the colonists dress but Illo is always shown with loose hair even though the book says that she wears her hair tightly tied back as all the healers do The cover picture is very misleading; featuring a water creature that appears in one short scene It has a webbed and taloned paw larger than my own hand and it is described as clambering onto the top of the wagon so it is obviously nowhere near as large as the Godzilla sized monster shown on the cover and is probably like the size of a large salt water crocodileBut aside from the issues with the illustrations and it being a YA novel I did like it especially the gars which are strong reliable loyal and intelligent

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    I'm at something of a loss to understand the cover picture I'll reread carefully but I don't recall any oceanic bodies of water at all From what I can tell Voor is a planet consisting almost entirely of prairies Ok found it Despite the oceanic scene on the cover the creature in uestion is encountered in the aftermath of a flash flood It's a distinctly minor encounter with essentially no impact on the plot Why on the cover? Well it's scary looking and isn't that justification enough? Note that grasslands on Earth are heavily dependent on repeated wildfires yet Norton routinely ignores this fact Perhaps the climate on Voor is different enough from Earth climates that fires are unnecessary to prevent the development of extensive forests it's hard to tell because the description generally ignores firesThis is one of Norton's books that includes the 'man eating' plants called in some versions red heads I have no idea what Norton's source for these creatures is There's no plant I know of which is even remotely like this but Norton seemed fascinated in a revolted way with the idea and couldn't seem to let go of itThe historical story the protagonists discover and play a very minor part in is heavily spun in favor of the humanoid native species Stripped of the self justifications the essential argument for a mutually annihilatory blood feud on the parts of the local peoples and the refugee immigrants is that the immigrants were universally and hopelessly corrupt and turned 'harmless' biotechnology to perverse and violent use so that the natives were forced to suicide and set up a trap to destroy the force that survived even the slaughter of all the refugeesThe protagonists argue that they are not likewise corrupt and that they and their families were victims of the undead force by mischance they happened to have come into the penumbra of the evil force while it was starving having eaten all the people and being apparently unable to adjust to non humanoid fare however intelligent like the gars Maybe On the other hand the protagonist's ruthless behavior toward the Tangle argues that they must include some of the same corruption Even when they learn that the stunners KILL the Tangle they don't try negotiating they just keep spraying away There's evidently some intelligence in the Tangle and once the plants realized that they were in danger they might have backed off by themselves at some points they seem to be trying but nobody bothers to take the time to find outWell we'll try to give them the benefit of the doubt We'll assume that the arrival of our heroes triggered an end to the old feud and that the newcomers won't start any others Out of curiosity though I wonder what kind of trouble those oldtime refugees were fleeing from?

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    I remember liking this book very much but it's been a while since I've read it The story is okay It's a fairly standard banish the ghosts and monsters tale The characters are likeable enough but not outstandingly so What seems special about this book is the world Mom has the illustrated version and the pretty pictures help It helps even that they're pretty pictures of a world which is not of the past all women wear pants but where hand made art is valued I know they have to make things by hand because it's a sparsely settled frontier planet Still they don't have to embroider thoise clothes yet the text and the pictures agree The text also mentions carving on buildings The pictures also show cups that have designs on their side The people value art that isn't computerized and they're willing to do it widely I haven't seen that in science fiction; handmade goods are usually rare unless they have a strong back to basics movement Even then the crafts seem to be rarely adorned Voor is different and I like that very much Smile

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    This is the first Andre Norton book I've read and I'll certainly be reading from this author Ths story pulls you in from the 1st sentence She has one of those styles that makes it easy toforget where you are and really enter the environment she's describing and she has a gift for doing so with economy kinda like a cross between Tolkien and Thomas Harris I must say that I liked the 2nd half of the book better than the first and the payoff at the end was not satisfactory to me after such a good buildup but you might think differently so don't let this put you off Recommended

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    REREAD I'll always love Norton's sci fi work but reading them as an adult is uite a different experience from reading them as a teen It's still a good story and I like the characters but her pace is slow and will lose readers used to modern science fiction

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